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When leftist worlds collide

By Greg Strange
web posted June 24, 2019

In a rapidly declining Western civilization gone mad with progressive ideology, one of the few pleasures available for people with traditional values is watching one fringe element of the left trash another fringe element of the left. It doesn’t necessarily do much to slow down the civilizational destruction of both fringes, but it provides sporadic moments of intense pleasure.

Leonardo DiCaprioOne case in point: Leonardo DiCaprio. Did you know that the world-famous actor and climate activist is guilty of promoting white supremacy? Neither did most people, but after all, he is white, rich and powerful, so it just stands to reason, right?

Actually, no, it doesn’t. In fact, he is probably the furthest thing from it. But in today’s leftism-marinated world of hypersensitivity based on race, ethnicity and any other identity any aggrieved group cares to come up with, anybody, no matter how left-leaning and well-intentioned they might be, can be accused. So now it’s DiCaprio’s turn.

It’s all because of his new climate hysteria documentary “Ice On Fire.” According to the far-left Rowan Institute, “the film . . . demonstrates that white supremacy and western colonialism continues to dominate the mainstream environmental movement’s narratives and framing of climate solutions.”


The Rowan Institute explained that the problem is “climate solutions that repeat patterns of erasure of Black, Indigenous, and other people of color (BIPOC).”

Again . . . Huh!

You would think that since DiCaprio is using his fame and wealth to try and stop catastrophic climate change – which would benefit everyone on earth, including BIPOC – he would walk on water in the eyes of other climate-obsessed leftists. But rather than being viewed as a savior, he has been accused of having . . . wait for it . . . “white savior complex!” Yes, seriously, “white savior complex!” Apparently, that is an actual thing.

Sorry, Leo, but you and your climate cred just got blown out of the rising water by – guess what? – your whiteness! But wait a minute. What, exactly, is “white savior complex?” Well, here, let the esteemed Rowan Institute explain:

“The white savior complex is a social artifact of colonial history, it assumes the global south’s inferiority and their consent for white saviorhood, which is both harmful and intellectually bankrupt.”

Yes, yes, yes, of course. It’s all becoming clear now. So, do you get it, Leo? See, what you apparently didn’t understand was that your lowly position (white man) in the identity politics hierarchy delegitimizes any and all of your noble efforts to save the world and exposes your “white savior complex.” Turns out you’re just another patriarchal, colonialist, white supremacist whose mindset, obviously tainted by unconscious bias, is destructive to all the various and sundry peoples of color, indigenous peoples and otherwise marginalized peoples the world over.

And besides that (again, according to the progressive geniuses at the Rowan Institute), DiCaprio’s film “does not highlight the leadership or scholarship of a single Black, Indigenous, or other women of color despite the fact that such women of color are leading the global frontlines of climate justice movements.”

Whew! Where do these insufferable scolds come up with this bombastic twaddle? “Women of color are leading the global frontlines of climate justice movements?” But we daren’t ask the location of these “frontlines of climate justice” because we would only get a grating earful about marginalized BIPOC who are relentlessly oppressed by capitalism, colonialism, racism and misogyny.

Poor Leo. Who knew that trying to save the world from climate injustice would get so sullied up and insanely complicated by identity politics? Apparently, nothing, not even the fate of the planet itself, trumps the gratuitous wallowing in victimhood that is the hallmark of identity politics.

And there are plenty more such flies in the climate hysteria soup. Here’s just a sampling of headlines and stories where race is stupidly injected into the great climate emergency:

“White People” blamed for causing Cyclone Idai in Africa

Climate Activists: “White America” condemned to Hell?! – Warmist Bill McKibben laments . . . “White America has fallen short” by voting for “climate deniers”

“Can Sunday’s People’s Climate March expand the movement beyond wonky white men?”

Climate activist: “Non-white, non-men climate experts sought for TV & radio”

And maybe the best one of all:

Longtime climate activist David Roberts unleashes on fellow activists: “I am sick to f___ing death of hearing white men drone on about climate, myself included”

Well then, shut the f___ up!

Sorry. That just slipped out. But do you hear this self-loathing white leftist, David Roberts? The ideology that drives him has turned him into the intellectual equivalent of a white zombie, doomed to stagger about the land snarling and spewing brain-dead climo-claptrap while rhetorically ripping to shreds those whom he despises, including himself.

This is what can happen when large masses of people have nothing transcendent to believe in, like Judeo-Christian religion, for example. This is what can happen when all the foundational elements that once made a civilization great are undermined and even vilified, which is what the left does, nonstop. We end up with a society full of angry, lost souls who will all too often glom on to various utopian leftist causes (all of which seek to remake the world and none of which can ever work) in a desperate attempt to try and imbue their empty lives with meaning.

The real emergency for humanity is not the freaking climate. It is the zombie plague of leftism that makes otherwise rational people think the climate is an emergency, along with endless other nonsense. That plague is currently gobbling up Western civilization like there’s no tomorrow (which there may not be). Virtually all of our institutions have been infected by this plague: schools (kindergarten through grad school); news media, which instead of presenting objective facts, blatantly pushes the leftist agenda of social justice; tech companies and social media which work to quash conservative dissent; the entertainment industrial complex; the labyrinthine bureaucracies; political parties (yes, even the Republican Party, though to a lesser extent); the courts, which force on the country so much of what the left can’t get through legislation; and even most large corporations.

It is difficult to imagine what could turn it all around at this point, so insidious, widespread and tenacious is this plague. One thing’s for certain. If and when nonwestern powers (e.g., China, Islam, Russia) step in to pick up the pieces of our ruined civilization, the last thing anybody is going to be worried about is climate change. In the meantime, get what enjoyment you can from the spectacle of left-on-left squabbles, particularly those caused by the boundless and insatiable grievances of identity politics groups.

Oh, and an unsolicited word of advice to DiCaprio: The next time you want to make a do-good documentary, hire some identity politics consultants first who might be able to prevent the project from descending into a grotesque ego trip based on your “white savior complex." ESR

Greg Strange can be reached at gpstrange30341@yahoo.com. (c) 2019 Greg Strange.




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