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web posted June 19, 2000

"Why does [Rosie] O'Donnell give others advice that she doesn't find applicable to herself? ... O'Donnell may be able to afford bodyguards and pride herself that she does not 'personally own a gun.' Yet many other people have just as great a need for protection. Guns are the poor man's bodyguard." -- Yale University's John Lott

"No American should be forced to visit the IRS and the undertaker at the same time." -- Rep. George Radanovich after the House passed a GOP bill 279-136 to eliminate the federal tax on estates

"As an OB/GYN with more than 30 years experience in private practice, I know better than most the importance of preserving the sanctity of the physician-patient relationship. What happens to that trust when patients know any and all information given to their doctor will be placed in a data base accessible by anyone who knows the patient's 'unique personal identifier'?" -- Rep. Ron Paul after his legislation to restrict the central government from implementing a national ID for medical care passed the House

"I seriously wonder if we don't have better security at our Wal-Mart stores than you do at the Los Alamos labs." -- Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell to a Department of Energy flunky who showed up to a Senate hearing on security at Los Alamos after several hard drives containing top secret disappeared

"I happen to think that the difficulties in reining in entitlement programs, once you have them, is far more difficult than the problems on the tax side. And that's the reason why I opt, clearly, as my second choice, for employing surpluses which cannot be used to reduce the debt to reduce taxes." - Alan Greenspan

"The inexorable journey of the third consecutive Congress controlled by Republicans toward the highest domestic social spending in a generation is about to take on more fuel. Thanks to economic growth, the surplus is exploding." -- Robert Novak

"Ordinary people need facts and to have those facts put into the context of their daily lives so that the news makes sense. What's done about such facts is up to the people. But the job of a newsman is to tell the truth and remind folks that they should not ignore it." -- Paul M. Rodriguez

"I think historians will look at Bill Clinton with puzzlement and make the following judgment: that it was a great waste." -- Sen. John McCain

"Summing up the Clinton presidency is not easy. But the president inadvertently described himself when attacking his critics: 'They have no guilt and no shame.' If there is a better epithet for Bill Clinton, it has not yet been written." -- Doug Bandow

"Until we begin to rediscover the national values that for centuries have allowed us to rise above our natures and act as civilized men and women, our country will continue to suffer the steady deterioration in standards that disturbs us all." -- Rep. Tom DeLay

"Americans need to defend the revolution -- our own American Revolution that created a republic, not a centralized imperialistic government." -- Charley Reese

"A government without strict limits is tyrannical. You'd think conservative intellectuals would grasp this by now." -- Joseph Sobran

"Some blame President Clinton for the corroding of our culture. He has played a part, but he could not have done it without the public's acquiescence...." -- Cal Thomas

"In 1997 Al Gore famously declared that 'no controlling legal authority' governed his White House fund-raising calls. His words -- cocky and disconcerting -- became the butt of jokes. The last laugh could be Al Gore's. ... At the time everyone thought this was Mr. Gore's interpretation of the relevant statutes. It now seems he was talking about the Justice Department itself and Janet Reno. A surfeit of newly released documents from the Justice Department make it clear that Ms. Reno became Mr. Gore's guardian angel, standing between her man and his accusers at every turn, even against senior members of her own staff. Mr. Gore was clearly on the brink of big legal trouble, but Ms. Reno single-handedly rescued his political career from the mire on the eve of his Presidential bid." -- Wall Street Journal

"Bush (declared) that the political philosopher who most shaped his ideas was Christ, 'who touched my heart.' Well, perhaps Christ touched his heart, but how he touched his head went unanswered. Or maybe it didn't. Government's job, according to Bush, 'is to change hearts.' That would certainly surprise our Founding Fathers, who once thought that government's job was to secure the individual liberties of its citizens. You see, changing the heart is the job description of churches, not governments." -- Cato Institute's Jerry Taylor

"[Gore] belittles the compassionate conservatism that is argued for by George W. Bush, and purports to be the real thing, the real man of the people, the real man of compassion. And yet you see this unattractive sight on his own property. ... The only thing more unattractive has been the behavior in this instance of the news media. Major networks have ignored the story. Most major newspapers have run only one wire story on it. It's a pretty darn good and compelling story." -- former ABC White House correspondent Brit Hume

"I'm not an expert on computers." --Al Gore on the "glitch" that disposed of 15 months of his e-mail sought by congressional investigators. Gore, reportedly, invented the Internet.

