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web posted July 24, 2000

"As opportunities to learn about firearms dwindle, so do opportunities to learn the virtues inherent in responsible gun ownership. Far from protecting them from danger, keeping our children from learning about guns leaves them defenseless in situations where that knowledge could be life saving. The best lesson we can teach our children about guns is that they are powerful tools that can be used for good or bad. In defense against lethal aggression a gun is a piece of safety rescue equipment...." -- Timothy Wheeler, M.D.

"Waco will be remembered forever because it sums up key features of the political culture of the 1990s: the untrammeled power of the presidency, the complicity of the media in covering up federal crimes, the bias against religion among the power elite, and the disregard of individual rights that is habitual in our time. How ironic, how telling, that all these developments have taken place under the cloak of 'liberalism,' a word that once referred to the attempt to circumscribe the power of the state." -- Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr.

"So long as half of the earners in America continue to pay more than 95 percent of federal income taxes while the other half pay less than 5 percent, opportunities for exploitation abound. Expect more grandiose promises this election year for new and expanded entitlements, implying ever more dependence on the state. If people don't value their freedom and feel no shame about taking other people's money, they might as well sell to the highest bidder. The rest of us must find another path." -- Charlotte Twight

"America lost a true leader, the Republican Party lost a common-sense conservative, and I lost a great friend." -- RNC chairman Jim Nicholson on the death of Georgia Senator Paul Coverdell

"While I strongly support targeted marriage penalty relief, the marriage penalty bill put forth by the majority in Congress is one part of a fiscally irresponsible, poorly targeted, and regressive tax plan." -- Bill Clinton promising a veto of the bill ending the double taxation of married couples

"Regardless of what we may think of the tobacco companies, the verdict in Miami is part of a trend that threatens all of us. For if ours laws are separated from their moral foundations, a lot more than Philip Morris profits will be going up in smoke." -- Charles Colson

"Civilizations have ended in blood and even tears. Ours may be the first to end in moronic laughter." -- Don Feder

"The failure of the Fourth Estate to do its job -- to tell the unvarnished truth and put aside political agendas -- is the real scandal in this town [Washington, DC]." -- Paul Sperry

"Whenever you hear, as you frequently will this year, politicians speaking of 'values,' you are in the presence of America's problem, not its solution." -- George Will

"What it boils down to is this: when Republicans give Democrats everything they want, it's called 'bipartisanship.' When they don't surrender, it's called 'partisan politics'." -- John Nowacki

"Liberalism, which embraced statism in the Progressive Era, the planned economy in the '30s, and outright redistributionism in the 1960s, has become nothing more than state worship." -- Lew Rockwell

"One of the reasons American children do so badly in international tests of academic skills is that our schools are preoccupied with politically correct social crusades." -- Thomas Sowell

"Bush needs to make a choice [of running mate] that will show that he understands that personnel is policy, and that he is seriously preparing to lead an administration in which both are rooted in the first principles of American liberty." -- Alan Keyes

"If America doesn't keep making the right choices, we will never be able to give our families the help they need." -- Al Gore

"Gore seems well on his way to blowing the election. He should probably be blowing a little pot. ... He needs to take a walk in the woods, have a smoke and get a vision." -- Washington Post columnist Judy Mann on what Gore needs to do to shed is image as "an oversized wind-up doll."

"The guy's been given thousands of pieces of advice and he ought to just forget all of it and just be himself -- whatever he is." -- Democratic Governor of Iowa Tom Vilsack on Gore

"Your husband is strongly anti-abortion. Do you think he can continue to win the support of women in the fall despite that?" -- Dan Rather to Laura Bush

"All I'm telling you is, this is crap. She might have called him a bastard. I wouldn't rule that out. She's never claimed that she was pure on profanity." -- Bill Clinton on the allegation she called his Congressional campaign manager a "f****** Jew bastard" in 1974

"Al Gore told reporters his favorite film is 'National Lampoon's Vacation.' Aides wrestled him to the ground before he could say that Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo's characters were based on him and Tipper." -- Argus Hamilton

"Frederick's of Hollywood filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection; slowly, the Clinton era passes into history." -- National Review

"...[B]ased on these verdicts, we can only say the BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco And Firearms) is lucky it didn't toss packs of cigarettes at the Branch Davidians and encourage them to smoke because perhaps then it would have been slapped with a much deserved multi-billion dollar penalty." -- Libertarian Party national director Steve Dasbach

"Bill said that Hillary may have called someone a bastard, but never used a racial or ethnic slur. Hillary said, 'Hey some of my husband's girlfriends have been Jewish!'" -- Jay Leno

"Al Gore.... This guy just can't get things right. He's been out on the campaign trail and he makes the same speech everywhere he goes. Today he addressed some pre-schoolers and he kept asking them if they were better off today than they were four years ago." -- Conan O'Brien

"The Mars company is changing the name of Plain M&Ms to "Milk Chocolate M&Ms" because it no longer wants people to think of them as plain. In a related story, Al Gore has changed his name to Milk Chocolate Al Gore." -- Craig Kilborn

web posted July 17, 2000

"There is no point in telling the American people we're doing something that turns out to be a fraud." -- Bill Clinton urging Republican lawmakers to be truthful

