The World Government Constitution - Part 1: Proof that Socialists are fools

By Antonia Feitz
web posted June 5, 2000

For the past twenty years or so, a document has been floating around the world gathering signatures. It's called "The Constitution of the Federation of Earth." It was first ratified at the second session of the World Constituent Assembly in Innsbruck in 1977 and was prepared by "a broad global representation of qualified people" - who haven't bothered to put their names to it. Enough said. Now while it is an ineffably silly document, it is none the less the authoritarian blueprint for the first world government.

World government? Surely only conspiracy theorists believe there's a plan for world government? Yes, that's what the politicians and the mainstream media have been saying until very recently. But now that it's imminent they're coming clean, and it's now chic to talk about world government, global citizens, the global village, and the global commons etc. Read the depressing details in "Our Global Neighbourhood: the Report of the Commission on Global Governance." The co-chairs were Ingvar Carlsson and Shridath Ramphal.

But back to the Constitution. The Preamble begins: "Realizing that Humanity today has come to a turning point in history and that we are on the threshold of an [sic] new world order which promises to usher in an era of peace, prosperity, justice and harmony."

Well, that gives the flavour of the entire Constitution. While such a sentence might bring credit to an idealistic eight year old, it's a bit alarming that supposedly mature, educated adults who are drawing up a constitution for world government could write such utopian drivel. There is absolutely no reason to suppose that man's nature has changed so drastically that we are about to enter any golden age. On the contrary, the evidence of the past twenty years - during which the Constitution has been circulating - has seen an escalation of hostilities throughout the world.

External intervention by UN peacekeepers has not been useful, and in fact has exacerbated and/or prolonged conflict. Is there peace in Kosovo? Sierra Leone? No. Why? Because you can't impose peace: just look at Northern Ireland or the Levant.

The other sentences of the Preamble are similarly juvenile and full of apocalyptic green propaganda: "Conscious of our obligation to posterity to save Humanity from imminent and total annihilation -" From what they don't say. Apparently you've just got to take it on trust that we're on the brink of "imminent and total annihilation." It's a good scare though; it'll win the greens over for sure. Such useful idiots will suffer any ignominy and loss of freedom to "save the planet."

Young idealists and socialists often present their opinions as facts. So do the anonymous authors of the Constitution: "Conscious of the inescapable reality that the greatest hope for the survival of life on earth is the establishment of a democratic world government." Inescapable reality?

Excuse me, but not everybody agrees. And who says the survival of life on earth is threatened anyway? The likes of Paul Ehrlich? They've made successful careers out of being consistently wrong. Though it might shock the global socialists, many people think that minding your own business would go a long way to establishing genuine peace in the world.

The Preamble ends with this triumphal sentence: "We, the citizens of the world, hereby resolve to establish a world federation to be governed in accordance with this constitution for the Federation of Earth."

And what a lulu it is.

The broad functions of the proposed world government are set out in Article 1. True to its socialist genesis, the world government plans to regulate every aspect of life. Apart from preventing war, securing disarmament, resolving territorial and "other" disputes , our globalist masters plan to protect human rights which now include mandatory Western-style democracy and even equal opportunities. They also plan to obtain "the conditions required ... for diminishing social differences." It's typical of socialists that while simultaneously extolling diversity, they legislate for uniformity. They loathe differences.

Of course they're going to regulate trade, communications, transport, currency, standards, the "use of world resources", and "other global and international processes" - that latter one is nicely open-ended, isn't it.

And equally of course they're going to protect the environment to keep Earth "a safe, healthy and happy home for humanity." It's hard to credit that supposed adults could write such infantile nonsense. But it's indicative of their mentality: clearly they have no conception of personal autonomy let alone human dignity.

Article 2 is concerned with the basic structure of the World Federation and Government. It claims the world government will be non-military (a lie); democratic (another lie); that sovereignty will reside in all the people (a very big lie); and that national governments will retain jurisdiction over internal affairs (a whopper of a lie).

Examples from the list of 41 specific powers of the World Government in Article 4 of the Constitution paint a grim picture completely at odds with the rosy assurances:

* Article 4.21 gives the World Government power to control population growth as well as "solve problems of population distribution." The latter power is scary indeed.

* Article 4.22 gives total control of the world's water to the World Government even to assuring "equitable allocation of trans-national water supplies...."

* Article 4.30 gives the World Government power to control "essential natural resources which may be ... unevenly distributed about the Earth."

* Article 4.34 allows intervention in "intra-state violence and intra-state problems...."

* Article 4.35 calls for "the correction of prejudicial communicative materials" in universities - in plain English, massive censorship of politically incorrect ideas - such as championing genuine national sovereignty, or eschewing multiculturalism.

So much for national sovereignty and hence democracy.

