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Why do liberals hate Bush?

By Charles Morse
web posted June 4, 2007

I'm driving my 8-year-old daughter home from school along with some of her fellow students and I hear giggling in the back seat. Asking to be let in on the joke, a young girl blurts out a vulgar and ugly little ditty about President Bush, the type of limerick that might have been told by a Nazi child about a Jew back in the 1930's. This is not the first time I've heard a little child spew hateful trash about the President. The impressionable child no doubt picked this little gem up at the breakfast table of her good liberal parents.

George W. BushWhat drives this hatred that causes otherwise enlightened liberals to fill the minds of their young children with such disrespect and contempt for the President of the United States? I've asked this question many times of liberal friends, family members, and associates and I have yet to get a coherent and rational answer from any of them. What exactly is driving this?

Certainly it couldn't be the war in Iraq. President Bush initiated the war to enforce United Nations sanctions that were being ignored by Saddam Hussein, an infamous dictator and a notorious human rights abuser. Liberals revere the United Nations, claim to abhor human rights abuse, and have from time to time called for American military intervention to deal with intolerable situations of suffering and oppression in the world. Bush went into Iraq softly and with a minimum of loss of innocent life. A more conservative approach, one that I would've supported, would've been a strategy of swift and total military victory against the enemy.

Bush proceeded to turn oil revenues over to the new Iraqi government and to preside over democratic elections. The American show of force in Iraq contributed to a decision by Libya to suspend its nuclear program. I thought the stemming of nuclear proliferation was a devoutly held liberal goal. While continuing with a soft approach in Iraq, Bush has aided the new democratic government, the first ever in the region, in its difficult fight against religious fanatics. For a liberal, what's not to like?

Certainly liberals couldn't accuse the Bush administration of cutting the size of the government or of cutting any government programs. In seven years the President has still failed to veto a single pork-barrel spending bill submitted by Congress. Under the Bush administration, the government has continued to expand, always a liberal goal. The Bush administration has increased spending on education more than any administration in history through the "no child left behind" act endorsed by Senator Ted Kennedy. If there is one thing liberals love, its big and expensive government.

Could liberals be upset about the immigration policy of the Bush administration? The President has demonstrated a complete lack of will when it comes to controlling the border with Mexico and stopping the massive flow of illegal aliens. Building a fence along that border would be an obvious and cost-effective solution yet nothing has been done by this administration in this regard. The worker-visa program, as advocated by Bush, could've been taken word for word right out of the liberal playbook.

Yet liberals continue to wallow in this inexplicable hatred. I would suggest that liberals hate Bush more for what he represents than for who he actually is which is a centrist who governs slightly to the right of center. Perhaps liberals would prefer a President who both espouses liberal ideas and governs liberally. I shudder to think of how such a President would approach the war in Iraq, the budget, the growth of government programs, and the influx of illegal aliens. While Bush has not governed as conservatively as I would prefer, at least his liberal tendancies are tempered with a few conservative convictions. The answer to the question "why do liberals hate Bush" is one that I will continue to pose to liberals and I'm sure I will continue to hear a lot of double talk and non-answers. ESR

Chuck Morse is a former Massachusetts congressional candidate and the author of The Nazi connection to Islamic Terrorism.


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