"If this had been a Republican, people would have been crying 'slumlord.' That would be the headline -- 'Slumlord' -- and a man who doesn't take care of little people..." -- NPR's Juan Williams on Gore's "compassion" for his tenants

"I would say, maybe their own kids, but not kids in general. The only life that is important to them is white, Republican life. Regardless of skin color, it offends me when someone is shot dead in America. [The NRA's position] is based on financial gain, not patriotism or love of children." -- Rosie O'Donnell

"It's an example of white supremacy and the climate it has created." -- Dorothy Lewis, co-chairman of the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America, on how blacks have been deceived for 135 years, and thus, should collect reparations for having to live the legacy of slavery

"The idea of an education is not to be a spelling champ. ... To say home schoolers get a better education is quite a stretch." -- National Education Association spokesperson Kathleen Lyons. The most recent research indicates that home-schoolers perform better than their government school counterparts in virtually every subject

"A federal judge [says] the Microsoft split must last for at least 10 years, or the length of time the average consumer has been put on hold with Microsoft technical-help services--whichever is longer." -- Kenny Noble Cortes

"Money magazine just came out with the list of the best places to live: Bend, Oregon; Fort Collins, Colorado; Bradenton, Florida. Worst place to live? Anybody know? One of Al Gore's rental properties." -- Jay Leno

"As you know, a federal judge ordered Microsoft to split into two different companies. Right after announcing that, Bill Gates said, "Fine," and bought the other company. The good news for Microsoft, now they can have two employees of the month." -- Jay Leno

"According to a new federal study, cocaine, marijuana and cigarette use among high school students increased during the 1990's. And I say, finally American high school students are leading the world in something." -- Craig Kilborn

web posted June 12, 2000

"Your pledge was, they'd have to go first before you spent 'soft money' on issue ads. They haven't. You're about to launch a $25 million campaign. Are you breaking your pledge?" -- ABC's Charlie Gibson
"Well, they have gone -- they have gone first. They did months ago." -- responded Vice President Al Gore...and incorrectly

"I'm shocked that one judge would presume to know exactly how the high-tech economy should evolve. Who could witness the explosion of new high-tech products created in recent years and still think that any one man could possibly predict how that market will or should develop from here?" -- House Majority Leader Dick Armey on U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson's ruling in the Microsoft anti-trust casue

"Antitrust laws are immoral. Monopolies cannot happen in a free economy. The only time a monopoly can exist is when the government gets involved, because they're the ones who have a monopoly on force, on control." -- Ayn Rand Institute spokesman Chris Wolski

"The one good thing that has come out of the Microsoft antitrust case is that it has demonstrated to the public how government has become nothing but an elaborate protection racket that makes the Mafia seem like child's play by comparison." -- Thomas J. DiLorenzo

"Conservatives pride themselves on two loyalties: to the rule of law and to the free market. Microsoft threatens both. ... We should recall that when Mr. Reagan's antitrust chief, William Baxter, proposed to break up AT&T there was a similar conservative outcry and heavy political pressure to stop him. Conservatives proved wrong then, and they are wrong now." -- Robert Bork, taking the contrary view

"I have to agree with your records. I can't dispute them." -- Korean War veteran Edward Daily who gained fame last year claiming to have witnesses the massacre of civilians by U.S. forces under a bridge at No Gun Ri. The records show that Daily was never in that region, and despite his claims, was never a POW or recipient of the Distinguished Service Cross or Purple Heart