But back to the structure. The Constitution describes how our global masters have planned to divide up the world into neat and orderly socialist units. The basic division will be into 1000 World Electoral and Administrative Districts - let's call them WEADs - which will be roughly equal in population, give or take 10 per cent. Next, "contiguous" WEADs will be combined into 20 World Electoral and Administrative Regions - let's call them WEARs - which should take into account geographical, cultural, ecological and "other" factors. (The handy word 'other' is sprinkled liberally throughout the Constitution).

Boundaries for WEADs and WEARs need not conform to existing national boundaries but should do so as far as practicable.

But wait, there's more! "Contiguous" WEARs will then be paired to form Magna-Regions. WEARs will also be grouped into 5 Continental Divisions of the Earth - let's call them CDEs.

Okay, the world is now carved up nicely for world government. So what will it consist of? Article 3 of the Constitution lists the organs of world government as

1. the World Parliament
2. the World Executive
3. the World Administration
4. the Integrative Complex
5. the World Judiciary
6. the Enforcement System
7. the World Ombudsmus

Article 5 describes the functions and powers of the World Parliament . It will be composed of three houses:

1. The House of Peoples, to represent the people directly.
2. The House of Nations, to represent the nations.
3. The House of Counsellors, to represent "the highest good and best interests of humanity as a whole."

If those names evoke uncomfortable and even unpleasant feelings, your instincts are right because, believe it or not, the proposed World Parliament is modelled on the supposedly defunct Soviet government. Can't be true? Well here's what one of Clinton's mentors wrote in 1966:

"When the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics formed in 1923 by adding other republics to the RSFSR [Russian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic], the new republics obtained a somewhat similar constitutional organization, and a similar system was created for the whole Union. The latter possessed a Union Congress of Soviets, large and unwieldy, meeting infrequently, and chosen by the city and provincial soviets. This Union Congress elected an equally unwieldy All-Union Central Executive Committee consisting of two chambers. One of these chambers, the Council of the Union, represented population; the other chamber, the Council of Nationalities, represented the constituent republics and autonomous regions of the Soviet Union." (Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope, p.390)

It's almost identical, isn't it: the proposed World Parliament is modelled on the USSR's communist system of government. And there's no doubt that if it comes into being, it will bear the same fruits: oppression, tyranny, shortages, gross inequalities between the government and the people, and gulags for dissenters. Now for some light relief, here's how you get elected to this proposed World Parliament.

For the House of Peoples, each of the 1000 WEADs will elect one member for a term of five years, resulting in a totally unwieldy and hence totally irrelevant rubber stamp, communist-style parliament of 1000 members. To stand for election, candidates must be 21 and "shall take a pledge of service to humanity." God doesn't get a look-in in the new world order.

The House of Nations will be composed of national delegates elected OR appointed for a term of five years by national governments on the following basis:

* One delegate from each nation of 100,000 to 9,999,999 people.
* Two delegates from each nation of 10,000,000 to 99,999,999 people.
* Three delegates from each nation over 100,000,000 people.
* Nations with fewer than 100,000 people may group with others to achieve a Clayton's representation in the House of Nations.

Candidates or appointees must be 21 and take the pledge of service to humanity.

The House of Counsellors brings the world parliament into the realms of high farce. There will be 200 of these 'counsellors' chosen from nominations submitted from the 20 WEARs. Believe it or not, nominations will only be accepted from "teachers and students of universities and colleges and of scientific academies and institutes." I think it was some American who said he'd rather be governed by the first 300 names in the phone book than by a chamber of academics. Yes, indeed. But anyway, the lucky 200 are then elected from the nominees for a ten year term by the members of other two houses from their particular regions. Note that ordinary people are entirely excluded from this process. Nominees have to be 25 and take the pledge.

So how will it work? Each House will elect a panel of five chairpersons, one from each of the CDEs. Forgotten what that acronym stands for? Don't feel too bad, so did I. It stands for the Continental Divisions of the Earth. The chairpersons will rotate so that each gets a turn of being chief presiding officer while the others are all vice-chairpersons. The panels will meet as needed to coordinate the 'work' of the Houses.

Legislation may be initiated in either House and will become effective when passed by a simple majority of both Houses. In case of a deadlock, the measure goes to the Great Wise Ones in the House of Counsellors for a decision by a majority vote. The Great Wise Ones themselves may initiate measures which must be passed by a simple majority of both Houses.

The Constitution spells out when elections will be held, how vacancies are filled, and that the Parliament will sit for nine months a year. Annual salaries will be the same for the members of all three Houses and will be set by the World Parliament. But of course the members of the Presidium and the Executive Cabinet (next article) will get more.

It's farcical. And it's disgraceful that parliamentarians around the world have treasonously signed this absurd document with no public debate. The majority of the world's people have never heard of the thing! As if there could possibly be the slightest semblance of personal freedom and democracy left in the world under such an elitist, tyrannical system. And I haven't even begun to describe the massive bureaucracy required to maintain this proposed world government!

To be continued in part two.

Antonia Feitz is a senior writer with Enter Stage Right.

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