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Chapter Forty Nine of The Haunted Heaven: Poem For The Red Farm

By Michael Moriarty
web posted May 14, 2012

As the possible reelection of Barack Obama and a further reinstatement of an increasingly worldwide Obama Nation grow? I ask myself, "How could this have happened?!"

It would never have been possible without the combined deceptions of both the Clinton's and the Bushes.

Bill Clinton, with Edmund Wilson's To The Finland Station parked devoutly near his heart, made his tyrannical ideas of power most obvious with Waco, Ruby Ridge and bald-faced lies to the American public. That Vladimir Lenin has been his hero throughout his life?

"Naaawwwww, that couldn't be true!"

When you all the likes of Barack Obama and his Communist connections the work of an "amateur", you are one, very jealous Bill Clinton.

Clinton's vastly subtler Leninism is the only thing that makes sense out of his wife's Red appeasement policies as America's Secretary of State.

First came that bipartisan Yaley, George Bush Sr. and his New World Order!

Hmmm … a Free World combination of both Neville Chamberlain and Marshall Pétain!!

George H.W. Bush and Bill ClintonThen the sight of Clinton and George Sr. as mutually roaming Pals?!

The "Progressive" New World Order Salesmen

George deliberately smoothed the way for Slick Willy.

What a pair!!

Then Bill and Hillary naively grease the shoot for Barack Obama.

All "useful idiots"

for Vladimir Putin

And the Red Chinese Politburo

Now Obama reassures neo-Soviet Russia of more "flexibility" when he's reelected.

These days only Vladimir Putin could make the likes of Barack Obama look like the Communist "Good Cop". Putin as a throwback to Khrushchev and the unforgettable warning, "We will bury" America!

Nikita should have hollered: "We will drown you in American treason!!!"

No, that would have given away the Red Farm.

Plant seeds on the increasingly Red Farm in America

early enough

and you have a harvest

like The Obama Nation!

Hillary, all in red, and sitting next to The Who's HU of Red China: If that doesn't say it all

Who's missing?

Vladimir Obama.Vladimir Obama

"We will drown you in treason!!!"


The Progressive New World Order

Has Vladimir Lenin

Written all over it!

Mr. Redistribution,

Barack Obama,

If Obamcare passes the SCOTUS,

Will again be POTUS.

Isn't that nice?

Isn't that just soooooo symmetrical?

Dialectically inevitable?

Then what's the problem?

The Communist New World Order

Suffers and will die

From impatience.

Like all other evils that Man has suffered from,

Impatience has given away the Red Farm!

What has not been impatient

For two thousand years?

The Catholic Church.

You can build the Red Farm

As big as you'd like,

But you cannot move the Catholic presence

Out of the neighborhood.

"Rome" is,

By now,

An eternal




And the Obama Nation

Might kick the fish-eaters

Out of American hospitals,


By now,

 They canot kick the miracle of fishes and loaves

Out of the Bible.

Burn the Bible?!

Brand it as worse than Mein Kampf?!

Das Kapital?!

The Communist Manifesto?!

Gee …

Gosh …

No wonder The Reds can't help themselves:

They're diabolically impatient.

They're making the same mistake Hitler did.


Impatience is the eternal destiny of all tyrannies.

That includes the relatively adolescent centenary of Communism.

Can The Communist New World Order

Possibly outlive

Or destroy

The Catholic Church?

I not only doubt it,

I'm certain The Red Farm's homicidal rage at the Catholic Church

Will insure its own, almost immediate demise.

Almost immediate?


It all depends on the pace

Of The Communist New World Order's


Now that Communism

Is being called


It is even more impatient

Than Mao Zedong.

In that respect,

The inevitable evil of impatience has never been able

To help itself.

Never been able

To avoid

Repeating itself.

Never been able

To overcome

Its suicidal nature.


Has never been able

To look

Before it leaps.

What is Communism, after all,

But Man's diabolical impatience

With God?

That will end

When God

Runs out of his patience

With Communism. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.





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