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Return of the summer socialists and sunshine terrorists!

By J.J. Jackson
web posted May 7, 2012

Occupy Wall Street is back and gearing up for its latest round of attacks against America.  Not surprisingly, the OWS crowd set May 1st, aka May Day, aka International Workers' Day, aka a socialist holiday, to once again disrupt society and launch their spring offensive.  Based on history, OWS is sure to become more and more "offensive" as the year rolls on.  And yes, lest there be any doubt, I am indeed talking about the odor that the unbathed hordes will be giving off from the filth they will be wallowing in by about June 1st.

In San Francisco the left kicked things off a day early by smashing up cars and businesses in the Mission District [1].  Of course, as is often the case with the left, they quickly blamed the violence on "outsiders" (aka other people) who are not part of their "peaceful" movement.  Taking their cue from President Obama, who often blames everyone else for his failures, the OWS crew of misfits has no shortage of other people prepared to point fingers at.  Who would ever believe that leftists would resort to committing acts of violence, vandalism and disruption right?  I mean there has never, ever been a leftist that promoted such thing!  Ok, ignore, Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Chavez, Castro, et al.  But other than them ... no other leftist ever promotes such horrid things right?  Uh huh.

As much as they protest, the entire OWS movement has been nothing but one big orgy of violent activity as leftists do what leftists do.  The left claims that they do not support such things, yet everywhere they pop up these sorts of activities happen.  It is like the arsonist who lights a match and then says that the building did not burn down because of his actions. Oh no.  "It was the match!" screams the arsonist before the judge.  "The match set the fire!"

Yes.  But who struck the match?

The fact is that the OWS movement is just the latest front group for leftists who want to incite their fellow travelers to take to the streets.  They stand up on their soapboxes with bullhorn to lips and rail endlessly against the evil corporations, the vile Jews, the despicable banks and the wicked one percent.  Yes, even though it is the one percent who are paying the freight and the monstrous bills those on the left have racked up over their years of running American into the ground. They tell those who listen how things are so bad and how there is no way out without ending what are seen as the sources of all wickedness.  They then name those that must be taken out.  They light the matches.  Then the foot soldiers are dropped into the tinder.  Like the match that falls from the arsonist's hand, the hordes spread out and wreck havoc.  The building burns down.

No, no, no, their leaders continue to shout as intelligent people connect the dots.  They say there are troublemakers in all crowds who take messages incorrectly and that they cannot be held to account for people that have misinterpreted their calls to rise up against the wrongs and right them in the name of socialist revolution.  Yet it is funny.  When patriotic members of the Tea Party gather by the thousands, listen to speeches and mobilize, there are no calls to vandalize [2], no disruption of commerce [3], no garbage piled up as high as a midget's ass [4], no planned blowing up of buildings or bridges [5], no young women sexually assaulted [6] and raped [7], [8] and no fellow protesters murdered or left for dead for days without concern [9], [10].  Funny how it only happens with the left gathers.  Funny how these troublemakers only cause trouble on their behalf.  For if these sorts of things happen in all large groups, as the OWS crowd claims, why are they only happening at left wing gatherings like OWS?

When these realities are brought up, the OWS crowd tries to claim, with one last gasp of desperation, that those committing these acts are not their socialist fellow travelers but rather anarchists.  Yeah ... anarchists ... that's the ticket.  But what really is an anarchist?  An anarchist believes foolishly that the ideal state of existence is one where there is an "absence of government" where individuals "enjoy complete freedom without government".  It is an impossibility, but what anarchists believe none-the-less.  There is nothing inherent in the anarchist creed however that compels them hate banks or rich people; only government.  And as haters of government what self-respecting anarchist would even hang around OWS anyway?  You know, since OWS supports large, overbearing, totalitarian government?  The answer is none.

These people are not anarchists.  Even if they may self-describe as such.  They are mayhemists.  These people who OWS claim are anarchists may use tactics similar to anarchists, but their real goal is just to wreck havoc and tear down society so that their socialist paradise may be constructed upon its ashes.  After all, look at the focuses of their rage.  They only attack symbols of authority standing counter to OWS's mission.  You never see these "anarchists" ransacking the local re-elect Obama headquarters do you?  How about the offices of the Communist Party USA?  What about the nearest SEUI offices?  Nope.  You never see them firebombing those sites.  Yeah, funny how these so-called "anarchists" are very selective in avoiding such places is it not?

America will remain in the grips of the OWS and their riled up mayemists for a long time.  And it will get only worse and worse as they get restrained further and further from their goal of establishing their Cuban-like utopia here in America.  If we can restrain them that is.  Recent years do not bode well that we will succeed in stopping them.  The only thing that seems capable of stopping the left, their marches, their hate filled rants and their violence is inconvenience for them.  When the weather turns bad, when winter brings cold and snow or when torrential springtime rain falls, the Occupiers flee and scatter like cockroaches. They are, despite all their bluster, weak of will.  And thank God for that because it shows us what they really are.  What they are are nothing more than Summer Socialists and Sunshine Terrorists.

But unfortunately that is bad enough.  And they cannot be ignored.  They can only be defeated. ESR


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J. Jackson is a libertarian conservative author from Pittsburgh, PA who has been writing and promoting individual liberty since 1993 and is President of Land of the Free Studios, Inc. He is the Pittsburgh Conservative Examiner for Examiner.com.  He is also the owner of The Right Things - Conservative T-shirts & Gifts. His weekly commentary along with exclusives not available anywhere else can be found at http://www.libertyreborn.com.





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