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The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Cutting Edge Of Third Millennium American Corruption

By Michael Moriarty
web posted June 8, 2015

Voltaire coined the phrase, "enlightened despots".

I believe he actually welcomed that tribe of revolutionary know-it-alls.

Americans, even in the midst of their initial revolution, wouldn't be seen looking down on anyone but their British "betters". Patronizing anyone but their monarchic "superiors" would have been all too British or French de rigueur for 18th Century Americans.

Not anymore.

The corrupted right of Bush America and the "useful idiots" of the Clinton, Marxist American Left helped elect the grandest of bourgeois snobs of them all: Barack and Michelle Obama.

Mr. and Mrs. President have ended up the most pretentiously "useful idiots" that Neo-Soviet operatives in America could possibly have manipulated.

In addition, Radical Islam has certainly found the Obama "idiocy" to be most "useful".

According to the Obama Nation, Global Warming is far more threatening than murdered Muslims or tortured-to-death American Ambassadors.


Why do so many Americans let their President get away with such insanity?

They are the very "useful idiots" which Vladimir Lenin counted on.

A brief look at the fruit on The Tree of Leninism.

V. Lenin
Dies Staring At His Own Soul

Vladimir Nabokov's description of Lenin:

"A glass of the milk
 of human kindness,
at the bottom of which

Lenin, like his copycat Mao Zedong did later, deliberately starved millions of his own people.

"Man can be made
 what we want him
 to be!"

In the final months of his life, Lenin was half-mad.

Unable To Talk Coherently

The true face of Lenin's soul could only be seen at the end of his life.

An Alien
From A Death-Filled Corner
The Universe!

A most revealing documentary of Lenin's life is here.

This biography of Lenin offers several psychological explanations for the depth of Lenin's cruelty, sadism, tyranny and, yes, bottomless rage at life.

They, however, don't much interest me.

The Bible possesses clearer and vastly more poetic explanations for the existence of such Evil in the world.

And, as prophesied, it has returned.


The three major capitals of the world – Moscow, Beijing and Washington, D.C. – are under the control of Marxist/Leninists.

America, however, has, as its "Leader", a unique version of a Marxist radical.

A new kind of Leninist: Barack Hussein Obama.

Leader of the virtual and literal Obama Nation.

A Marxist Muslim.

Why has such a freedom-hating philosophy been allowed to reach the heart of the White House?

For two terms?!

The Progressive

And, of course, the preeminence of the United Nations over the sovereignty of the United States; all due to the treasonous dreams of a former President, George H. W. Bush.

Following in the footsteps of a now profoundly traditional and permanently revered President of the United States, Ronald Reagan… perhaps, Bush felt obliged to immediately match Reagan with this now entrenched act of New World Order Betrayal that has been dominating the White House for over 26 years: Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama.

Each of those Presidents further and further defying the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Pushing the United States into a New World Order, the implications of which haven't reached the typical American's consciousness until the growing shock of The Obama Nation.

With Radical Islam declaring virtual war on the United States and on the rest of the Free World, Obama has used this nightmare as a "distraction" from his undeniably Marxist Transformations of America.

There is nothing hidden about Obama's Marxism and Islamic sympathies!

Yet Congress hasn't dared call for Obama's impeachment!!

Why not?

The Progressive New World Order.

The disgustingly unpatriotic alliance between George H. W. Bush and William Clinton, a friendship that has blurred any lines between Republican and Democrat, this shameless betrayal of the American Two Party system and its obligations to keep the opposing party honest?!

With the Mainstream Media keeping up the appearance of business-as-usual and the Fox News Network refusing to call for Barack Obama's impeachment?!

What hovers threateningly above the United States?

Jade Helm 15!

With ISIS deliberately unchecked by the Obama White House, threatening all of America with planned attacks upon airports and the dreams of Islamic State lone assassins?!

All the necessary ingredients
And complete preparations
For a declaration
Martial Law

And Obama's back-up to all those plans for creating a major emergency?!

The President's obvious demands for Federalizing all of America Law and Order!

He and his local cohorts turning Ferguson, Missouri into grounds for emasculating all local police forces and driving the entire nation into Race War.

Between ISIS threats and a potential Race War?!

The Obama Nation has all the ingredients to necessitate a declaration of Martial Law.

Such homicidal trouble-making has been in the political works for decades.

The Bush and Clinton Families
Both know
That a Progressive New World Order
Cannot be dropped
Upon the American People
Without civil strife!

Who do they pick
 To do
Most of the dirty work?

Barack Hussein Obama!

Obama is clearly and most unapologetically eager to do whatever it takes to hurl the United States into chaos.

Obama's entire second term is marked by a conscious effort to create the very "House Divided" that Lincoln said "cannot stand".

A destruction so bold that the President can now start joking about the truth of his own intentions.

"Michelle wouldn't let me run for a third term!"


Can the President of the United States, by now, be trusted to even tell you the right time?

If Hollywood dreamed this administration up, as an audience, you couldn't and wouldn't believe it.

Yet Congress refuses to impeach.

Charles Krauthammer, whose clarity and eloquence on most issues seems to leave American freedom under his tragically singular protection.

However, even he will not call for Obama's impeachment when, indeed, he painfully falls short of the whole truth.

"America is being held hostage to Obama's promises!"

That is generally what Krauthammer said regarding Obama's promise to release all prisoners in Guantanamo prison.

The truth is, and Krauthammer knows it because he himself is being held hostage by some frightened directives from above him,

 is being held entirely hostage
by the President of the United States,
 Barack Hussein Obama.
Because Congress
And even Fox Network
Refuse to call for
The Impeachment
Barack Hussein Obama!!!

The unconditional surrender of America to a Progressive New World Order run by the United Nations is not only what Abraham Lincoln predicted as the only thing that could defeat America: a death of the United States by suicide.

It is, in my unequivocal opinion, deliberate murder by numerously treasonous Americans.

Too many intelligent people who know the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, are certain that President Obama is the most dangerous traitor to ever reach Congress, let alone the Oval Office of the White House for two terms straight.

Yet Congress and both sides of the media aisle refuse to call for impeachment!

Obama hasn't ascended to the highest political office in the world without deliberate help from both of America's political parties.

At least one American, a lawyer, has drawn up a formal demand for Obama's impeachment.

As we all know, nothing can happen without Congressional Consent!

We've reached the point where Obama has emasculated even Congressional Consent.

Perhaps we will,  from this Call for Impeachment, be able to at least "separate the chaff of Congress from the bran".

The Americans from the United Nations' New World Operatives In The White House and Congress. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com. He can be found on Twitter at https://twitter.com/@MGMoriarty.





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