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God bless Stockwell Day

By Michael Moriarty
web posted July 18, 2001

Stockwell Day

A year ago, I endorsed Stockwell Day as candidate for the Canadian Alliance leadership.I made the proviso that if he became Prime Minister and "got out of hand" -- perhaps tried to shove his homophobia down the throats of Canadians -- then Preston Manning, Ralph Klein and questionable gentlemen such as myself, would "spank him." For the past few weeks, it's become obvious that my obligation now is to "spank" Klein and the Canadian Alliance, not Stockwell Day.

A conservative stands for nothing if not individual freedom, responsibility and courage. No one in recent weeks has displayed those three dying virtues more completely than Day. Meanwhile, Day's mentor, Alberta Premier Ralph Klein, along with fellow members of the Canadian Alliance, have preached text and verse from a Bible apparently written by Brian Mulroney, the Bay Street Boys and Joe Clark.

I assumed that the Canadian Alliance was formed out of Manning's Reform Party in order to avoid, among other things, another Goods and Services Tax. Obviously, Canadian politics is far too sophisticated for me. I'm apparently even more "naive" than Day.

The Courage of Day's Naïveté

The very blessing or curse it took to inspire Day to run in the first place is precisely what the Canadian Alliance no longer likes about him: the courage of his naïveté.

Klein, the Alberta Fox, knew all too well that last year's election would be a kamikaze run for any conservative candidate. So he didn't throw his own hat in the ring. He also knew that signing the Social Union Bill was tantamount to conservative treason but "a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do." Apparently, Klein appreciated Day's exposé of the Smoke and Mirrors Social Union Bill enough to support his candidacy.

I read reports on Day's analysis and knew he was the only man courageous enough to put his integrity as a conservative on the line. He would also be the only possible David to get into the ring with a Goliath the size of Jean Chrétien's liberal hegemony -- a multi-headed beast that not only owns the referee but the World Boxing Federation as well. I underline "federation" to emphasize how violent the federalists like their sports.

High Noon

So, poor, brave Stock, like Gary Cooper, walks out of his conservative sheriff's office to face the Robin Hood Gang. Pierre Trudeau was the first and last authentic Robin Hood Canada will ever see. What will follow in his footsteps can only be likened to a gangster film. When Robin Hood becomes King John, his successors invariably turn into Josef Stalin. That fact, I believe, is what most haunted Trudeau's highly enlightened soul at the end of his life.

Meanwhile, the townspeople of the Canadian Alliance have all packed their bags and are taking the same coach out of town that Grace Kelly did when her "Coop" wouldn't take "good advice."

After Day, there are only two kinds of conservatives left on this continent: the cowards and the collaborationists. The Vichy Conservative Party of the Americas, constructed out of the George W. Bush philosophy of conservative survival, now props up a political shell game that has dominated North American politics ever since Lester B. Pearson draped his red flag all over Canada and Henry Kissinger convinced Richard Nixon that the One World Federation is a fait accompli. Dr. Henry called it realpolitik. I call it Pétainism.

The Bay Street/Wall Street Credo: "Let us maintain the illusion of democracy, while at the same time slicing up the power pie so we all get a share."

So Stock takes his lonely walk down the dusty and abandoned streets of political Ottawa, while in the other direction the buggies of Pétainistes are hauling themselves out of the line of fire. I don't mind the human surrender to fear and careerism, but to take cheap, parting shots at Sheriff Day while you leave is really disgusting.

Legislated individual freedom was a myth until the disenfranchised of Europe reached the shores of the New World. The tradition of a Bill of Rights and a Charter of Rights and Freedoms was born here. Less than 300 years later, we have a very European idea, floated by what Voltaire liked to call "enlightened despots," arriving on our shores to pipe the free and the brave off a cliff called "Liberal Good Intentions."

These "visionaries" out of the United Nations know all too well that the New World Order will never happen unless they have full and complete control over what used to be known as the New World.

Stockwell Day not only carries the true conservative flag, he is the banner itself. He's our -- well, yes, he's our Coop. He's our David.

God bless Stockwell Day!

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe winning actor who has appeared in the landmark television series Law and Order, the mini-series Holocaust, and the recent movie Along Came a Spider.

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