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The third way to metaphysical treason

By Michael Moriarty
web posted June 13, 2005

While I take short and long leads off of third base (see previous Presidential announcements on Enter Stage Right), the opposition is lining up possible candidates. Republicans now have a larger talent pool to draw from. Therefore I'll deal with what I think are the only two, remotely viable socialist pitchers in the Democratic Party's bullpen: Senator Hillary Clinton of New York, and Senator Barack Obama of Illinois. Obama's African-American colleagues at Harvard recently moved their drawing boards to the University of Chicago. With that school of learning's most famous faculty member, Saul Bellow, having recently passed away, the star status fell to Obama's ex-Harvard brain trust. Apparently President Lawrence H. Summers of Harvard wasn't progressive enough for the black and feminist contingents of this largely socialist faculty and many of them fled to redder pastures.

Unequivocally, Senators Clinton and Obama have shown, by virtue of their clearly proclaimed visions for America, they believe Karl Marx knew more about the future of the human race than did the Founding Fathers of the United States. I assume the Republican Party and my Realists Party will profoundly disagree with this conclusion. In addition, we would put protecting the United States before saving the world. Ironic as it may sound, socialists are profoundly more messianic than Christians. They not only have a desire to save the world, they virtually have almost 95% of the human race under the control of socialist federations of one sort or another. Socialist federations govern 75% of the world's real estate. The recent efforts of Jacques Chirac of France and Gerhard Schroeder of Germany to compress the nations of Europe into an even larger federation, if only to compete with a Republic called the United States, will prove to be the most painfully amusing effort of this latter-day Napoleonic empire to jam the entire human race into one big melting pot.

Even a liberal like former NYC Mayor David Dinkins had to admit that New York City alone is no melting pot. "It is a mosaic," he said. Sounds pretty Republican to me.

If New York City isn't a melting pot, let alone a one-city federation, how can the two leaders of what will amount to a reborn Comecon expect Italy, England, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Scandinavia and a brace of Slavic orphans from the former Soviet Union to take their different languages and cultures into a melting pot union?

France has already vetoed the new European Constitution. The U.S. Democratic Party, a veritable Vichy arm of the United Nations, would like America to be more like Canada. I'm a Canadian resident and have been for over 11 years. If Hilary Clinton rings the Canadian bell again, I'll wait patiently till she finishes, then remind the American middle class of what I've seen happen to the Canadian middle class.

As for Senator Obama, he affirmed the John Kerry answer to America's unemployment problem. It won't take long for me to remind Obama of Kerry's desire to get billions of dollars in foreign tax deferrals in his government's hands before he even begins to deal with labor's problems with unemployment.

The Republicans

Here's a very complicated list of possibilities. Already tapped by the press as in the running for the nomination are National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice, Arizona Senator John McCain, Florida Governor Jeb Bush, former NYC Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. All will be obliged to inherit the Bush legacy and undergo fierce advice from the Republican Party's debt to the Bushes for bringing back Bill Clinton's Third Way.

Here is where I don't deal with the candidates, I deal with the fallout from eight years of the Bush family's volleyball with the Oval Office and their possible surrender to Bill Clinton's dialectical plan to merge socialism and capitalism. When George H.W. Bush said during the 1992 Presidential campaign, "I don't have the ‘vision thing," he sounded exactly like he did when he said, "read my lips." With that admission of visionary impotence, he virtually handed victory over to the former governor of Arkansas. What is the "vision thing?" It is, of course, the Third Way.

Did the Bush family elder deliberately give a lackluster performance because he knew that Clinton's vice-presidential nominee would be a Dan Quayle with muscles – Al Gore? And therefore no real threat to George W. Bush when he ran in 2000? It would now be the capitalist's half of the Third Way. The Democratic Party of course expects that in 2008, the volleyball will be bounced back on its side of the net.

Should a neophyte political strategist like myself be giving this all away so early? Being a Realist – yes, with a capital R this time – I do believe reality has always held the upper hand. Its weapons are facts that cannot be disputed. However, how can reality reveal previous intentions, like a two-party plan to make the Third Way an inevitability?

Ralph Nader asked, "Why is so much American power increasingly in fewer and fewer hands?" The Third Way is the answer, Mr. Nader. The altruism behind it is helping the human race avoid a nuclear holocaust. Both sides on the global aisle, from Washington to Beijing, know that Islamic fundamentalists are a threat to everyone. That the left has capitalized on horrors like the Twin Towers and made America's retaliation look like another Vietnam doesn't detract from the possible agreement both sides have made to worry about al-Qaida first and each other second.

Will America be thrown back into a post-Vietnam guilt syndrome by the Left, a state of mind that made Roe v. Wade possible? Supreme Court justices virtually opened their legs to the demands of the feminist coalition that meets regularly in capitals like Beijing. "Here, have it all," said the Justices.

It's part of the Third Way, you know. So was the decision to pull the plug on Terri Schiavo's heart. So was the decision by Supreme Court judges to throw the defenders of Waco back in jail after they'd been acquitted by a jury of their peers in Texas.

Are the American people willing to accept a government "of the Supreme Court, by the Supreme Court and for the Supreme Court?"

Anthony Scalia, the most honest justice presently on the bench, declared categorically that Supreme Court justices should be elected and not appointed. That would at least put the third estate in closer reach of the people. It would also be the end of bipartisan, backroom agreements to stack the bench in the name of the Third Way.

All in all, and in harmony with my desire to steal hearts and minds as well as home base, I prefer the American Way. It's certainly more realistic.

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who has appeared in the landmark television series Law and Order, the mini-series Taken, the TV-movie The 4400 and Hitler Meets Christ, a surreal tragicomedy based on the actor's controversial New York stage play.


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