There is a difference

There is a difference between the left and the right...This was recently found on the Internet and I thought you might want to see it...

The Left
The Right
Human nature can be reshaped by the hands of the state Human nature can not be redesigned
A fair wage Wages must be based on productivity
Differentially abled Handicapped
My Dinner with Andre Breakfast with Blassie
Public funding of culture is necessary for our culture Government subsidies allow artists to produce junk that interests no one
Security seeking Risk taking
The free market ignores the poor The market only recognizes individuals, not groups
Feelings Thoughts
Alec Baldwin Charlton Heston
Power Liberty
Marijuana Cigars
Racism, reproduction & recycling Reading, writing & 'rithmatic
The constitution is a living document The constitution is an inviolable compact of and for the people
Pro-abortion Anti-abortion
Takers Doers
Ecology Conservation
Gender (Socially determined) Sex (Biologically determined)
Indoctrination Education
The military is a vehicle for social change The military objective is simply to defend and protect this country
Cooperation Competition
Pursuit of equality Pursuit of excellence
It takes a village It takes a loving mother and devoted father
Womyn Ladies
Moral relativism Transcendent moral order
Health care should not be left to the market Government control of health care will cause immense harm
Karl Marx Adam Smith
Group rights Individual rights
The market panders to greed and selfishness The alternative to the market is violence and coercion
John Kenneth Galbraith Milton Friedman
Joy Browne Dr. Laura Schlessinger
Liberal Conservative
Do your own thing Do good and avoid evil
Self-esteem Intellectual training
The death penalty is uncivilized High crime rates are uncivilized
Supports government farm programs Farm programs distort resources
Whole language Phonics
Ebonics Greek, Latin and Hebrew
Guarantees an assortment of socioeconomic rights Providing these "rights" will destroy the rights of others
Quotas Merit
Roosevelt Reagan
Democrats Republicans
All persons should perform some type of national service Compulsory national service is another form of involuntary servitude
Root causes Wrong choices
Wealth must be redistributed Wealth must be created
Truth is relative There are absolute truths
Human rights are more important than property rights Property rights are the foundation of all rights
Protectionism Free trade
Sustainable economics Free market economics
Jean Jacques Rosseau Edmund Burke
Counterculture Judeo-Christian culture
Crime is an economic problem Crime is a moral problem
Prefers the public Prefers the private
Deconstruction Hermeneutics
Believes conservatives are reactionary Thinks liberals are utopian
Centralization and planning Decentralization and free enterprise
Humanity Individuality
There is too much inequality of wealth Free people are not equal, equal people are not free
Welfare Charity
Tough on hate crimes Tough on all crimes
Alan Alda John Wayne
Stop global warming Stop global whining
Visualize peace Peace through strength
Idealism Common sense
The personal is political The political is personal
Antitrust laws prevent monopoly Antitrust is destructive to efficiency and consumer choice
Government should create and protect jobs Jobs can only be created by the market
Plato Aristotle
Herstory History
Outcome-based education

Back to the basics

Cats Oklahoma!
As what your country can do for you Ask what you can do for yourself
Mainstream media Talk radio
Lawsuits assure victim's right to compensation Favors tort reform
Society is an entity in itself Society is the complex relationship between many autonomous individuals
Pessimists Optimists
"A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy" Man is the pinnacle of creation
Industrial policy Individual goals
Anita Hill Clarence Thomas
Possesses a moral vision of a good society Desires moral and virtuous society
Poverty is caused by a lack of opportunity Poverty is primarily caused by a break up of the family
Politically correct Correct
Progressive taxes Flat taxes
Teamwork Management
Socialized medicine Consumer choice with health care
Has only friends to the left Has only enemies to the right


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