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The bait and switch that the left would like for you to follow

By Robert Rohlfing
web posted April 30, 2012

Let's take a look at Representative Congresswomen Barbra Lee for example. In 1983, when the U.S. Invaded Grenada, one of their government documents the Americans seized detailed an unusual government meeting: "Barbara Lee is here presently and has brought with her a report on the international airport done by [Congressman] Ron Dellums. They have requested that we look at the document and suggest any changes we deem necessary.  They will be willing to make changes."

At the time, now-Congresswoman Barbara Lee was a top aide to her predecessor in office, Rep. Ron Dellums.  The document in question was a report written by Rep. Dellums, arguing that Grenada's airport was being built for benign uses. When Ronald Reagan liberated Granada, we found communist officials from East Germany, Poland, North Korea, Cuba and the Soviet Union.  That Was not the only document taken during the invasion and not the only time that Lee was cozy with the Castro government either. Lee visited Cuba again in 1999 and was praised by Castro.  She served under her predecessor Ron Dellums  who was known for his radical politics and stances. 

Barbara Lee comes from and represents one of the most radical districts in the nation, but that is only one of those wonderful California Representatives in question , and only but one that We should question just how far their definition of being a "Progressive or Liberal" as we know they continue to change that definition as they have throughout the years as it became less popular with the general public to use. But what else was found in the documents seized in that Granada raid? Well the diary of Grenada's Marxist defense minister. He wrote "The Revolution  has been able to crush counter-revolution internationally. Airport will be used for Cuban and Soviet military." This was counter to what Lee reported in her fact finding mission prior to our invasion of the Island, but it should be no wonder that when she visited with Castro she was praised for her "combatant spirit and capacity for struggle."

Just as a spokes person from the Communist Party U.S.A (CPUSA) pointed out in Politico recently that there are no actual card carrying members in Congress at the moment, that does not mean that there are not those that are not only sympathetic, but also those that are "progressing " the like agenda. This would not be the first time that this would be the case either. When you look back in history you see examples of this in the late 1930s into the 1940s with those that surrounded FDR as well. They served in Congress and in upper positions of his administration just as they do today with the Obama administration.  Remember self-avowed Communist Van Jones said it is time to drop the radical pose and come out into the open, many today are still afraid to follow his lead, while others are more than willing to continue in the shadows working to advance the agenda in a most benign way. Do not be fooled though because you can see if you strike a nerve they will come out and expose themselves a bit with the classical attack method that they are so prone to do instead of just coming forth and declaring that they are indeed followers of that ideology. This is not reserved alone for those in office, but we see it most prevalent with those that are commentators or forum visitors each time to strike this nerve, be it when you point out the involvement of Communists with the whole "Occupy Wall Street Movement" or close ties with the trade Unions throughout the history of the trade unions. Yes the trade unions have a long history of close ties, but that does not mean that all members believe or associate with that form of ideology nor does it mean that all Democrats do as well. 

When you look at upper echelon members and those that are coming together today with the current "actions" that we are witnessing take place across the country from the demonstrations in Madison last year to the whole "Occupy Movement" we see all the symbols of communism on display from the iconic fist in the air to the actual Soviet flag on display. One would have to be blind not to notice the Che shirts, or the publications on display at these gatherings that have all the foundation of Marxism and Communism at its core. When this gets pointed out once again the supporters attack those that are pointing it out instead of just embracing the fact that they are actually advocating these things and one would wonder why that is the case. Why is it that they are hell bent on denial of this actually existing when it is out in the open? Why are those that are in Congress that follow this ideology at its core so afraid to come forth and declare that it is their true intention to "Progress" this nation in that direction? If it is such a good thing why not be more open and upfront with it? Please don't give me the excuses that they will be chastised for doing so because people from all and different ideologies get attacked on a daily basis as it is. What you don't think that Conservatives get attacked on a daily basis for their beliefs?