"The good news from Clinton's summit in Moscow is that it ended without a deal damaging American security. For this successful failure we can thank Jesse Helms, George W. Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin." -- Wall Street Journal

"As we learned from the Clinton administration and much of the media, a machine gun in the hands of a federal agent is now a symbol of benevolence and concern for a child's well-being." -- James Bovard

"Looks like little Elian is going back to Cuba where in a short time he'll be well red." -- Lyn Nofziger

"Government power and our freedom are inversely related. " -- Thomas L. Jipping

"If the current civil rights establishment has any worthwhile role left to play, it will probably be by making more and more Americans sick of hearing about race, and therefore more and more inclined to judge each person as an individual." -- Thomas Sowell

"I think we need...a team that reflects the broadest possible spectrum of the Republican philosophy, which means somebody who is pro-choice.... As Republicans, as conservatives, we regard life as very, very sacred. That's why we believe the individual conscience and the right to choose is a major, major factor in how we should live and how our country should survive." -- Gerald Ford in a speech to the National Press Club

"The federal government already owns over one-third of the land area in the United States. The question we should be asking, particularly in light of the Los Alamos debacle, is, 'Why don't we take care of what we have, before we even consider expanding the amount of land under federal control'?" -- Jane Chastain

"Together, we will transform America's collection of ramshackle bureaucracies into an e-government that works for every American." -- Al Gore who supposedly reinvented government a few years ago

"It's most unlikely, I don't want to mislead you. But I don't completely rule it out. My natural instincts are to reach out and create bipartisan coalitions." -- Al Gore on the possibility of choosing a Republican as a running mate

"I said I give him my full support, and that's what I will do." -- Bill Bradley after voting for Gore in his state's primary. Asked whether that meant he was "endorsing" Gore, Bradley said, "It's your call."

"Now to your larger question about are reporters biased, now I really don't think that they are. ... You know, if one of us begins to really tilt the coverage toward one candidate, there are a hundred others behind us who will be pointing that out to you, or you'll be able to go to another channel or another newspaper or another radio station, and find out the other side of the story." -- Tom Brokaw to Larry King

"Why are you only focusing on licensing and registration? Why aren't you going for more than that? Why aren't you going, for example, for a total ban?" -- CBS's Bryant Gumball to Million Mom March organizer Gail Powers

"Lawyers who get caught lying ... whether in written statements or testimony, get disbarred. I love the president and I love his lawyers, but the argument that disbarment isn't standard fare is not correct. In fact, it's baloney." -- Attorney Mark Foster, who headed Washington, D.C.'s ethics panel

"I think it's so irritating that once I die, 55 per cent of my money goes to the United States government. ... You know why it's so irritating? Because you have already paid nearly 50 percent [when the money was earned]." -- Oprah Winfrey. So why do you support the Democrats Oprah?

"Now we know what's got the plumbing stopped up at the Mayberry's house in Carthage." -- Rich Galen on Al Gore's missing e-mails

"Last night I rented the movie 'Love Story.' I still cry at that scene where Al Gore invents the Internet." -- President George H. W. Bush

"Last week the Democrats held a huge fund-raiser honoring Clinton. ... Performing at the gala, 17-year-old LeAnn Rimes, and Stevie Wonder. Boy, see, that shows you how smart Clinton is. This guy is so clever. He's got a girl that is barely legal and a guy who can't be an eyewitness." -- Jay Leno

"Plans are being made to handle President Clinton's life after he leaves the White House. For instance, there will be eight Secret Service agents assigned to protect Britney Spears." -- Craig Kilborn

web posted June 5, 2000

"If Microsoft were broken up, as the government proposes, Microsoft's operating systems, applications and other products over time would become less and less compatible ... such decreased compatibility would adversely affect DreamWorks' business because the company would have to expend substantial resources insuring that the software it purchases interoperates with the company's other software and with the different kinds of computers the company uses." -- DreamWorks' Jeffrey Katzenberg adding his name to a list of prominent executives who are arguing against a multi-part split-up of Microsoft

