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Mainstream myopia: Torpor or just plain indifference

By James Hall
web posted June 4, 2001

Have you ever talked to a conventional conformist about politics, you get the feeling that you are in a room all by yourself? Well, that sensation of being alone, might just be better than knowing that these yuppies are the people who are running the businesses and bureaucracies. A yuppie is not defined by age or geographic location but a mind-set. The path to advancement in most institutions requires acceptance of the norms and values of that organization. To go along, to get along is the motto of these mild mannered practitioners of adherence to the details of procedure, policy and codes. They are the nuts and bolts that drive the machinery of commerce and government, on its course of protecting the status quo.

Protection and defense of tradition is noble when that heritage reflects the highest aspirations of a society. But motives within these bastions of corporate and government ministries, seldom focus on a product or service that raises and elevates the communal standard of that society. Prudent advocates for individual primacy, balance unlimited appetites with responsibility to your neighbor and community. The difficulty with establishing that relationship is multiplied when those in charge are unwilling to discuss, explain or review their methods of operations with their customers or constituents.

These career 'so called' professionals view their personal identity as the function they administer. Their occupation is their identify! Their world is their career. And they are adamant in their refusal to question their existence outside their role within their organization. Who has not met such people? Some of you may qualify among their ranks. But who is willing to proclaim that society benefits, as a whole, when these parasites have sway over our lives?

Frustration with the lack of results in business dealings is not an accident. We all know that the system has broken down and that normal inconsequential transactions rarely are smooth and efficient. Transfer this inept performance to government and you have the basis for isolation of the person and the emergence of the organization as the rule maker.

Indifference to the customer or the citizen is not only acceptable, but is encouraged. Those who deal with the public have no qualms in ignoring complaints and requests. Satisfying and pleasing the consumer or patron, does not advance your position with your organization, any longer. Is it any wonder that when politics is brought up in the conversation, that the newly acquired talents of dismissal are the response that surfaces?

Hey, everyone looks the same
Hey, everyone looks the same

These mainstream folks are defeated souls. They have willingly accepted compliance for security. They are the prototype for the 'give me mine' society, that are now reflected in both political parties. This pro government orientation, has sapped the vital spirits from the body politic. When people view their government as benefactors, and seek to align themselves with their generosity, it is tragic. But when they turn off their own minds to evaluate the actual results of the consequences of this approach, it becomes catastrophic.

They are in denial; and refuse to confront any critique that may require them to alter their pattern of obedience. The pain in dealing with the possibility that they live a life that is a lie, is too distressing to consider. Their response is to ignore and divert the conversation away from any challenge to their synthesis with their organization.

Those that pursue public service as the highest accomplishment, are acting out inadequacy within their own character. These people are the true believers that rationalize their drive for power as a means to achieve 'so called' noble ends. In most cases, these programs and policy require that their vision of society be imposed upon all who are unwilling to accept their course and ideology. Can we therefore, expect to conduct civil conversation where such conceit shapes sound judgment?

But most working stiffs just wish to get through the day. The response has been heard by everyone. You cannot change this system! And each day the deterioration continues to intensify. Is that not adverse change that each participant contributes to its continuation?

Apathy has always been with us, but now it has become institutionalized and embedded with the culture; even if it goes unspoken. Those who claim to be eternal optimists, also share in the blame. For they see only that which gives them confidence in a bright future, and discount most that is unpleasant. The challenge for society is to become real. Neither to decry all, nor elevate anything. The start to wellness, rests upon honesty in discourse and the integrity to alter your position when flaws are found within its foundations.

The 'collectivists' society is bankrupt, not only in results but more significantly in its intellectual footing. Coming to terms with this truth is agonizing for those who bought into the scam and hold positions of authority under its name. We should not be surprised when these types shown disdain to those who challenge this network of misdeeds. But we need to draw upon our own inner strength to confront their deceit and lies, whenever and wherever, the opportunity allows.

Our goal is not to be accepted or even liked! It falls upon us and is our task to shake some sense and stir the conscience of these indifferent and detached political novices. Their actions harm our society and diminish our options to live with dignity and responsibility.

Mainstream thinking is herd mentality. The masses are not just asses, but bear blame for their willingness to impose their half-witted acceptance of mediocrity upon the rest of us. Yes the mainstream is now the "blamestream". Their nearsighted myopic view fails to see beyond their own self. Their shame is now earned, and the time for meaningful reform is long overdue. Restore your vision so that our country can start to heal. Start by seeing what you have refused to consider. The sight you save will be your own and will lead you out of your blindness.

James Hall is the driving force behind Breaking all the Rules, a collection of his essays.

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