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Never have alternative schooling programs been more popular and seriously considered by greater numbers of people as a viable alternative for their children...and never have they been under such fierce attack as we've been seeing for decades.

The same week that saw home schooled twelve-year old George Thampy place first in the national spelling bee and second in the national geography bee, four families were brought in front of a school attendance review board in Alameda County, California, which is questioning the legality of home schooling as well as demanding information regarding their educational curriculum.

While George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Al Gore all promise to increase the number of charter schools -- currently 1 700 schools -- to anywhere as high as 4 000 (depending on which promise you believe) or better regulate home schooling (code for government control and mediocrity) or even to "reform" public schools again, more and more Americans are taking education into their own hands the schooling their own children. The results are generally impressive. home schooled children and those in charter schools outperform their publicly educated counterparts across the board. In every educational category, these children usually are far ahead of those children who attend the government owned and mismanaged education camps.

Despite that, alternative schooling is under attack. Unions view it as a threat to their member's livelihood while bureaucrats are afraid they will lose control over children -- and the money that's spent on them in the name of education. Parents who home school sometimes find themselves fighting legal battles and anyone attempting to organize alternative schooling drives in their state will find themselves attacked from all corners. There is help though. is one of those resources that can assist in the battle against those who would rob parents of their right to choose how they want their children educated. The web site, a project of the The Henry Hazlitt Foundation, The Heartland Institute, and Citizens for Educational Freedom and promotes a market-based approach to school reform. It is designed from the ground up to educate visitors on every imaginable topic of interest to school reformers -- whether it's knowing who's going to oppose your work on school reform, curriculum, news reports, online resources, commentary, legislation, and even past experiences of other school reformers in their bid to make things better for their children.

It's hard to find a centre for this web site since it could be the activist's tool kit -- an information resource to get you started in the fight for reform -- but it could also be the extensive resource library on school reform, charter schools and home schooling. It illustrates the depth of material you can find here.

The three organizations behind this web site have done a phenomenal job pulling together an incredible amount of information on school reform and it should serve as a model for other groups. Attractive, easy to use and fast loading, is an effectively designed web site and that allows surfers to find what they are looking for without having to burrow too deeply for it.

If you are interested in school reform, hit the web site and join -- it's free -- and get involved. Help destroy the monopoly the government has created for itself!

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