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(June 1998) One of the beauties of the Internet is that it allows one to conclusively prove the hypothesis that an infinite number of monkeys at an infinite number of typewriters could not have come up with Shakespeare's Hamlet, though a story written by Jon Katz, the uebermensch liberal of HotWired and Wired magazine, is within reach of many.

That's the reason why I launched the on-line version of Enter Stage Right two years ago. After running the course at the student newspaper at my alma mater Laurentian University, getting bored with the mainstream print and television media, and despairing at the needle in the haystack hunt for an interesting read on the web, I decided I was enough of an egotist to think people would want to read my stuff.

Two years later I'd proud to say we've run some pretty interesting things here; whether it was a look at conservatism and the gay rights movement, reform of social security, Christianity and capitalism, or Objectivism and what conservatism owes it, ESR has pushed some interesting thoughts to its readers.

We've tried to take a serious approach to the subjects we've tackled, but with a sense of humour...a more conservative Economist if you will.

It takes a lot of work. Writing and finding content to fill the size that ESR has grown to sometimes becomes a full-time job. That's why I have to thank people like Michael Miller, Steve William, Stephanie Herman, David Hogberg, Jim Hinter and David Tomlinson for allowing me to run their original work, and the generosity of writers like Vin Suprynowicz, Joseph Kellard, José Piñera and James Robbins who've allowed the reprinting of their work. Without them and their ideas, ESR would have been difficult to put together.

And thanks to GeoCities for providing space for ESR. In the last year they've continually expanded the amount of space that we homesteaders have access to. It's enabled the expansion of this little effort. We also started out the second year with their A-List award that gave ESR an added push.

My mission for the third year is to bring together even more voices for ESR. That's where you come into play. If you're interested in contributing a piece, a letter to the editor, suggestions, story ideas, or something you want other people to think about, then drop me a line. We've got plenty of room for all of you.

And thank you. ESR's 'circulation' has grown ten-fold in the last year. This year alone has seen massive growth in the number of people taking the time to visit and read ESR.

And make sure to send your love filled praise and your hate filled vitriol. I love reading it all!

Now hopefully we're not part of the infinite collection of monkeys...

Thanks for reading,

Gord Gekko

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