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ESR finishes 15th of 5 000

The Surfer's Choice Site of the Year contest wrapped up recently, and according to Wally at Surfer's Choice, Enter Stage Right finished 15th out of a field of 32 finalists. Those 32 came from a total of around 5 000 sites submitted and voted on through 1997.

Thanks to everyone who voted for us! The top finishers can be found at http://surferschoice.trigger.net/index.htm

Your voting for us in 1997 got us the Site of the Month in September and the Surfer's Choice itself awarded us their Five Star Award and their Blue Diamond Award in August.

Gord Gekko - Free-Market.Net member

Your peerless editor became a founding member of Free-Market.Net recently. You won't find my listing under Gord Gekko though, I chose to go under my real name...but if you search through the 270 or so members, you should figure out which one is me.

Looking through the members list myself, a more than a few of FM have traded email with me, and one has even written for ESR. Small world!

It's two years next month

Make sure to come back next month for our second anniversary issue!

ESR wants you!

The rate of expansion here is frankly overwhelming and its soon time to begin expanding the staff around here. Interested in getting on our masthead? Want to volunteer writing, editing, whatever? Write us!

Submissions wanted!

Got the writing bug? Need to vent? Then write for Enter Stage Right! We can't pay you, but then it's not about the money, is it? Here are submission details.

Visit our sister site

ESR's Conservative Site of the Day has been up since January 1, spotlighting the best in digital conservatism every weekday. Up to 100 people a day now visit! If you're jonesing for a good conservative website, make sure to visit it at http://www.enterstageright.com/site


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