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Liberals think democracy has a reset button

By Justin Darr
web posted May 30, 2005

A few years back, I was watching my son play little league baseball. This is not the little league you and I might remember where a few of the older kids would pitch to you with the coach standing behind them, but our new liberalized "T-Ball" little league where the kids get to stand up at the plate and cut away at a stationary ball ad infinitum until they hit it and get to run to base. On this day the unthinkable happened. A boy hit the ball, and a player actually caught it, turned and made a strong throw to first base, and to all the parents' shock and joy, the first baseman caught the ball long before the batter reached the bag. Now, back in the days when conservative Neanderthals ruled the Earth, this would have been called an "out." But not so today in America's "enlightened" youth athletic programs. No, this was called a "nothing." The boy was returned to the plate so he could have another chance to bat and achieve the "proper" outcome of him getting to run the bases like everyone else. It is not like they keep score or anything, so who cares?

The problem is that liberals do not confine this reset button mentality to just the activities formerly known as youth competitive sports, but freedom and the democratic process in general.

The European Union is in turmoil because the voters of France have refused to ratify the new EU Constitution in a national referendum. Regardless of analysts' claims that the referendum was more a referendum on Jacques Chirac's Presidency, or that the French public failed to understand the "nuances" of the cumbersome 317 page European Union Constitution, it is entirely possible that the French people do not want to be part of a wider European Union. Who knows, could it be that the French enjoy being French and have no desire to be Greater Europeans?

It really might not matter. Even before the referendum, EU rotating President Jean-Claude Juncker, of Luxembourg, stated that France should re-run their referendum in order to achieve the "right answer" if the voters reject it. Too bad Mr. Juncker did not work for the Al Gore Presidential Campaign, we still might be voting. Since when has the democratic process had a "mulligan clause?" This is a national referendum, not a slice off the tee!

With increasing frequency liberals world wide are seeing when key elements of their agenda are put up for the approval of the electorate, they are soundly defeated. However, instead of accepting the will of the people and trying to find new ideas for a new age, liberals are intent on subverting the democratic process by any means possible. In the liberal mind, the only fair election is the one they win.

Currently, 18 states have passed amendments to their state constitutions defining marriage as a union between a man and woman through state wide referenda. Even in the case of left leaning Oregon, these initiatives were passed in all the states proposing them by huge double digit margins. Unfortunately for the voting public, liberals do not feel that we selected the "right answer" on the same sex marriage issue, so they are seeking to undermine the will of the people with the cooperation of their judicial activist allies in the Courts. In early May, U.S. District Judge Joseph Bataillon struck down the Nebraska defense of marriage amendment because…well because he did not like it, and effectively voided the votes of 70% of Nebraskans who voted in favor of the amendment in 2000. Yet once again, when liberals do not like the results of the democratic process, they seek to hit the reset button, toss the decision aside and go on as though the vote never occurred.

As in international treaties, domestic policy and little league baseball, liberals love freedom and democracy so long as they get to pick the winners. Liberals seek to use the democratic process as a means to affirm what they believe. When it is rejected, they push reality aside and attempt to go on as though they actually won the support of the people. A democracy is only a democracy when the majority of voters decide how they will live their lives. If you are unable to accept this simple fact, and constantly try to undermine the will of the people anytime it is against your opinions, then I do not know if you are a Communist, Fascist, or Autocrat, but you are certainly not an American.

Justin Darr's web site can be found at http://justindarr.tripod.com. © 2005 Justin Darr.


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