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Conservative News Service. After so many years of liberal and leftist dominated reporting, those words hardly seem to even go together. As ungainly as they may sound, however, this web site lives up to those words.

CNS was founded by the Media Research Center to provide news in an era when balance means expounding at length the party line of liberalism and then only mentioning the name of a Republican in passing. Even Walter Cronkite -- in his more honest moments -- will admit that the media is blatantly and irredeemly liberal.

I don't hold that against them since I believe "objective" reporting has never really existed. In the United States, newspapers started out as platforms for their owners to publish screeds they agreed with. Only after those same owners realized that strong or obviously biased beliefs scared away advertisers did newspapers begin to "fairly" cover the events of the day. I believe reporting should be an activist profession, one that does take sides and calls it as the writer sees it. Journalists covertly (sometimes unknowingly) introduce bias with their choice of words, in which case they may as well do it openly and honestly.

And that's how CNS does it: unashamedly and unabashedly conservative in its viewpoint, analysis and reporting. Updated several times a day by a staff of writers, CNS covers a wide variety of beats including news in general from the US and around the world, politics, defense, culture and business. Like every good news service, it also offers cartoons and opinion pieces as well as special reports.

It even makes a nod to interactivity with special chats (media critic L. Brent Bozell III was featured recently), bulletin boards for users to argue how events and issues are covered and the ever ubiquitous user poll.

Design-wise, CNS is hardly unique but it does work well for its intended purpose. The site is largely clutter free and easy to read. Navigation is functional and allows one to move reasonably quickly through the site.

Is it blatantly biased? Yes, but that's hardly a problem. CNS acknowledges what should be a well-known fact in the late 20th century. The media is biased. At least CNS has the guts to admit it and still do their job well.

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