"Leon Johnson is black. And a judge. In the South. Sitting in judgment over the President of the United States. That's real change, and that's what the bureaucratic liberals cannot understand and don't want to see." -- Peter Roff after a fourth judge recused himself from handling Bill Clinton's disbarment trial, leaving it up to Judge Leon Johnson, appointed by Arkansas Republican Gov. Mike Huckabee, to hear the case

"I'm deeply disappointed that an agency that could send a man to the moon now can't even balance its books to the nearest half-billion." -- House Science Committee Chairman F. James Sensenbrenner after his committee detected a $590 million accounting error that went unnoticed by the NASA's own independent auditors

"The Supreme Court decision ... represents a major victory for gun safety and public safety in California. My office will immediately begin taking the necessary steps to ensure that the state assault weapons laws will be fully and vigorously enforced." -- Attorney General Bill Lockyer after California's Supreme Court ruled that the state attorney general could add a wide variety of guns to the state's list of outlawed "assault weapons."

"It's time for the leftist justices to retire, get their gold watches, and head for the country club." -- Rep. J.C. Watts Jr.

"When the history of the rise and fall of America is finally written, it may well be recorded that the beginning of the end was signaled by the blind submission of a pagan people to the tyranny of a 'nine-headed Caesar'." -- Linda Bowles

"Using the force of law to teach children that religion must be kept private is at least as much an establishment of religion as seeming to approve of student prayer." -- Maggie Gallagher

"If you love politically incorrect movies...go see The Patriot. It has some left-wing movie critics in a perfect snit. Everything they hate is in it." -- Charlie Reese

"This film is about personal freedom -- which many people take for granted today. ... It's a good thing that historians are going to harangue this and say, 'It's not accurate.' Good. It'll make somebody pick up a book." -- Mel Gibson on The Patriot

"For more than a century we have been plied and belabored with theories purporting to explain history in terms of rival inevitabilities, of the inexorable working out of this or that iron law of history's unfolding. Revisiting the Revolutionary War is a bracing reminder that the fate of a continent, and the shape of the modern world, turned on the free choices of remarkably few Americans defying an empire." -- George F. Will

"Is it too much to ask late 20th century critics to grasp that people who lived 200 years ago did not necessarily harbor quite the same superstitions that we do?" -- Samuel Francis

"They don't need campaign funds. They need spinal fluid." -- Andrea Lafferty on the 13 Republican Senators who voted to make "hate" a federal crime for politically correct identity groups

"It would certainly not be received well -- that's an understatement. It would cause a great deal of concern about his commitment to abortion rights. Among our activists, there would be a decided lack of interest in campaigning for him and getting out the vote." -- NOW's Patricia Ireland on the prospects that Gore may choose a V.P. who voted against live-birth abortions

"...[Gore] tacitly conceded the appeal of George W. Bush's Social Security reform... The veep's problem is that his new message is self-contradictory...He's also in his third remake on the issue...So much for leadership." -- Paul Gigot

"What a f*****g idiot." -- Bryant Gumbel, caught on camera in an unguarded moment after interviewing Robert Knight, director of Cultural Studies with the Family Research Council, on the Supreme Court ruling that the Boy Scouts have the right to exclude homosexuals as scoutmasters

"I try to go out and shop...every few months, anyway, just so I keep in touch with people. And I talk to people in book stores, or I go buy something for my wife or my daughter, just to see what things cost and see what people are doing. I think it's important that presidents not get too isolated." -- Bill Clinton

"Gore is more infuriating because he's such a hypocrite. He is such a hypocrite. He doesn't know who he is anymore. He's a plastic person." -- Ralph Nader

"Frankly, we are sick to death of Mr. [Charlton] Heston and his histrionics. ...At what point does Mr. Heston and his NRA develop writer's cramp?" -- National Education Association President Bob Chase

"President Clinton told Democrats in California it's not necessary to say anything bad about Republicans. He said if Democrats just look voters in the eye and tell the truth, they will win. Of course, he's just speculating." -- Argus Hamilton

"Listening to Governor Cuomo identify what a Republican should do is like listening to Evel Knievel talk about the space program." -- Empower America's Jack Kemp on his CBS "Early Show" co-pundit Mario Cuomo

"I've always said that if God gave me only 5 years to live, I'd spend it as a member of Congress, because they've been the longest years of my life." -- Rep. J.C. Watts Jr.

