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web posted June 14, 2004

"In his last moment he taught me that there is nothing stronger than love between two people, two souls. It was the last thing he could do to show my mother how entwined their souls are... At the last moment when his breathing told us this was it, he opened his eyes and looked straight at my mother. Eyes that had not opened for days did, and they weren't chalky or vague. They were clear and blue and full of life. If a death can be lovely, his was." -- Patti Davis, Ronald Reagan's daughter

"Ronald Reagan loved the truth. We all do or say we do but for Reagan it was like fresh water, something he needed and wanted." -- Peggy Noonan

"Ronald Reagan had a higher claim than any other leader to have won the Cold War for liberty and he did it without a sh! ot being fired. To have achieved so much against such odds and with such humor and humanity made Ronald Reagan a truly great American hero." -- Margaret Thatcher

"Ronald Reagan was easily the greatest president of my lifetime -- and he will be regarded as one of the greatest leaders this country has ever had...a man of extraordinary vision, great compassion and resolute leadership. He brought down the Evil Empire and made the world safer for my children and theirs." -- Lt. Col. Oliver North

"He was hated for precisely the same reasons he was loved. He had convictions and made those without them look weak. ... He knew who he was before he came to office; he did not need the office to complete him." -- Cal Thomas

"The death of any person is lamentable, but it is more lamentable when this person exercised such great power as the U.S. president and committed crimes, not just in Nicaragua but elsewhere in the world." -- Daniel Ortega, former Sandinista president of Nicaragua, who eventually went down to electoral defeat after Ronald Reagan backed the Nicaraguan opposition Contra freedom fighters in the 1980s

"I probably know as well as anybody what a formidable communicator and campaigner that President Reagan was. It was because of him that I was retired from my last job." -- Jimmy Carter

"Mr. Kerry's aides said that they saw little point in even trying to campaign this week, before a funeral in which Mr. Bush was likely to speak. 'We think it's respectful, and No. 2, I don't think we're going to get any coverage,' said Mr. Kerry's deputy campaign manager, Steve Elmendorf." -- The New York Times

"Reagan taught us all that gallantry is the compliment that deeds pay to character. It involves making the most of God's gifts, one on one, and one day at a time. It involves doing so with gracious humor, compassion and determined resolve to defend and protect the authentic American values." -- Paul M. Rodriguez

"He's alienating Europe! He is too bellicose! He speaks in undiplomatic language! He is motivated by an unrealistic vision of international change! ... These charges have been hurled at: (a) Ronald Reagan, (b) George W. Bush or (c) both? The answer, of course, is 'c'." -- Rich Lowry

web posted June 7, 2004

"If snapshots and images tell the story better than words, why don't the networks show us a 'partial-birth' abortion? Surely such pictures would add to our understanding." -- Jonah Goldberg

"I believe we have a deficit of moral courage in the United States Congress. We have many learned individuals who know what is right but have not the courage to stand against the moral corruption that is now attempting to undermine our republic." -- Dr. Tom Coburn, Republican candidate for Oklahoma's Senate seat

"Liberals' tortured argument that they can hate the President, hate the troops and hate American foreign policy, while not actively hurting our country's foreign policy goals is becoming less convincing by the day." -- Joe Scarborough

"Less than three years after America began to face down the greatest threat yet to our national survival, not only has half the country given up the fight, but they have closed their eyes to the danger." -- Tony Blankley

"[T]his is a criticism that we get a lot, particularly from the Left, that we in the media generally have not been aggressive enough in reporting on bad news and that we have been too willing to accept the administration's message on good news?" --CNN's Aaron Brown, commenting on CNN coverage that no one has seen

"The number [of people in prison] went up even though the crime rate continued to fall." --Peter Jennings, not getting the correlation

"Don't judge me by the people who preceded me. You may have had a disagreement with [President] Bill Clinton, or [former Vice President] Al Gore, or the Democratic leadership in Congress... but that's not me. I have fought with you, I have been with you on a range of issues, and you should judge me by my record in the Senate." -- John Kerry to Ralph Nader

"The House Minority Leader, the woman aspiring to be the first female Speaker of the House, is so sputtering with Bush hatred that she needs a lobster bib." -- Brent Bozell

"It would be great if the tub of lard formerly known as Michael Moore were solicited to light the Olympic flame in August and just stayed over there. Given his deteriorating physical condition, however, he probably would be only a 50-50 bet to survive the climbing of the stadium steps." -- Columnist Tom Knott

"Michael Moore's new film 'Fahrenheit 9-11,' which won the top prize at the Cannes Film Festival... claims to be a documentary, but it doesn't document anything but Michael Moore's dementia." -- Linda Chavez

"It's bad. The Chevron station in Beverly Hills charges three dollars per gallon for the only two grades available in Los Angeles, Self and Full of Self" -- Argus Hamilton

"Well, I haven't experienced being struck by a bolt of lightning either, but I'm pretty sure I understand the potential ramifications of running through a thunderstorm on a golf course waving a four-iron over my head." -- Chuck Muth in response to: "I's hard to understand tobacco addiction if you haven't experienced it."

