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Do we need to waterboard Pelosi?

By J.B. Williams
web posted May 18, 2009

Just to set the record straight right off the bat, I'm not in favor of torture!

Except in the cases of;

  • truly dangerous people,
  • who present a specific threat to our national security,
  • who posses vital information needed to protect 300 million Americans citizens,
  • and who have trouble coming clean with the facts on their own... of course.

I just never thought this would describe a female Speaker of the House! According to investigative DC journalist Bill Sammon, "Nancy Pelosi was told about waterboarding, and now she has been caught in a lie. The jig is up; she will be out of power within weeks."

Is she telling the truth? After 40 some top level intelligence briefings and a year long 9/11 Commission investigation and report concerning the failure of the intelligence community to stop 9/11, was Pelosi lying when she said we needed more aggressive intelligence powers to prevent further terror attacks? Or is she lying now?

Was she napping during those briefings when waterboarding and other techniques were discussed? Is her memory simply failing in her golden years? Is she crazy as an outhouse rat? Or is she simply lying to protect her political hide, now that the political witch hunt she is running against her political opponents has turned up a real witch at the helm of the people's House?

The answers to these questions directly impact national security. Pelosi is third in line to the Oval Office and clearly, truth is not her friend. In this case, the truth might set her free from her current employment, fancy jet and all.

Is it true that Pelosi was the only member of congress who wasn't looking for ways to make certain a second 9/11 couldn't happen? Was she the only attendee who didn't know what waterboarding was as it was being discussed in numerous intelligence briefings over several years?

Pelosi Lies about Knowledge of Waterboarding

Or is this just one more example of how ignorant, power-drunk political rhetoric can ensnare one in their own web of lies? Thanks to the political witch hunt intended to ensnare "war-happy" Bush Republicans, Pelosi finds herself ensnared in that trap and she is clearly prepared to take her fellow Democrats down with her...

Before the Fox News: Pelosi Briefed on CIA Interrogation Techniques in 2002 report hit the airwaves a few days ago, Pelosi was sticking to her story that she was never briefed on "enhanced interrogation techniques" being used on high-level terror assets to gain information necessary to prevent another 9/11.

Now she has moved beyond calling Bush a liar to calling the entire CIA a bunch of liars. According to the Speaker, she is the only person in Washington DC telling the truth, and everyone else is a liar despite the fact that all evidence points in the opposite direction. Pelosi: CIA misled her on waterboarding

Bottom line... Pelosi is trying to indict the entire national security apparatus to save her own political hide and we may have to waterboard her to get to the truth here!

Meanwhile, this really seems just another example of what happens when politics trump common sense. Another related breaking story is emerging tribunals to return, detainees to have more rights.

Before having any idea what he was doing, Barack Obama stopped the military trials ongoing at Club Gitmo and promised US civil rights and criminal court access to known foreign enemies still seeking to murder millions of Americans.

A hundred days in office and under fire for making our nation's most guarded national security secrets public fodder for our enemies, Obama does an about face and restarts the military tribunals he campaigned against.

Opinions vary as to the integrity of the current Chicago cabal running DC these days. But there is little doubt anymore, about the blatant incompetence demonstrated by this administration's inability to understand and carry out fundamental national security, which is the primary responsibility of the federal government.

As Obama fumbles around with national security threats and tensions mount around the globe under State Department missteps, Speaker Pelosi continues the administration's assault on American soldiers and intelligence operatives who by now, can't possibly be in the mood to help these folks keep America safe and secure.

I say just waterboard the nutty old bat. If she is foolish enough to throw her party, the entire intelligence community and their efforts to keep America secure under the bus for benefit of her personal political ambitions, I can't think of anyone on earth I'd like to waterboard more.

Frankly, if you are going to accuse everyone else in the room of lying, you had better not be standing in a room full of CIA spooks that you claim capable of "torture" to get what they want.

Whether or not Nancy can handle the truth, the American people deserve the truth.

Since she doesn't seem to be forthcoming with the truth, I say let the waterboarding begin! And just so the average American can fully understand the subject here, let's televise it in prime time! I bet at least half of America would pay to see that on pay-per-view!

Listening to one more lame lie from Speaker Pelosi makes the thought of bamboo under my fingernails seem like a day at the park. Would all you leftist weenies opposed to torturing known terrorists please shut her up! ESR

© 2009 J.B. Williams

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