"Plans are underway for the $ 100 million Clinton presidential library to be built at the banks of the Arkansas River. Historians are saying that this will be the only presidential library in history with a mirror on the ceiling." -- Jay Leno

"Al Gore's campaign office was taken over today by a mob of environmentalists. I guess the scene turned pretty awkward when one environmentalist chained himself to a tree and later found out it was Al Gore." -- Conan O'Brien

web posted June 26, 2000

"The Supreme Court says pornography is OK and it is OK to burn the flag, that communists can work in our defense plants, that it is OK to teach witchcraft in our schools and that it is OK for our students to write papers about the devil. But the Supreme Court says it is illegal to write papers about Jesus, it is illegal to pray in school, and now the Supreme Court says it is even illegal to pray before a football game. .. I thought the Founders intended to create a Supreme Court, not the Supreme Being. Think about that statement. I yield back a Supreme Court that is so politically correct they are downright stupid, so stupid they could throw themselves at the ground and miss." -- Rep. James Traficant (D) on the Supreme Court's decision not allowing prayer before football games in Texas

"After this election, assuming we get a new attorney general, I think I will be sending criminal referrals." -- House Government Reform Committee Chairman Dan Burton

"When I was sworn in as Governor of Texas, I took an oath to uphold the laws of our state, including the death penalty. My job is to ensure our state's laws are enforced fairly. This is a responsibility I take very seriously because the final determination of innocence and guilt is among the most profound and serious decisions a person can make. ... Over the last 19 years, Mr. Graham's case has been reviewed more than 20 times by state and federal courts. Thirty-three judges have heard and found his numerous claims to be without merit. ... After considering all the facts, I am confident justice is being done. May God bless the victims of these crimes, their families, and Mr. Graham." -- George W. Bush on the execution of Gary Graham last week, the 131st during his term as governor of Texas

"What got us to this unbelievable point to have this discussion at all was discipline, fiscal discipline, arithmetic, being careful, understanding that a projection is just that. I think it would be a grave error to plan to spend every penny of this, particularly on tax cuts or other things that are so unavoidable because they may not get it back." -- Bill Clinton

"Sundquist, easily the worst governor in America, continues to push a first-ever income tax in the Volunteer State. Sundquist is now routinely booed at Tennessee professional and collegiate sporting events." -- the National Review on Tennessee Governor Don Sundquist who says he will veto any budget that is not financed with an income tax

"I think it's a rather sad story -- that you had a bright and brilliant career [and] that you would never again receive the support of the Senate of the United States for any office to which you might be appointed." -- Sen. Robert Byrd (D) on Energy Secretary Bill Richardson

"Decades of liberal assaults on traditional values and institutions are bearing fruit. It appears that we will ignore the wisdom of the centuries and find out the hard way whether our society can survive a perverted redefinition of marriage and the disintegration of the basic family." -- Linda Bowles

"The news business frets a lot about its sins. But it doesn't fret much about class attitudes and the homogenization of opinion in the newsroom. It should." -- John Leo

"Conservatives are typically the Rodney Dangerfields of the culture. They don't get no respect. At their best they're elitists. At their worst they're stodgy, stiff and humorless." -- Suzanne Fields

"Above all, ascribe no decent motives to the federal government. Always and everywhere, it is the enemy of truth." -- Llewellyn H. Rockwell

"Relativists believe they've discovered the ultimate weapon against the sense of right and wrong -- a hydrogen bomb for the culture war and a doomsday machine against conscience. What is it? The accusation of 'intolerance'." -- Chuck Colson

"The tragedy of communism is precisely that it systematically and fanatically interposes the impersonal and malignant power of the state between every authentic human relationship so that, finally, parents and children and even spouses cannot be truly together even in their own homes." --Alan Keyes

"There are only two economists in Congress and hundreds of lawyers. Does that explain why the government is in such a mess?" -- Thomas Sowell

"...[H]istory is one of the most rewarding of studies. If nothing else, it can teach us about the abiding tendencies of men and rulers. If you know something of the Roman emperors, the Clintons won't take you by surprise." -- Joseph Sobran

"That will be removed. The governor does not want that department abolished." -- Bush campaign spokesman Ari Fleischer on the future of the Department of Education in the candidate's platform

"I remember the system, the computer system, breaking down and losing three days of e-mail. I remember asking them, 'What in the world happened?' and it was in the nature of saying, 'Please don't let that happen again'." -- Al Gore in the "glitch" that wiped out 15 months of e-mail wanted by congressional investigators

"I don't know if Gore is going to win. If I knew how to beat Dubya, I would have done it myself." --Former Democratic Texas Governor Ann Richards

"If you listen to Mr. Gore, (Texas) is a hotbed of Third World conditions. He's assailed Texas air, Texas water, Texas health and a whole host of other things in our great state. Come to think of it, if you listen to him long enough, you'll come to think we were living in one of the vice president's rental properties." -- Texas Lt. Gov. Rick Perry

"Mr. Lazio is a four-term congressman. Four times he stood before the good people of his Long Island district and asked them to vote him up or down. That's four more times than Mrs. Clinton has run for Congress, or for anything." -- Richard Brookhiser

"For the embattled denizens of the mainstream media, there's no delicate way to put it: The Internet is eating their lunch." --Washington Post's Howard Kurtz on breaking the media's stronghold on public opinion

"Vice President Al Gore gave a speech...saying he is concerned about the issue of mental health. He's not alone. After Gore unveiled his sixth new personality in one year, everyone's concerned." --Argus Hamilton

"For if there's one thing we do know about Bill Clinton, it's that he's earned most of his enemies." --Jonah Goldberg

"At NBC, we're going up against this "Survivor" show. We've got our own show. Apparently, a group of people will try to survive for one month living in one of Al Gore's rental properties." -- Jay Leno

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