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Fred under fire: Welcome to the race!

By J.B. Williams
web posted June 11, 2007

If you were thinking that the grassroots campaign to draft a people's candidate for the '08 election would result in a people-friendly candidate welcomed by great fanfare equal to that of the last American Idol, think again…

Keep in mind that Dick Cheney had spent almost thirty years as the most bi-partisan respected man in Washington DC before becoming Vice President Dick Cheney, the most partisan hated and targeted man in Washington DC, all in a matter of a few politically charged moments.

The ink wasn't even dry on Fred Thompson's exploratory committee filing before shots were fired across his bow from both sides of the political aisle. Fear is a terribly ugly emotion… but ain't it fun.

Lefties want to quickly define him for voters as either a Bush lackey or the Genghis Kahn of tyrannical conservative values. They don't care why he loses, so long as he loses. Any losing ID will work. They just need to paint fast before people can judge Thompson for themselves!

Fred ThompsonRighties are equally quick to cast doubt on his "conservative" credentials, working harder to disqualify Thompson's clear grassroots advantage than to chronicle Obama's missing resumé or Hillary's criminally Marxist resumé.

Ain't American politics fun! Lefties hate him for being too right and Righties hate him for being, well, too right…as opposed to their recent record of being all wrong.

I've pointed out for some time now that no man (or woman) in their right mind would ever seek national public office today. Only self-absorbed career thieves determined to cash-in on the get-rich-quick scheme of modern politics would endure the hate-mongering cesspool of American politics. Anyone not looking to cash-in, can easily live without the stench of modern politics.

I pointed out early on, that the first sign that Fred Thompson might be the right man at the right time was the fact that only Fred Thompson was smart enough not to want the most thankless job in the world, or want to endure the most scum-filled election process in order to win it.

The second sign that he might be the right guy with the right stuff is the undeniable fact that he scares the Lenin right out of modern secular globalists on both sides of today's political aisle.

Listening to RINOs accuse him of not being "conservative enough" is almost as entertaining as listening to socialists accuse him of being "old fashioned" in his non-progressive love for fundamental American principles and values, like Life, Liberty and Individual Happiness through individual achievement. What a unique concept in a 2007 America.

War critic and committed "hate America first" lefty Naman Crowe writes in the Chattanoogan, Fred Thompson Is Another Bonehead "Anyone that believes that Bush was right to attack Iraq and that it is right to stay there until the mission is completed and the Iraq government has the situation under control, and that it is right to just keep waging war until we've wiped terrorism off the face of the earth and are ruling the world by the force of our military might is a bonehead."

CNSNews staff writer Fred Lucas gets his 15 minutes of fame by writing, Fred Thompson Faces Critics on the Right, "While many Republican voters view likely presidential candidate Fred Thompson as the great conservative hope of 2008, a review of Thompson's Senate voting record and past comments could change the minds of some conservatives."

He quotes known leaders of the conservative right in an effort to drive a wedge between Thompson and his early supporters, "He's a nice enough guy, but the idea he is the second coming of Reagan is a bit exaggerated," said David Keene, chairman of the American Conservative Union, who clearly overlooks Reagan's popularity among many California conservatives, which are by no means, conservative.

"I know Fred Thompson is a man of his word," responds Tennessee State Rep. Jason Mumpower, a member of the national Draft Fred Thompson 2008 Committee. "I know that he said no to this amnesty bill. I know what he did on abortion. I trust him. If America takes a look at him, they'll see the same thing I see."

What has Thompson ever done to make so many so worried? That's easy to answer… Unlike every other contender, he is being drafted by the people, the same people who have rejected all others.

Rejection hurts, even if you're a politician. How must it feel to be the nation's "war hero" John McCain or the nation's Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, both of which have been looked at for years and drawn somewhere between a collective yawn and a "hell no" from the conservative base of their party, now certain what "compassionate conservative" means.

Some are concerned that members of the Bush team are lining up behind Thompson, forgetting that those folks were also members of the Reagan team. They wonder if Thompson is being baptized into the Bush doctrine on globalization, but forget to ask if Bush team members are just happy to have someone more conservative than a Bush to get behind for a change.

One thing is sure… No matter what happens, a Thompson campaign will be entertaining.

The 6' 6" southern lawyer and former Tennessee Senator, about the only candidate in the race not dependent upon public office for a decent living, threatens liberals and self-styled conservatives alike. He seems to be shaking up Washington politics, even before getting to Washington.

Aside from the fact that he can complete both sentences and thoughts without training wheels, he might also be the first presidential candidate since Reagan to write his own script.

Is he "the man"? We'll soon find out. But his opponents sure seem to think he is…

As the old political adage goes, "It doesn't matter what you say about me, so long as you say it often and spell my name correctly"… Nobody is getting more free press than Fred Thompson and that alone makes the natives restless… ESR

(c) 2007, JB Williams


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