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What causes the result?

By Robert Owens
web posted May 5, 2009

That America has changed is without question.  No one gets to lives in the world they were raised to live in.  My father grew up in a house with a dirt floor and no running water.  He plowed a field with mules just as his father did and his father and so on.  My grandmother never heard of telephones, or airplanes or electricity until after she was 21 and had several children yet I sat next to her in 1969 watching men walk on the moon.  My grandfather's generation was the first in my family that learned to read, my father's generation was the first to grow up with shoes on, mine was the first that grew up in a city, my son's was the first to have a computer before they had a car and my grandchildren are the first to grow up in an America that's the largest debtor on Earth like Blanche DuBois depending on the kindness of strangers.

While rummaging through the attic a friend of mine's grandchild found their first cell-phone from the early 90s.  They ran downstairs and asked, "What's this?"  When told it was a cell-phone they wouldn't believe it as they exclaimed, "It is not!"  Not too long ago I had to explain to a young person that a "Record" was sort of an antique CD.  Yes, America is changing around us every day. 

America sinks deeper into the Bizarro World of European-style "Excuse me it must be my fault" diplomacy and the cradle-to-grave nanny state with each passing propaganda piece in the mainstream media. Examples range from the President's on-going Surrender Offensive to Turbo-Tax  Geitner's latest explanation of how going further into debt is actually a good thing. 

In the morning we learn the faith-based initiative program is not only run by people known to be hostile to major denominations it has now expanded to include Community Organizations which already had a snout in the Federal trough.  By noon we hear our poorly informed Secretary of Homeland Security thinking the 9-11 terrorists  entered from the Great White North is worried about the Canadian border and only sees terrorists when she looks at Americans clinging to their guns and Bibles .  For dinner the shill tells us about a tax-cut for 95% of Americans when only slightly more than 50% pay taxes. Overnight we win the war on terror by changing its name, yes America is changing all around us

One day we have the right to keep and bear arms and the next our President is advocating a treaty that makes re-loading ammunition a crime and the Attorney General wants to ban American guns to make it safer in Mexico.  One day the American Navy rules the waves and the next 4 men in a row-boat hold us off for 5 days and our leaders consider a treaty giving dominion of the world's oceans to the UN.  One day we are the industrial giant of the world and the next we are the supplier of raw materials and food to those who make things.  From Carter's malaise to Obama's surrender the years in between are beginning to shimmer on the horizon like a mirage.  From morning in America to mourning for America we have squandered our birthright and thrown our pearls before swine.

Sometimes from one cause there can flow multiple results.  Now that her husband is America's leader Michelle is proud of her country for the first time while for the first time I'm ashamed of my country.  It isn't just the Obama-Pelosi-Reid Triumvirate.  It's everyone who wants Uncle Sam to be Uncle Sugar a Big Daddy War-Bucks who meets all our needs.   An increasingly secular society believing this is all there is rolls out the barrels and prepares for the Party at the End of the Galaxy.  However, there's a problem at the core of Liberal Social Democracies.  They're unsustainable because at heart they're a Ponzi scheme always needing an ever increasing generational tax base to pay for the benefits promised to the generation before. 

With declining birth-rates and abortion-on-demand if we haven't reached the end of the line you can see it from here.  The merry-go-round is about to stop and we don't have the golden ring.  So the proponents of the welfare gravy-train tell us the answer is immigration or as its out-in-the-open boosters now call it migration.  Just import new workers to do the menial jobs our kids won't do and let their taxes buy our Winnebago and pay our way to retirement in the sun.  Sounds good but when those who pour in are mainly illegals that don't pay taxes but instead get benefits it's a net drain.  Add that to the demographic problem mentioned earlier and the question is how do we continue our existence for more than a few generations?  Meanwhile the number of anchor babies is through the roof with the result that in those few generations we won't be us we'll be them.   Since our new roomies have no tradition of living in or maintaining a representative republic but instead come mainly from paternalistic oligarchies once called Banana Republics it's no surprise America is beginning to resemble a Banana Republic

Yes, America has changed, instead of a disaffected public not re-electing anyone and turning the rascals out, the rascals are importing a new electorate and America as we have known her isn't even mentioned in our children's textbooks.  What's the cause?  What will be the result? ESR

Dr. Robert Owens teaches History, Political Science, Religion, and Leadership for Southside Virginia Community CollegeContact Dr. Owens. © 2009 Robert R. Owens


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