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Welcome to the inaugural issue of Enter Stage Right, an on-line journal devoted to what I call modern conservatism. This journal's perogative is to support laissez-faire capitalism, individualism, rationality and a consistent approach to the conservative platform. A conservatism unfettered by a religious or traditional approach.

For a long time I've noticed a disquieting tendency among conservatives to champion their ideological pillars only half way. Conservative's will champion capitalism, but not laissez-faire capitalism. Conservative's will preach the mantra of individual rights and then proceed to deny some individualism's.

The point of this journal is to provide you with different ways of thinking about some of our main beliefs. To that end, many of the articles you'll be reading in the coming months will be unique perspectives that I hope will challenge some of the ways you think about the issues that concern the conservative movement today. It is time to broaden our perspective and I hope this little effort aids in that.

While this journal is based in Canada, I hope that the principles and issues I discuss here will be of relevance to conservatives world wide. We all share the same fundamental beliefs and I hope Enter Stage Right becomes a regular staple of your reading list.

This journal will basically contain many of my writings, but I will also publish writers that I feel do justice to the conservative movement. In this issue, for example, you will find a piece entitled "The Eunuch Columbus" by Steve Sailer. Sailer has been published numerous times in The National Review and has always provides an interesting perspective to the topics he writes about.

I hope to publish Enter Stage Right monthly and I hope you come back for our next issue.

I would like to thank CyberSudbury for providing the space for this journal. They run an interesting and valuable service and I hope you take the opportunity to use their service.

Steve Martinovich

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