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Will America's Heart and Soul raise the fahrenheit for Moore?

By Kerry L. Marsala
web posted July 5, 2004

Michael Moore and his followers are smoldering over the new Disney film, America's Heart and Soul. The film was released at approximately the same time as Fahrenheit 9/11. Conspiracy theories are ablaze that Disney is in cahoots with the conservative right wingers. Moore, after the screening in Sacramento, had to run to his computer and post on his website the accusation that Disney is, "joining forces with the right-wing kooks who have come together to attempt to censor 'Fahrenheit 9/11'." Is Michael Moore worried that the other movie will make people feel good about themselves and their country?

Certainly there must be an underlying agenda. Why would Disney prior to public release show the film to the Sierra Club and the far right group called the Future Farmers of America? We all know the entertainment industry never promotes anything through likeminded niches (Moore-Cannes Festival, correlation?). Are you only allowed to promote your art and test the marketing waters if you're a far-left social elitist? According to Moore, you have to belong to the left; otherwise you're trying to be a censor.

New Orleans jazz musicians James Andrews III (right) and Trombone Shorty (left) from the movie America's Heart and Soul
New Orleans jazz musicians James Andrews III (right) and Trombone Shorty (left) from the movie America's Heart and Soul

Why would film director, Louis Schwartzberg, focus his camera lens across America for the last ten years, and talk with farmers, bike messengers, former Olympian boxers, cowpokes, stunt pilots, and the like? Ask yourself, was it to censor Moore? In the movie a farmer states that he finds 'pleasure in watching his kid grow up'. What does that have to do with censoring Moore's film?

I don't know, maybe Moore is right about Schwartzberg, Disney and the right wing conservative organizations. They are all trying to censor him. Is it possible that Schwartzberg and Disney are just releasing a film that shows a magnificent country with great American people? Is there room in cinematic celluloid to film a movie depicting hard working and loving American patriots? Bless these people's hearts, they praise the opportunities that have been afforded to them, by the greatest nation ever. No, certainly we American's don't love a good story filled with success's, and hopes about our positive future.

Personally, I believe when you're in a really bummed out funk, you should go and pay to see Fahrenheit 9/11. Get your self really knocked down, and depressed over the supposed conditions the Bush Administration has put America in. Buy into the premise that Bush personally had Osama bin Laden's family flown out of the country immediately following 9/11. Then go home, kick the dog, and curse the day Bush took office and start searching for the truth. (This may mean you will have to look in other places, other than far leftist news sources. Try counter balancing with far right news sources, then look through neutral news sources. Somewhere in the mix you'll understand that America isn't the bad guy.) Richard Clark, who Moore sites for most of his information, even states that it was he, Clark -- not Bush, that got bin Laden family out of the country post 9/11. This will only be one of the first lies Moore has touted as truths. You will start to see and feel better.

After your mind begins to clear and the fog of deceit over the lies about President Bush and America have subsided into truthful understanding, pat your dog on the head, and open your front door to a bright day. Go to the theater of your choice and pay to see what America's hopes and dreams are about. America is about optimism, and the belief that as long as we are willing to defend and fight for our freedoms we will keep this magnificent country.

Moore and his followers are not what made or make this country. It is the common person who comprehends what their lives as Americans are. They are full of hope and seek the endless opportunities to be had by all that desire them. They greet their loving families, worship their God, appreciate their blessings, work hard at play, and play hard at work. America, she's a great thing; she is the 'heart and soul' of freedom.

Kerry L. Marsala is a freelance journalist who is terrible at being patient enough to check punctuation and grammar. She figures if Bernard Shaw can get away with it, she might have a chance too. Ms. Marsala writes for Opinion Editorials; The Rant; Canada Free Press; Independent Newspapers; EV Tribune; ACU Foundation; Canadian Free Press; Sarah's Seed Woman's Journal; A. M. Siriano; Men's News Daily; Lady Liberty; NZ Herald; Citizen Newspaper; amgoodnews.com; Americonservative; TAC; PHX News; Enter Stage Right; The Right Guys; Conservababes; The Alberta Weekly; Free Republic; Conservative Battle Line; Focus Magazine; Insight Online; GOPUSA; and The Truth Magazine.

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