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Endgame: The Blueprint for Victory in the War on Terror
By Thomas McInerney, Paul E. Vallely (Forward by Oliver North)
Regnery Publishing
HC, 256 pg. US$27.95
ISBN: 0-8952-6066-2

Achieving victory in the war on terror

By Carol Devine-Molin
web posted June 14, 2004

"The existence of the global radical Islamic terrorist network threatens this generation and the next. Failure to defeat this network is not an option. McInerney and Vallely aren't interested in relying on the UN or other outmoded and useless institutions. Instead of being wedded to the dead past, they look to the future with confidence and courage."
-- Lt. Colonel Oliver North, USMC (Retired)

Endgame: The Blueprint for Victory in the War on TerrorTom McInerney and Paul Vallely, the authors of Endgame: The Blueprint for Victory in the War on Terror, are eminently qualified to assess both the threat posed by radical Islamists and the US strategic response to the worldwide conflict. As they indicate, "we speak not as armchair generals, but as retired generals of the Air Force and the Army who have devoted the bulk of our lives to defending the United States. We speak also as military analysts for the Fox News Channel, positions that have allowed us to keep up-to-the-minute with all that is occurring in the Pentagon, the CIA, and elsewhere in the US government related to the war on terrorism."

According to McInerney and Vallely, Saddam Hussein's Iraq had to be tackled and brought down by the US-led coalition – war in Iraq was simply unavoidable since Saddam's regime was one of the pivotal players in the worldwide terror network, which the authors dubbed the Web of Terror. (Also noted, Saddam's ouster was justified by his heinous crimes against humanity including mass murder, his history of aggression in the region, and his capacity to readily reconstitute a WMD's program). Regarding the global War on Terror, the authors fully appreciate that the fate of western civilization is at stake, and that American leadership is key to the outcome of this fight. They contend, "Radical Islam sees itself locked in a war to the death against the West. To achieve final victory, it has established a Web of Terror…The Web of Terror's number-one enemy – and thus its number-one target – is the United States, because without the sword and shield provided by the US military, the rest of the West will have no choice but to submit." Thankfully, the keen insights of McInerney and Vallely are largely congruent with those held by the Bush administration, which is thoroughly focused on the peril posed by global jihad. Just as President Ronald Reagan was dedicated to the downfall of the Soviet Union, President George W.Bush is likewise determined to quash global terrorism.

In their writings, McInerney and Vallely emphasize "know thy enemy" – the global Web of Terror – an insidious network comprised of terror-sponsoring countries that must be demolished. That being said, terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda couldn't function as a significant worldwide threat without these sponsor-nations that harbor, fund, and train terrorists, and which include Iran, Syria, Libya, North Korea, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan – The regimes in Afghanistan and Iraq were previously part of the club, but were obviously overthrown by coalition forces. The authors pull-no-punches in their overall evaluation of our current predicament. Unless these reckless regimes – these nations that sponsor terror -- experience an epiphany and disentangle themselves from terrorism, the US and its allies will ultimately be forced to subdue them. That's the reality of the situation, as indicated by McInerney and Vallely .

The authors also indicate that they would have preferred a "UN Security Council mandate to dismantle the entire Web of Terror", which would have pertained not only to Saddam's regime, but the other terror-sponsoring nations of the world. Sure it would have been nice to have undisputed worldwide opinion on our side, but frankly the UN – which is notoriously cozy with the tyrants of the world -- was not about to cooperate. Moreover, when John Kerry (the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee) and others of his Left-leaning ilk continually urge the Bush camp to defer to the UN on Iraq, they're clearly operating in La-La land. The UN is only capable of performing peripheral and symbolic roles in Iraq – nothing too difficult. The UN is certainly incapable of accomplishing anything substantive, such as the stabilization of Iraq requiring considerable force. The Left's love affair with the UN is rife with delusion --Expecting the largely ineffectual and corrupt UN to successfully address Iraq, and global terrorism for that matter, is patently ludicrous to clear thinking people.

Should we forget that UN personnel enjoyed kickbacks and bribes from Saddam Hussein who utilized the "Oil for Food" program as a cash cow for funding extravagance, weaponry and terrorism? UN personnel were supposed to be administering the "Oil for Food" program, but instead lined their own pockets while the poor Iraqis starved. The authors of Endgame note: "France, Germany, and the United Nations were all complicit in trying to keep Saddam Hussein in power." In fact, companies and individuals from more than fifty nations benefited from Saddam's "Oil for Food" inducements.

In sum, McInerney and Vallely view the War on Terror as "the great cause", with Saddam Hussein's ouster as integral to the overall effort. Regarding the Left-leaning crowd that insists that the Iraq campaign is all about "getting oil", the authors contend: "If Iraq's oil was all we wanted, there was a very simple way to get it – lift the embargo on Iraqi oil exports. This is so obvious that we can only imagine that protestors who scream 'no blood for oil' are either astonishingly stupid or cynically disingenuous."

Carol Devine-Molin is a regular contributor to several online magazines.

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