California seems to be a hot bed for those with this "sympathy" for the so called "Progressive Agenda" and the state of the state has shown the results of years of this agenda. We all know of Maxine Waters and her so-called slip of the tongue in the congressional hearing with the Shell executive, but that is just a small example when it comes to her core belief in this ideology.  Today you have her and others that are attempting to discredit any claims that Congressman Allen West made when he made the statement that there are those in Congress that side with the Communists in this country. One of the reasons may be is because his name has been brandied about as a possible running mate for Romney. Look at the other person that has also came up as a possibility; Marco Rubio. The Left is in full attack mode for both of these possible running mates so it is no wonder that they are facing the full brutal assault at the moment.

 The NAACP is concentrated on West, While La Raza takes on Rubio. But let's take a moment and look back at the fact that both these groups have not only sympathized with the revolutionaries at OWS, but in many cases ceded with the more nefarious aspects of those attempting to advance an agenda that would move us closer to a more socialist state. Remember  Socialism, Marxism, and Communism are branches on a tree that are not that far separated regardless  of how many would like to deny that they are. When you trace them all back to the trunk they all have the same tenants at the core. You hear the same key words mentioned and you see the same aspects of division used to achieve those goals. Today we are witnessing a president that has a big problem in the fact that he cannot really run on his "achievements"  as they are so few and those that he may like to run on are polarizing and rejected by the nation for the most part. So we will witness the pivot that Van Jones mentioned when he said that they will have to drop the "pose" and have started to see the classical message that all those in the past have used before him and that is class warfare and division.

Let us get back to those that sympathize with the Communist/Marxist Ideology , but would like for you to believe that it is only what they like to call today a "Progressive" ideology. Just like the whole campaign theme in 2008 of "Hope and Change",  many on the left would like not to be held to defining just what that means. It is a wonder in most cases if the supporters that have chanted these words in the past could really say just what was meant by them. No one really wants to take on what "Progressivism" means as well.  Just what is it that we are supposed to progress to? Is it somehow just a catchy phrase that is supposed to represent an illusion that just because you brandy about phrases and talk the talk that somehow so called "fairness" will exists.  Did that fairness that Marx spoke about and the current crop of advocates attempt to portray ever really exists in any country that was either Communist or socialist for that matter?  Does it exist in Greece or Spain? Did it ever exist in the former Soviet Union or in Cuba? Were all the "Workers" equal to those that were in charge of the country or influential in the party? No they were not and are not today in those other countries I mentioned. Was the division of food and wealth equally distributed among the peasants or common class as the tennets call for?

Were the "Workers" really able to rise above the station that they were born into by their own free will and hard work to succeed or was it and still is the fact that it is not what you do but who you know and associate with. Somehow many would like to convince you that you would have more liberty and freedom under a system such as that than under a system that we live under in the United States where even someone born in poverty can rise above the station they were born into with hard work and the desire to succeed. In contrast today we are hearing that it is evil to succeed and those that have done so are somehow evil unless they are sympathetic to those that are on the approved list like a Warren Buffet or a George Soros. Both of these individuals have found that it is advantageous to their personal success to utilize the complete opposite of what those that are advocating us moving in the direction of Communism (light) to achieve the power and station in life. But in contrasts those such as the Koch brothers or Mitt Romney are harangued for their success in life. Many would say that this is an upside down world that we live in with what we are witnessing play out, but you really have to look a bit deeper into just what is adopted when you go down the road of the ideology that Marx professed and  what you see being called for on the streets today at these "Occupy" gatherings. They say little about those that are approved and demonize those that they disapprove of, in many ways they are reacting like the puppets on a string that the commissars of the past enforced by means that were less than pretty at the notorious Lubyanka Prison.

Just imagine if we researched this a little.

Peoples words can give a great look into the souls and minds of the individual. These people have said things that are communist/ socialist in nature. They believe in this ideology.

Unfortunately, a lot of American citizens do as well. Most Americans have never been exposed to truly free markets (which of course is by design) they are not taught the history of communism or know about the hundreds of millions of people that it killed in the last century. Hey, it sounds great, of course human nature does not allow it to work. We are not all the same. We do not all have the same talents or skills. ESR

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