The enemy of the left is truth

By Steve Martinovich
web posted June 1996

The 90's...back in 1989 many people were referring to the future decade as the "kinder, gentler 90's." Notably it was the liberals who were hoping the 90's would be this. The rest of us knew that it would be time to start working on the problems that they have bequeathed to us.

The rise of conservatism was a surprise to many, except for those of us who saw the signs. Our victory came about from the work of two different groups; conservatives and liberals. Liberals? You ask...yes. Without the hard work of liberals in government, there would have been fewer victories across North America. The liberals did it with the natural by-product that forms after they have managed to emotionally blackmail us into, and that by-product is their arrogance.

There is no doubt that the gift of communication often belongs to the liberals. Their job is also easier. Even though conservative aims are generally supported by the public, it is still difficult to explain to these people why cuts to spending must be made. For liberals to oppose cuts, all they have to do is declare the cuts as either anti-labour, anti-minority, anti-women, anti-child, anti-student, etc., or all the above. They appeal to their constituency with little work.

By doing this, liberals display their blatant contempt for the intelligence and sensibilities of the average person. Rather than argue the facts, liberals argue with emotional sophistry or lies. Don't believe me? Start listening to what they say and then tell me I'm wrong.

That tactic is used by the 'professional' liberals as well. In Ontario, during the last provincial election, those from the left pounded away with whatever ammunition they could find or create. If they cuts would be passed, they told us, thousands of poor would become homeless. If welfare is cut, then thousands would starve. Tuition raised would mean thousands of students who could not go to university or college. The cuts would be a present to the wealthy for their continued support. If taxes were lowered, top leftist economic gurus swear catastrophe would strike Ontario.

The arrogance comes in with the response to any challenge to these statements. So convinced of the correctness of their ideas, that no opposing viewpoint can be tolerated. An atmosphere is created that only they can thrive in. "Follow me," they whisper, "only we care about you."

"And compounding the offensiveness of their arrogance is a readiness to sacrifice veracity in order to further their agenda. Partisan editorializing aside, I am referring here to a persistent and deliberate mockery of the truth.", stated a recent article I read on the fall of the left.

By pointing out the left's darker side, I'm not making the case that conservatives are above using the same tactics. I could point out several cases off the top of my head, but I honestly believe that you find it less in the right. If a conservative believes that the individual is of paramount importance (and they should), and that individualism is their mantra, then it's a lot harder to insult the intelligence of the very people you are trying to serve.

As conservatives, we have to remember that when explaining our ideas that we do not fall prey to the easy use of their tactics. It's easy to argue with emotion, lies and feel-goodisms, but at the end of the day you've only managed to undermine your cause. If we do not argue with the facts we risk falling into the same hole as liberals. The facts do support us. We must have faith in the intelligence of the people who look to others for leadership, and we must treat them with respect.

Those of the left act as if we cannot tell a lie from a truth. The public is not backward and they will not be fooled forever, and when that day comes, the hollow philosophy will be exposed for what it is...a pale lie. Their power is shrinking daily, thanks to the truth.

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