"As for the president, United Press International reports that 'he was accompanied on his bike by his doctor, Richard Tubb, a military agent, and a member of the secret service.' Four guys on one bike? No wonder he fell." -- James Taranto

"Just think -- all it would take to achieve a liberal's idea of utopia is the abrupt onset of an ice age. Who says they lack a positive agenda?" -- Ryan Zempel

"John Kerry has a new 757 jet to use while he campaigns for president ... did you see it on the news? This is a really cool plane. In the event that Kerry starts speaking, oxygen masks fall from the ceiling to keep people awake." -- Jay Leno

"Our terrorist enemies have a vision that guides and explains all their varied acts of murder. Our actions, too, are guided by a vision. We believe that freedom can advance and change lives. These two visions have now met in Iraq and are contending for the future of that country... America's task in Iraq is not only to defeat an enemy, it is to give strength to a friend -- a free, representative government that serves its people and fights on their behalf. And the sooner this goal is achieved, the sooner our job will be done." -- U.S. President George W. Bush

"We can make [the Americans] use their rifles against us or we can make them build our country, it's your choice.  They were brought here by the acts of one coward who was hunted out of a rat hole -- Saddam -- who disgraced us all.  As President Bush said, they did not come here to occupy our land but to get rid of Saddam.  We can help them leave by helping them do their job, or we can make them stay ten years and more by keeping fighting." -- Maj. Gen. Mohammed Abdul-Latif (ret.), commanding Iraqi forces in Fallujah

"It's no wonder it takes eighth-graders several attempts to pass the U.S. Constitution test. They are too busy learning about the rights of homosexual foreign terrorists who are petitioning the UN to condemn the United States for not embracing an entitlement program for illegal immigrants who want abortions performed by non-English speaking graduates of colleges favoring affirmative action." -- Frank Salvato

web posted May 31, 2004

"Not all terrorist networks answer to the same orders and same leaders, but all terrorists burn with the same hatred. They hate all who reject their grim vision of tyranny. They hate people who love freedom. They kill without mercy. They kill without shame. And they count their victories in the death of the innocent." -- U.S. President George W. Bush

"We are calling on... America not to stop; to go on with us on this blessed mission, which the Iraqi people will never forget: this blessed mission of liberation, of democracy, and of freedom." -- Younadem Kana, the lone Christian member of the Iraqi governing council

"What works is locking up violent criminals, not taking away the [gun] rights of law abiding citizens." -- Steve Canale, president of the Virginia Shooting Sports Association

"We cannot be the HMO of the world and expect to take care of our own people." -- Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) on the defeat of an immigration measure requiring hospitals to identify illegal aliens

"When it comes to reacquiring their Senate power, it is clear that neither the Constitution nor the successful conclusion to our war against terrorism and the restructuring of Iraq can be allowed to stand in the way [of the Democrats]." -- Neal Boortz

"The difference between past and present immigration experience is the existence of a defiant anti-assimilationist lobby that encourages legal and illegal aliens to resist adapting to the American way of life." -- Michelle Malkin

"While reporters murmur about the White House trying to do 'damage control,' they do not describe their own activity, best defined as 'damage overdrive.' " -- Brent Bozell

"Marching against a president you oppose is fine. But it's not worth trampling American security to do it...Every day, it seems like more and more Democrats think it would be worth losing in Iraq if it meant winning the White House." -- Jonah Goldberg

"Modern liberalism seems to have forgotten the fact that if America hadn't paid the price, blood, sweat and hard work and the financial burden, we wouldn't have freedom in the world." -- Sean Hannity

"The media wrap themselves in the First Amendment and proclaim 'the public's right to know' but there is also such a thing as common decency -- or at least there once was. How much public demand was there to see the anguish of a young woman the day after her brother had been brutally slaughtered by terrorists whom the media have christened 'militants' or 'insurgents?' Since the whole purpose of terrorism is to maximize the pain from whatever acts they can get away with, the media are making themselves accomplices of our enemies." -- Thomas Sowell

"[Blacks... can't speak English. I can't even talk the way these people talk: 'Why you ain't,' 'Where you is'... And I blamed the kid until I heard the [parents] talk... Everybody knows it's important to speak English except these knuckleheads... You can't be a doctor with that kind of crap coming out of your mouth!" -- Bill Cosby at an NAACP conference

"He uses unique English to confuse the opponents. Kind of sounds like the strategy I use at the press conferences." -- U.S. President George W. Bush, on meeting a Denver hockey player from the Czech Republic

"If people of all different faiths -- Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Yankee fans -- spent some time together, talking AND listening, maybe... we'd all begin to see that, despite our differences, deep down inside all of us, except for some Yankee fans, are human beings, riding together in the buggy of life." -- Dave Barry

"It's often been said that there's no such thing as a stupid question, but whoever thought up that expression obviously never met a devout liberal. Either that or he was a liberal himself." -- Edward L. Daley

"Sane, mature Americans regard civilization in peril as more worrisome than an Iraqi terrorist forced to wear a pair of ladies' step-ins on his head, unsavory as that could be." -- Wesley Pruden

"Okay, so those Iraqi prisoners were made to strip. How else were we to get the naked truth? Been me, I'd have smeared them with paint remover -- and gotten the unvarnished truth." -- Lyn Nofziger

"The Olympic committee is telling American athletes not to wave the American flag at this years Olympics because it might be seen as boasting. Other countries can wave their flags, just not us. Which is ironic because of us a lot of these countries would be waving a flag different from what they are now." -- Jay Leno

"We know John Kerry is a decorated Vietnam war hero, chiefly because he has the annoying habit of reminding us of it every chance he gets. We know he came home and spoke out against the war and maybe or maybe not threw his medals or ribbons or whatever over the White House fence. We know some of his compatriots thought he was a good guy and some thought he was a phony, and, and, and -- all of it ancient history. But after that -- what? In his nearly two decades as a United States Senator, John Kerry has not stood out as a leader on any key issue." -- Cheri Jacobus



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