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Quackgrass Press

It's been one year since Enter Stage Right has been naming a Link of the Month, so your editor thought it would be appropriate to choose a Link of the Year from the twelve below.

It wasn't easy since with the luxury of only choosing one web site every month, I can take the time to name only what I think is the best. To choose the best out of that group takes some time considering some of the sites ESR has profiled, heavyweight efforts like The Museum of Communism or Free-Market.Net.

It's fitting that the first site we profiled in June 1997 is also the June 1998 Link of the Year. Quackgrass Press has influenced ESR since January 1997, whether it's the donation of last minute essays to fill up the issue, or a piece of well reasoned email telling me where I slipped up.

It may not boast the latest design, but the most important thing about Quackgrass Press is its content. Essays covering a broad range of topics, from why the 1960s didn't spell the end of it all to a theory on the very important concept of leisure are available for you to read, print out and spread to others, the primary purpose of the site. Add to that a recently launched email list called Quackgrass Roots Network (sign up for it at the site), and you've got a pretty hefty presence on the world wide web for Michael Miller, the site's author.

Uncompromising advocacy of freedom and capitalism make Quackgrass Press a very worth Link of the Year.

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