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More disgusting: Obama's "I am not a big spender" or Richard Nixon's, "I am not a crook" crock?

By John W. Lillpop
web posted May 28, 2012

Even if President Barack Obama is eligible by birth to serve as US President, his latest claptrap on the exploding federal deficit and his spending exposes a palpable ignorance of the fundamental economic issues confronting this nation.

Combined with a world-class, ego-maniacal propensity to deny responsibility for his own failures, Obama's shortfall of understanding render him totally ineligible for the job.

In fact, Obama could have been born on July 4th in the Rose Garden of the White House to American parents with impeccable credentials as US citizens, and he would still be ineligible, based on incompetence and flawed character.

Obama's "I am not a big spender," conjures up unpleasant recollections of Richard Nixon and his "I am not a crook" crock, issued just before he fled the White House in disgrace on an Air Force government helicopter back in August 1974.

At least Nixon had the good grace to get the hell out on his own volition, without the need for a gaudy Constitutional crisis and forced political perk walk.

Unfortunately, Obama's ego is far more prominent and less amenable to distractions that surface as a result of inconvenient truths.

In other words, when it comes to veracity, even Richard Nixon was more believable than the pitiful, self-adoring community organizer now occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

In order to accept Obama's incredible claim that the level of federal spending has actually declined as a result of his leadership, one needs a commitment to Democrat Party accounting gimmickry sufficient to allow one to arbitrarily re-create facts and figures just in order to support Obama's outrageous "I am not a big spender" theme.

In other words, establish a positive premise for a campaign ad, manipulate the actual data to support the flawed premise, and then distribute the phony ad!

Obama's ability to distort simple math for political gain is, unfortunately, an area in which he excels, as evidenced by his pathetic promise to add 30 million people to the ranks of the insured while reducing overall medical costs through adoption of Marxist healthcare, unpopularily known as ObamaCare.

Moreover, Obama's self-serving attempts to ignore the larger, more critical point: Given the state of the economy and the overwhelming size of the federal deficit, responsible fiduciary leadership demands aggressive action to cut spending!

Simply limiting the increase in spending is not nearly enough—or has the president forgotten that the US credit rating was downgraded in 2011-- a calamity that befell the nation for the first time in history-- during his ill-begotten watch?

Simply stated, Obama has steadfastly refused to seriously address entitlements and deficit reduction.

Rather, this success-hating president has devoted enormous amounts of time and energies to raising the taxes of those who already pay the most taxes, so that he and his party can fund "re-distribution of wealth" Marxism and waste even more trillions of dollars on foolish liberal causes.

Still, Obama can take comfort in this fact:  Richard M. Nixon would be proud! ESR

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