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Drew Brees’ grandfather

By Robert T. Smith
web posted June 15, 2020

In a 2017 article in Southern Living, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees paid touching tribute to his late grandfather.  His grandfather’s willingness to fight and die for his country as a teenage marine during WWII, and the apparent general fondness for his life lived responsibly and morally. 

"He was probably one of the most incredible people, incredible man, you would ever meet," Brees said. "They just don't make them like that anymore, honestly. He was 92 years old and he lived an unbelievable life. He taught me so much about life, about respecting others, about caring for others, about discipline, about hard work."

Within 2 and ½ years Mr. Brees in his sudden Peter moment would deny his admiration for his grandfather’s character and country, at least three times.

Publicly shamed and unhinged outcry over Mr. Brees’ stated position that “I will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of America or our country” transformed Mr. Brees away from his strongly held admiration for his grandfather and country.  Mr. Brees is now possibly sufficiently woke to participate without shame in the NFL and those who propagate the segregationist notion that apparently not all lives matter, but Black Lives Matter. 

Perhaps Mr. Brees has missed the assaults on innocent police and even executions.  The incantations of hatred by those who despise policemen have apparently not registered with Mr. Brees from the mouths of his new found group: “Pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon…what do we want, dead cops, when do we want them now.”  The Kaepernick clothing line of dead pig socks and the communist-terrorist Che Guevera tee shirt apparel we can only assume will now also be a part Mr. Brees’ pre-game look.

Why would the NFL allow itself to be overtaken by this or similar movement?  Look in any football locker room and there you will find people of all colors, races, sex, creeds assembled as a team working toward a common goal.  Grown men enriched beyond most folks dreams and playing a kids game for the spectator’s entertainment.  Look into the stands and again see the melting pot of races, sexes, sexual orientation all dressed in their home town team’s uniform and brought together for a commonly shared event.  Televised throughout our country and around the world, individuals, families, groups, entire eating and drinking establishments celebrating this example of bringing us all together as one.  The ability to momentarily suspend the sometimes hard aspects of life and enjoy the NFL entertainment event as just people together.  Isn’t this what the kneelers claim to want?

The real tragedy then is to spoil this example, this celebration of what many would argue is the ideal.  If you must kneel, why do it here?  Nobody would care if you kneel on your own time, if you contribute to whatever cause you want, if you participate in television commercials promoting your cause.  Some will agree with you and some won’t for many reasons both good and bad. 

Why segregate this arguably ideal event?  Why channel your anger over a social issue and force an audience to watch your demonstration in exchange for their desired release from the vagaries of life to take in a football game?  Why bully into submission and turn your hatred on Drew Brees, who appears to be a decent person, and force him to abandon his once strongly held beliefs taught to him by his fondly remembered dead grandfather? ESR

Robert T. Smith is an environmental scientist who spends his days enjoying life and the pursuit of happiness with his family.  He confesses to cling to his liberty, guns and religion, with antipathy toward the arrogant ruling elites throughout the country.




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