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The good guys keep winning

By Bruce Walker
web posted June 6, 2005

A smattering of stories all point the same way: the good guys are winning, in America, in Europe, and in the home breeding grounds of terrorism.

Despite wishful thinking by Leftist media, even the Los Angeles Times is conceding that Democrats have no chance to recapture the Senate, which means – given the obstructionist tactics employed by them – that there will be no more liberals appointed to the Supreme Court in our lifetime.

President Bush is acting presidential, which means spending political capital, losing meaningless poll numbers, but gaining in inestimable stature. By insisting that we win in Afghanistan, win in Iraq, win in Lebanon, win in Palestinian held territories, he is insuring that we win a lasting peace in the Middle East.

I wonder if his critics, whose range of vision is limited to the next election, can imagine what the world will look like in five years? There will be, at least, three functioning Muslim democracies in the Middle East who owe their liberty to America. These nations will not support terrorism against Israel of America; their media and leaders will not uniformly blame America for everything; their peoples will begin to question, to think, to hope.

And who will get the credit in American and who the blame? Once, perhaps, the Left might have hoped to drop all inconvenient statements into the memory hole and declare that American passivity and obedience to the U.N. should get the credit, but the growing and invincible conservative media will insure that Americans remember every roadblock, every "quagmire" utterance, every lie told by the Left intended to deflect us from the road to victory.

Everything about Old Leftist Europe is now discredited. Remember the three principal opponents of President Bush in Operation Iraqi Freedom? French President Jacques Chirac, German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, and Russian President Vladimir Putin. As I have predicted in many past articles, they are losing the battles in their own nations or, in the case of Putin, in their own old empires.

Chirac has just faced an overwhelming repudiation as, by the way, have French Socialists, and the next President of France will probably be the only Frenchman with an original thought, that is to say a Hungarian Frenchmen who knows all about the failures of Marxism, Nicholas Sarkozy, who is also unabashedly pro-American.

Angela Merkel

Schroeder, as I predicted, felt compelled to call a general election a year ahead of time in Germany when he lost North-Rhineland Westphalia (and almost gave the Christian Democrats an absolute veto of two-thirds in the Bundestrat.) Here is another prediction: Angela Merkel, the first female Chancellor of Germany, the first East German Chancellor of Germany, the first religiously serious Chancellor of Germany since, perhaps, Adenaur, will be an Iron Lady.

She is brilliant. She is principled. And Merkel will have political power almost unprecedented in modern German democratic history. The Christian Democrats, which almost won an absolute majority in Leftist stronghold North Rhineland-Westphalia, will win an easy plurality in the general election. Right now the CDP would be right at an absolute majority in the Bundestag, given polling data, and might actually be able to form a government without their junior, the Free Democrats (who Merkel would probably bring into the government anyway.) The bigger story is that because the CDU and Free Democrats now have an overwhelming majority in the Bundestrat, which Merkel will have for years, she will have tremendous political power. The collapse of the EU as a centralized bureaucracy will add even more to her power.

Putin faced a permanent loss of power in the Orange Revolution, and a free, democratic and increasingly prosperous Ukraine, along with thriving democracies in Poland and other former Warsaw Pact allies or former Soviet Socialist Republics, means that Putin will be increasingly marginalized, particularly if the two new leaders of France and Germany are leaders who remember well just how awful Soviet and Russian overlordship were and who do not remember the KGB with nostalgia.

As if to place an exclamation point on the problems for Putin, consider that not only will the next Chancellor of Germany be a woman who grew up in a Communist satellite, but that the current President of Germany, Horst Kohler, also grew up in Communist nations, until his family fled when he was ten from East Germany to freedom, who ends speeches with "God bless our country" and other such heresies in pagan Europe.

All this – Afghan elections, Iraqi elections, Lebanese elections, Palestinian elections, and probably more elections in Islam and Arab nations; victories of decency in Europe and in Japan and in Australia, and, perhaps, Canada; and Republican victories in 2006 and in 2008 – will, quite literally, transform the world.

Shhhh! Everywhere, here and abroad, the good guys are winning.

Bruce Walker is a senior writer with Enter Stage Right. He is also a frequent contributor to The Pragmatist and The Common Conservative.

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