NATO: Beyond Collective Defense Part VII: Our peculiar victory in Kosovo

By Steve Farrell
web posted June 1999

There are some traditions and fixed lessons of history which require our faith, our will, and our determination to practice and never abandon if we hope to endure as a free people. One of these is MacArthur's truism that "in war there can be no substitute for victory." Or as Cardinal Spellman added, "only absolute victory is peace."

Certainly, it would be foolish to risk our boys lives and discharge our citizens fortunes for anything less than absolute victory. But strangely this sensible winning tradition continues its vacation from the minds of America's new world order planners. Not that they don't claim to be victors, they just have managed to redefine what victory is all about.

Consider precisely what Clinton, Blair, and NATO call victory.

1. Establishing a precedent for intervention which thrusts back into the dark ages of international law and American foreign policy any hallowed belief in and respect for national sovereignty.

2. Legitimizing offensive war. Although Milosovich never attacked NATO, that was no matter. The mere thought that Serbian forces represented in the mind of some unelected state department official or a President bereft of moral sensibility, a threat to the stability of the international order is all that really mattered. And NATO has made it emphatically clear that this is the thinking of the future.

3. The rise of the absolute banning of the right of governments, without the consent of the international order, to discipline criminality within their own borders. Milosovich, as corrupt as he may yet be proven to be, was retaliating in kind against Albanians for committing the same crimes against his people over the course of a number of years.

4. The continuation of a war policy which demoralizes America's military by calling just the targeting of hospitals, television stations, housing complexes, refugee caravans, foreign embassies, public water supplies, and public power facilities; while simultaneously forcing the same soldiers to side with no clear-cut good guy. Milosovich is a bad guy, sure, but the KLA is an international socialist terrorist ring, and the number one supplier of heroine in Europe, with street connections in the United States.

5. The setting down of terms of surrender which are far from surrender, but rather a continuation of the appeasement/containment policies of leftist State Department planners dating back to the 1940's. For instance:a. Milosovich and his forces have not been captured, not been disarmed, not been punished, but simply asked to retreat across the Kosovo border.b. As next door neighbors to the Kosovoans they will continue to remain a threat and no doubt will launch, betimes, hard-to-prove-who-done-it terrorist assaults on Albanians. Even with NATO/UN forces present.c. The Serbians will remain free to build up their forces, forge and strengthen alliances, and, who knows, possibly lay low and pretend to be repentant for a season so that US taxpayers and other Western nations can be tagged with the bill of rebuilding their infrastructure too.

6. Successfully assaulting the American psyche with the belief that placing uninvited and permanent foreign standing armies within the territories of any country we please is ok, and no contradiction to the complaints Jefferson lodged in the Declaration of Independence. A coup over intellect, they are only capable of pulling off by doing as point five exposes. refusing to absolutely defeat the enemy, thus justifying standing armies to protect innocent civilians. Shadows of our "victory" in Iraq.

7. Adding one more notch to their eternal policy of "misjudging" Russian/Soviet intentions, and one more point of private humor over their ability to convince most Americans that a 55-year tradition of blunders is nothing more than a string of "well intentioned" mistakes.

8. The successful infusion of the former communist slavemaster of Yugoslavia, and ally of Milosovic, in what may be the first step in the process of reclaiming their lost satellite.

9. Serbian waving of flags and chanting "Russia! Russia! Russia!" in the streets as the Russians came rolling in.

10. Significantly assisting Milosovich's in his goal to evict over a million Albanians from Kosovo and then insuring that many, if not most all of them will never return with their homes and cities destroyed, and most especially because Slavic communist Serbians have been replaced by Slavic communist Russians.

11. The complete and unnecessary destruction of the infrastructure of Yugoslavia, to be paid for and modernized under a new socialistic Marshall Plan.

12. And finally, if the Russians are true to their strategy of dialectical advancement, when we complete the modernization of Yugoslavia and the rest of the Baltic States, Russians will reclaim them all. And yes, we will be "surprised" again. Yet one more, well intentioned mistake.

This then is victory new world order style. It is the kind of victory which because it is consistent with everything the UN and its regional alliances have been doing since the 1940's, smacks not of stupidity, or a lack of an exit strategy, but of the intentional creation and then containment of "enemies" across the globe, with but one purpose, the perpetuation and enlargement of the international order.

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