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Take heart, Mr. Day

By Michael Moriarty
web posted July 23, 2001

Stockwell DayI'm still pleased to be among the first political observers to have recognized Stockwell Day's potential as leader of the right-wing opposition in Parliament. His recent troubles are no surprise. I think Day has done as well as any man could have, under the circumstances. Neither he, nor any member of the Canadian Alliance, could have done any more to expose the dysfunctional nature of federal politics in Canada.

When the Tories became Red Tories and Brian Mulroney instituted the all-pervasive Goods and Services Tax, it was evident that a deal had been cut between the Liberals and the Bay Street conservatives. That power-sharing merger is a phenomenon that is occurring in all democracies. (Karl Marx predicted that socialism and capitalism would ultimately merge to the inevitable demise of capitalism.) The conservatives mouth reform, but do the dirty work of raising taxes, while the liberals give the capitalist moguls access to Third World sweatshop labor and the freedom to merge into mega-monopolies, such as AOL Time Warner.

In a recent column in The Globe and Mail, the former Prime Minister of the Ukraine, Viktor Yushchenko, describes his failed attempt to build a healthy, market-based economy in the former Soviet republic. What happened to Yushchenko would have inevitably happened to Day, had he become Prime Minister. The Liberals and Tories would have merged in a vote of no confidence and forced Day out of office, in much the same way that Preston Manning's contingent is now punishing Day for his electoral defeat last November 27.

For Day, the outcome of this first high-level leap into national politics must be heartbreaking. Someone of his political stripe had to do it, though. We require no further evidence of how a worldwide liberal formula has now been played out repeatedly and triumphantly in Canada. The Liberals under Jean Chrétien (supported by their Tory acolytes) create the illusion of democracy, while maintaining a consistent power base.

The ultimate humiliation of the hypocrite-conservative flank is now unfolding in the United States. All the land mines that are erupting around George W. Bush were laid during the Clinton hegemony. As the U.S. economy stalls, 'W' is becoming the second Herbert Hoover. America will soon beg for the return of a Clintonian president - this time female, either Hilary Clinton or Janet Reno, who may run for Governor of Florida.

Mr. Day, you were the point man for what I consider to be the only authentic conservative movement in the world, let alone North America. You had to be the sacrificial lamb. As a Christian, you understand what I mean. It's a noble role to play, but a doomed one in this day and age.

My advice to you is to retire from politics and stay out of the line of fire. You have done admirable work, and I'd prefer seeing my fellow freedom fighters leave politics and become historians, assiduously recording this conflict of the Left fighting with God. Eventually, after the leftist, godless juggernaut makes life thoroughly unpleasant for everyone, we will be able to say, from a position of strength: "I told you so." Once these neo-Marxists 'invade Poland' (so to speak), the people will demand help from leaders such as you, who stand for freedom.

Take heart, Mr. Day. Today's 'politically correct' brigades cannot toss 3,000 years of Judeo-Christian civilization onto "the ash heap of history." For it is we small-c conservatives who are toying with them -- not the other way around. We shall appear to lose all the battles but, by God, we will win the war.

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe winning actor who has appeared in the landmark television series Law and Order, the mini-series Holocaust, and the recent movie Along Came a Spider.

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