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web posted June 6, 2005

Re: I'm running for president in 2008 by Michael Moriarty (May 30, 2005)

I hope Michael Moriarty really will run in 2008.  I love his article and I personally will campaign for him. 


Re: Mexico's coming collapse by Alan Caruba (May 30, 2005)

You obviously have not talked to the thousands of US employers who place newspaper, magazine ads, radio ads, wherever, trying to get Unemployed folks to come out to the farm and do a days work, with absolutely no responses from these "hard working" unemployed.  Small businesses of all sorts spend ridiculous amounts of money trying to do the same thing.
But these terrible Mexicans , who are supposed to be too lazy to do a days work, show up and are more than ready to go to work. 
Of course if you are a small business person in a state like Colorado or Michigan, you have to prove to state officials that you have placed all these hopeless ads before you can hire a Mexican.

I suggest your "sorry case" get off his butt and go to either Colorado or Michigan--the only two states I have definite knowledge about--and get in line for the many, many jobs that American employers would love to fill with Americans willing to work.

Someone who has tried to hire Americans -- or even get an American youth to deliver a newspaper on time, with little success.


Alan Caruba responds:

It would appear that my example of the guy who couldn't find work isn't finding much traction among some folks, but the real point of the article is that all kinds of jobs are no longer accessible because they have disappeared, i.e., he manufacturing sector, or are being outsourced. I think my correspondent who couldn't find work just couldn't compete with illegal Mexicans, whether they were paid less or just as much as he wanted. The consensus seems to be that Mexicans will, indeed, work hard if given a job. Fine, but they are not Americans and they are not here legally. A little attention to the law of the land is needed.


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