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The inevitably Marxist zoo V: The coldness of "The Cool Guy's" increasing distance

By Michael Moriarty
web posted June 15, 2009

"Distance" is what you need in order to rise above a people who "cling to guns and religion".

For example, these new "Czars" which the President has hired? We've lost count of them and soon the Czar-net may be bigger than the Cabinet. We now have these overnight know-it-alls who answer only to the increasingly distant Grand Czar, President Barack Obama. In fact his "Grandness" has reached such a compelling stature that the distance between us, according to a recent declaration by Newsweek's Evan Thomas, is the dizzyingly infinite gulf between well … yes, mankind and "God"!

Hmmm … a "Cool God", though.

As things "heat up", watch him get cooler and cooler … and colder and colder. He's the one who will defeat global warming with "cap and trade" and, well, car-manufacturing his way! Not necessarily the way Americans might want their cars but the way he knows they should want them.

Someone is obliged to make all these tough decisions and that eventually just makes some leaders look cold in the eyes of some people and some things -- like Israel.

That's not our problem. It's Israel's problem now! "Them Jews", as Obama's former pastor, Rev. Wright has described Israeli citizens (Reverend Wright is decidedly not cool!) -- "Them Jews"  had better get out of those settlements or they may just be very, very alone when Iran gets that atomic … uh … whatever.

Oh, wrap cool around Reverend Wright, though, and you have President Obama … because in truth the Reverend's oft declared hatred of America and "them Jews" will prove to be a "vengeance best served up cold".

What if Israel preemptively bombs Iran?

Israel will be the Cool Guy's villain because Israel has never been cool.

You gotta be cool.

Cool, cooler … colder and colder.

Watch! Check out the steady progression from cool to frigid to frozen to arctic extremism!

And, of course, you can never blame the Cool Guy or the Frigid Guy or the Frozen Guy or the Arctic Guy because … well … it becomes increasingly self-defeating to do so. While he gets cooler and cooler and you're not cool or, worse yet, criticize him or his policies, you get lonelier and lonelier. Just ask the former head of GM or the recently fired Miss California. I faced a similar ostracism when I dared to concur with The New York Times, of all things, and that publishing giant's description of the Clinton administration's Attorney General, Janet Reno. Her testimony before the Waco Investigating Committee was labeled by the Times as "near psychosis". I declared publicly that her behavior before NBC executives in a meeting that dealt with "violence on television" was "unconstitutional". Ira Glasser, head of the A.C.L.U. at the time, warned me that I would be eventually be ostracized and "left alone".

So indeed I was.

What about men like Glenn Beck? What's going to happen to him and his followers?!

Well,  how ABC edits its recent interview with the talk show commentator,  that will tell you something. A preview clip, however, isn't all that promising since the interviewer in that clip, John Stossel, stresses how much some people hate Glenn Beck. In blurbs about the program comes the ringing description: Glenn Beck's Wild Side.

What is really Glenn Beck's main fault?

He's not "cool" like John Stossel and never will be … and, rather like Sarah Palin, he is not an Ivy League graduate. He's quite content and now famously successful being just Glenn Beck. His vibrant comfort with himself makes many of his guests look … rather … well, like that lawyer for ACORN … uh, yes, he makes them look like lawyers.

A nation of lawyers! That explains why America is in the shape it's in. Minds trained to defend any position that will get them ahead.

Careerists! And now there are, because of our Cool President, Cool Careerists.

Barack Obama and William Clinton, both graduates of Ivy League law schools, knew for certain that they weren't getting anywhere near the highest seats of power without being pro-abortion.

In the end, Barack Obama, the Harvard Law graduate, gave the most challenged and at the same time, the best defense of abortion.

What was that defense?

He was "cooler" than his debating opponent, former U.N. Ambassador Alan Keyes.

It's all in The Cool!

Yes, it is nothing more than the victory of style over content. What we have is Harvard style and Progressive content, the essence of which is an ultimate tyranny of the profoundly marketed cool of blossoming eugenics, its increasing empowerment over the humanly warm and five thousand year-old values of the Judeo-Christian civilization.

If anything is cold, eugenics is. Look it up.

Such content, however, freezing inside the Obama Cool is what gives Obama his charismatic poise. It's no wonder America, so in search of The Cool, is at the President's beck and call.

As for GlennBeck and his very un-cool creation of a 9/12 movement?

It is one of the few rallying cries that might return the United States to being a nation of human beings and not "cool guys".

Human sanity, in times like these, with leaders like President Obama, cannot be "cool".

It must be, as Glenn Beck shows you, passionately common sense!

As for the voice that recently deified our President because of his breathtaking distance "above us", that man was not being facetious.

At last, the intellectual supremacists have a God, President Barack Obama.

The first God the French intelligentsia had was Robespierre. He wasn't just cool. He had the soul of an iceberg.

You would do well to also look him up.

His movement eventually led France to falling in love with a dictator named Napoleon.

Now that guy was cool. The French still worship him.

Thank God he over-cooled himself at Waterloo.

By then, however, communes … and community organizers … were becoming the ultimate raison d'etre. Eventually, 150 years later, the likes of Jean Paul Sartre fawned over Communist organizers such as Stalin and Mao Tse Tung.

I wonder how such an enlightened despot as Jean Paul Sartre would feel knowing that the community to fall most in lockstep with him has been Hollywood. The French intelligentsia, in fact the world elite, has always looked down on that "so-called film capital".

Ask Woody Allen. He said the only contribution L.A. has made to civilization is a right turn on a red light.

For the Left the color red is always a go … in any direction!

That's so cool, isn't it? ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.





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