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The inevitably Marxist zoo VI: The progressive Airbus

By Michael Moriarty
web posted June 22, 2009

Recent disclosures about the control system within the Airbus, that type of plane in the Air France fleet which recently crashed in the Atlantic, indicate that the tragedy possibly occurred because of a conflict between the pilot and the plane's computerized, control system.

Apparently the Airbus plane can almost "fly itself" … and would, perhaps, prefer to do so. Ergo, the sometimes tragic war between Man and his Robots.

Now, the control system within the American Progressive Movement is still rooted in and therefore guided by both Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution, plus Darwin's cousin, Francis Galton and his theory of eugenics.

Evolution and eugenics comprise the "control system" of the Progressive Airbus. The Progressive hope is that eugenics will eventually receive as much acceptance as evolution does now.

Unfortunately, eugenics had a grotesque, in fact, disastrous debut with Adolf Hitler's National Socialism.

We have learned, since then and perhaps for propaganda purposes, that racism should have no part in pure eugenics. However, the American eugenicist, Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, in her Negro Project, is not only on the record as having professed the need for fewer "negroes" but her work had her associating with known Nazi sympathizers (see Jonah Goldberg's chapter on eugenics in Liberal Fascism).

The seemingly unbiased practice of legalized abortion is an activity that is still concentrated within the poorer communities. The Roe v Wade decision was welcomed by eugenicists as their great breakthrough, one that has now been defended with their lives. The American Supreme Court's previously eugenics-minded decision, Buck v. Bell, which allowed the legal sterilization of people whom some "experts" considered mentally defective proved to be only the beginning.

Twentieth Century abortion claims to be unprejudiced but, in the case of Roe v Wade, it is still undeniably cold-blooded infanticide, a pagan pastime which returned as the seminal ingredient oftoday's feminism. Roe v Wade is actually the Supreme Court's third display of an elite supremacism. Dredd Scott and Buck v Bell preceded it. Roe v Wade, however, is so far the most important and, considering its 36-year lifespan, the longest achievement of Progressive eugenics. It has proven to be the starting point from which men, such as abortionist Dr. Tiller, can stretch the meaning of Roe v Wade's trimester limitations.

What Supreme Court explanation, in the eyes of Progressives, makes abortion not infanticide?

The same rationale Hitler had for killing his own version of "undesirables".

"They are not human!! Yet!!! They are zygots!!!"

The recent murder of Dr. Tiller raised the issue for debate but Progressives draw an artificial line between zygotes/fetuses and human beings and obviously, at least to some Progressives, many Americans are just not Progressive enough to understand the dire need for legalized murder.

To be "human" ultimately means to be "Progressive".

Anything less is … well … "undesirable".

Since the human race has barely woken up to the full extent of Progressive ambitions … and the human race might generally consider such a philosophy rather undemocratic to say the least, it is necessary for the pilots of the Progressive Airbus to struggle a bit with its own control system, to find ways of concealing that grand plan's less appetizing precepts … and, at the risk of an imperial downfall or crash into a metaphorical Atlantic Ocean, still make Progress!

However, after over 100 years of Progressive success, who's worried now?!

The "Pilots" of the Progressive and increasingly Fast Flight Forward are obliged to conceal that rather central fact of eugenics from the recorded history of Progressive evolution. Conceal … obfuscate … uh, or euphemize.

"Let's not call it eugenics. Let's call it Progress!"

Evolution, of course, is universally accepted as … well … utterly indisputable: to wit, the Biblical "Son of Man" was previously an ape … and before that, perhaps, even a more extremely "challenged", lower form of life, out of which "we Progressives" will build not only a New World Order but a wholly but not so holistically improved human race.

Eugenics, however, creates a … well … sort of "oversight committee" that will obviously "improve" evolution by creating what the Bible had prophesied: "wolves in sheep's clothing". Such a combination of ruthless cunning and peace-keeping charm stands a better chance of survival in a World Order run by … uh, yes, ruthlessly cunning, peace-keeping Progressives.

That's "Progress", right? The Progressive "enlightened despots", as Voltaire might refer to them, certainly think so.

By now, in this editorial, I think it's safe to say that as dangerous a thing as the War between Man and Robot can become, it is nothing like some of the conflicts between political leadership and their "control system ideology". I don't think many Democrats are fully aware of what the Progressive Movement stands for or what the exact direction it is so speedily headed in.

Government control of the health system … the entire health system … hmmm … why have America and Americans made that so hard?! Perhaps their simple common sense and animal instincts tell them that something is fishy!

Hillary Clinton's efforts at a healthcare plan failed and President Obama's multi-trillion-dollar budget for universal healthcare is an Airbus built upon less than no air at all. The American government not only doesn't have any money left, it is headed toward what will prove to be the bottomless, black hole of an indebted and defenseless America. Why do you need the Atlantic Ocean to fall into when the American democracy and its plane is presently self-destructing?

"Have no fear!" cry the Progressives. "The American Airbus will fall quite safely into not the Atlantic Ocean but into the New World Order!!"

The New World Order is where the universal healthcare of socialized medicine gives the "Government" complete access to everyone's health and medical records. With such depth of information available … uh … almost anything and everything required to maintain power is at a ruling class' fingertips. In short, such an end to privacy is also the end of freedom and, perhaps in some cases, the end of many lives.

Looking back at the history of Progressives in America, you realize that what the greatest Progressive role-model, Franklin Delano Roosevelt really needed to get out of the debt he was building was a war, a war in which to defeat three dictators, Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito. To do that, FDR most eagerly enlisted and threw massive, record-breaking amounts of support to another, much more cunning, and massively expanding dictator, Joseph Stalin.

Why did the Progressive Roosevelt/Truman Administrations literally save the Soviets of Russia and capitulate to that other Communist megalomaniac, Mao Tse Tung of China? Progressives just understandably have more in common with Communists than with, say, formerly and admittedly struggling democracies like the Nationalist China of Chiang Kai Shek.

To a Progressive, that is not a betrayal of democracy. It is, as Dr. Henry Kissinger, the ultimate conservative Progressive says: "realpolitik" … and a surrender to the, well, incomparable charms of a cold-blooded killer like Mao Tse Tung.

First-hand observers, such as Winston Churchill and Henry Kissinger, recall that both Stalin and Mao had it … cold-blooded charm.

That's why I say President Obama has only to grow from his undisputedly charming cool to cooler and cooler … and … well, from his point of view, unavoidably colder and colder execution of … uh … necessities … such as the breathtakingly abrupt dismissal of Inspector General Gerald Walpin. More to come about that.

Oh well, the Progressive Airbus is flying at multi-mach speed, rising up and up to increasingly higher and higher altitudes.

It does get steadily colder and colder up there. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.


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