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Andrew Sullivan

Although Enter Stage Right regular contributor Lawrence Henry recently referred to Andrew Sullivan as someone who "makes a habit of slapping around fellow writers for their alleged excesses and failures" on his web site, which amounted to a "bullying snigger," truth be told, there are more than a few us here at this magazine who love his work.

andrewsullivan.comIn a pick that will doubtless cause consternation among some conservatives, AndrewSullivan.com is our overdue Site of the Month pick. Updated near daily, and sometimes several times a day, Sullivan's web site allows him to immediately react to news and events with his always insightful commentary. For insanity from both the left and right, Sullivan isn't afraid to nominate people for his (Paul) Begala Award and (John) Derbyshire Award and the site also features links to his work on other web sites like The New Republic.

Sullivan's web site, though only online a short time, is already scheduled to undergo a redesign -- something we're not entirely opposed to. While the colour scheme and functionality are both fine, the scroll-box within the web site manner of delivering content is better left to those extreme art-design web sites like k10k.com. It's a personal preference really since the web site is completely functional.

So is Sullivan guilty of a "bullying snigger" like Henry wrote? I don't think so, or if he is guilty of it, the target of his pen is usually deserved. Either way, his work is always enjoyable and a must-read for those who follow current events. You be the judge yourself. And remember, if you go there regularly, feel free to throw something into his tip jar.

- Steve Martinovich

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