"Is it any wonder, why the approval ratings of the Congress go up every time we go into recess?" --Sen. Robert C. Byrd

"I think [life in the White House] has been good for our [marriage]. .. We've probably had more time together in our time here than at any point in our marriage. And I've enjoyed that immensely. It's been wonderful for us." -- Bill Clinton and the effect the presidency had on his marriage with Hillary

"...[F]or all practical purposes, Elian has disappeared. They've made a little cage for him and called it privacy. It is a replica of the big cage he is to be returned to soon enough. There is no reason for us to think about Elian any more, or about what the future holds for him. Or the good Party member he will become. His case is wending its way through the courts. All will be taken care of in due course, without our having to bother about it. Questions about freedom, or what the law means without it, or what the child's mother died for ... those are not only irrelevant and immaterial, but dangerous. They may prey on our conscience if we let them. We better not go there. We've assigned Elian his little box in our minds, and can move on. Each system has its own way of making troublesome cases disappear. In this country, we use the courts." -- Paul Greenberg on Elian Gonzalez's disappearance from view

"He has the right as a person who's residing in Connecticut a lot of the time due to his work with me to request to carry a gun." -- the fiercely anti-gun talk show hostess Rosie O'Donnell

"Laws aren't going to stop the violence. It's idiotic to think that guns are responsible for my daughter's death. A young man was responsible for her death. The world we have created in America helped lead to my daughter's death. Gun control is not the solution. It's not the say that will prevent Columbine's from happening is ridiculous." -- Darrell Scott, father of slain Columbine High School student Rachel Scott

"No one will mount a massive march on Washington for safer cigarette lighters despite the fact that five times more kids under 5 years old die each year from the misuse of lighters than from gun accidents." -- Carl T. Rowan Jr., former FBI agent and member of the NRA's board of directors

"The recommendation by the Arkansas Supreme Court Disciplinary Committee that President Clinton be disbarred is like a tender green shoot of integrity rising from the stinking junkyard of American public life. At last, some official body has come to a decision about Clinton's conduct that is untainted by politics, cowardice or cynicism." -- Mona Charen

"The very concept of law that protects us from tyranny has been lost. No longer the people's shield, law has become a weapon in the hands of government." -- Paul Craig Roberts

"Today it would be progress if everyone would stop talking about values. Instead, let us talk, as the Founders did, about virtues." -- George Will

"As American education and intelligence becomes replaced by feelings and emotion, not seeing the forest for the trees has become a major problem." -- Walter E. Williams

"At last I know who the inveterate Washington insiders are. They're the press corps." -- Nat Hentoff

"When our chief magistrate, successor to Washington and Lincoln, lies in sworn testimony, haggles over the meaning of 'is,' disports himself with an intern, bombs foreign countries at suspiciously convenient moments, and prepares to toss a 6-year-old Cuban boy into the open jaws of Fidel Castro (an unmistakably evil character), the mud sticks to us all." -- William Murchison

"[T]he man who dramatically expanded the bounds of indecency, turning the playing field into a slime pit, is [Clinton] himself. The special pleaders for the president, for example, have complained for years that the 'respectable' newspapers cover the president like the tabloids, and that's so, but it's so because this president, perhaps uniquely, has insisted on governing as a tabloid president." -- Wes Pruden

"Political correctness is tyranny with manners, and cultural cancer is eating away at out society." --Charlton Heston

"The week's events make pretty clear which of the lawyers in this battle, Mr. Starr and Mr. Clinton, was the one with the ethical problems." -- Washington Post on a judge's dismissal of a misconduct complaint against Kenneth Starr and an Arkansas judicial committee's recommendation that Bill Clinton be disbarred

"I don't know how many times you're able to reinvent yourself in the course of a campaign." -- George W. Bush on the "new and improved" (kinder, gentler) Al Gore, who is dropping his strategy of portraying Bush as "smug" and "arrogant," leaving the name calling to his surrogates

"It's fitting, I guess, that I'm here in Washington talking to Realtors. After all, I'm looking for a new house." --George W. Bush at the mid-year National Association of Realtors conference

"You carry an M-16, a fully loaded M-16, for a reason. You hope to never have to use it." --Gore in a Memorial Day speech on his "service" in Vietnam. Of course, Gore's weapon was a typewriter

"In his sophomore year at Harvard, Gore's grades were lower than any semester recorded on Bush's transcript from Yale." -- David Maraniss and Ellen Nakashima in the Washington Post. Apparently Gore got C's and D's in science courses and "the self-proclaimed inventor of the Internet avoided all courses in mathematics and logic throughout college...."

"My opponent is better financed and better known. She comes to New York with the support of every left-wing special interest, from Washington insiders to the Hollywood elite. Bring 'em on. Because when it comes to representing the needs, concerns and values of the people of New York, I have one advantage she'll never have - I can be myself. I am a New Yorker." -- Rep. Rick Lazio

"I'm a professional, strategic hell raiser." --John Sellers, director of the Ruckus Society in Berkeley, California, dedicated to training leftist-activists in disruption

"The only life that is important to them [the NRA] is white, Republican life." -- Rosie O'Donnell

"I thought that he crossed the boundary so seriously in that scandal that the House was proper in impeaching him and the Senate really should have convicted him." -- Ralph Nader on Clinton

"My father was a Republican, and his father was a Republican." -- former LA Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda on why he didn't vote for Clinton/Gore. When asked if his "father was a thief, would that make you a thief?" he said, "No, that would make me a Democrat."

"Does he know it's only a dinosaur?" -- A Chicago reporter, upon hearing that Clinton wanted to see Sue at the Field Museum on his visit to the Windy City

"Al Gore is trailing his Republican rival in national polls. They show that people aren't warming up to his personality. Last weekend, Gore was named sexiest man alive by Popular Mechanics magazine." -- Argus Hamilton

"Hillary Clinton did an interview with a New York hip hop radio station. Many didn't know that it was Hillary because she used her rap name, "Queen Subpoena." -- Jay Leno

"Al Gore has been trying out a new pressurized makeup applicator, which is apparently used by Catherine Zeta-Jones.... It must be working -- Gore was proposed to by Michael Douglas." -- Conan O'Brien

web posted May 29, 2000

"Our relations with China are based on the false idea that the stability of the Chinese Communist Party is necessary for successful political and economic relations with China, and for stability in Asia and international peace in general. ... Peace and prosperity are possible only when human rights, democracy and freedom are respected." --- Chinese dissident Harry Wu

"If you entrust me with the presidency, we can all come back here and it won't cost much at all. We're going to make meaningful campaign finance reform the law of the land." -- Vice President Al Gore talking up campaign finance reform while pulling in the most money in the history of fundraisers last week

"We are going to have to go back as a result of this investigation and revamp the fire program from A to Z." -- Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt, discussing the "systematic failure" that allowed a deliberately set fire to grow to a monster that destroyed at least 260 homes and apartment buildings in the Los Alamos area and more than 45 000 acres

"One of the [Million Mom] marchers said 'the hands that rock the cradle rule this nation.' I thought, 'no Madame, the hands that rock the cradle rule our families and governments and corporations. The hands that wrote the Constitution rule this nation'." -- NRA President Charlton Heston

"This battle for 'common-sense' gun control laws pits emotion and passion against logic and reason. All too often in such a contest, logic loses. So, expect more meaningless, if not harmful, 'gun control' legislation. Good news -- if you're a crook." -- Larry Elder

"The absurdity of mothers of crime victims demanding that the means of self defense be removed from law abiding citizens, thus creating more potential crime victims, is bizarre and would be laughable if it weren't so dangerous." -- Charles A. Morse

"These liberties, ensured by our Bill Of Rights, were properly recognized by our Founders as divine in origin, transcendent in nature, and beyond the political manipulations of beings even so powerful as talk show hostesses." -- Rep. J.C. Watts Jr.

"Call me a believer in the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy.... When a novice organizes a major media event and putative 'grassroots movement' perfectly orchestrated to promote an issue that the Clinton Administration, senatorial candidate Mrs. Clinton, and presidential candidate Al Gore wish to raise during this election cycle, it is worth noting that the organizer, Mrs. Dees-Thomases, has but one degree of separation from the Clintons. It is stunning that almost no reporters have asked what advice and assistance Mrs. Dees-Thomases received from her sister-in-law, and from the Clinton White House." -- Lisa Schiffren

"The fundamental difference between a free society and an unfree society is an armed citizenry. " --Charley Reese

"Five years ago, there was great consternation when the Supreme Court ruled that carrying a gun near a school was not interstate commerce. On May 15, 2000, there was great consternation when the Supreme Court ruled that rape was not interstate commerce. It is a sign of how twisted the law has become that each of these common sense rulings was by a narrow 5 to 4 majority." -- Thomas Sowell

"The country needs to know where Governor Bush stands. If I'm entrusted with the presidency, I will veto any bill like the one Governor Bush signed to shield gun manufacturers. I'm committed to protecting our children." -- Al Gore

"Al Gore's problem is that he's acting as if he's desperate to be president, but sounding as if he doesn't want to do anything new once elected. Right now, Bush's vision wins by default simply because it dares to be new and different." -- former Clinton Labor Secretary, Robert Reich.

"Al Gore is Walter Mondale in Earth tones." -- Hardball's Chris Matthews

"I don't know which one of the things on the Contract With America that they are against. Is it the balanced budget? Is it lowering taxes? Is it a strong national defense? If that's what they're against and I'm for, I'm comfortable fighting on those grounds." -- Candidate for NY Senate Rick Lazzio on being labelled a "supporter of the Contract with America"

"A liberal bias? I don't know what a liberal bias is. Do you mean we care about the poor, the sick, and the maimed? Do we care whether people are being shot every day on the streets of America? If that's liberal, so be it. I think it's everything that's good in life, that we do care." -- Helen Thomas

"One issue that is sure to come up in the fall campaign that has already surfaced is Bush cozying up to the self-described religious right, including the Reverends Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell." -- CBS anchor Dan Rather. But what if it doesn't? Will you still bring it up?

"Let me try to be serious for at least one or two moments, before I go back to what it is I do normally." -- White House spokesman Joe Lockhart

"Treating livestock like mechanical bulls makes Wyoming a laughing stock." -- People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals' Kristie Sigmon, who is demanding the state remove the bucking bronco image from its license plates

"While what constitutes an animal's consent [to sexual relations] is difficult to define, people are well aware when an animal is non-consenting. Implicit in [the proposed legislation] is that sex with an animal in itself constitutes abuse. We believe that this merely reflects a negative attitude toward such a nontraditional form of sexuality." -- Two Indiana University professors questioning the Missouri Legislature's proposed anti-bestiality law

"None as cute as that." --George W. Bush, after being kissed on the cheek by a 77-year-old man, asked if any other men had kissed him during his campaign

"According to one estimate, more than 40 million users were hit by the 'I Love You' virus, followed immediately by the 'I Like You as a Friend' virus, and later, the even more damaging 'We Need to Talk' virus." -- Jon Stewart

"The House passed that big trade bill that makes China a normal trading partner with the U.S. What a proud moment for us! From now on when China runs over student demonstrators, it'll be with American-made tanks! How about that!" -- Jay Leno

"Hillary says she plans to devote herself to improving the life of New Yorkers. What? She's moving back to Arkansas?" -- David Letterman

"A new report says girls begin experiencing sexual harassment as early as high school. I think that's a pretty good time to start learning how our government works." -- Greg Kilborn

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