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Shhhhh! The good guys are winning

By Bruce Walker
web posted July 5, 2004

Hussshhhh! There is a little secret which no one in the establishment Left has yet understood: Leftism and anti-Americanism in affluent democracies is rapidly going out of style. Despite the assurance by Senator John Kerry that many world leaders preferred to see him win the presidency, those unnamed world leaders may not be leaders much longer.

New German President Horst Koehler raises his arm during a swearing-in ceremony at the German lower house of parliament in Berlin on July 1
New German President Horst Koehler raises his arm during a swearing-in ceremony at the German lower house of parliament in Berlin on July 1

The new president of Germany, Horst Koehler, is a prominent member of the conservative and pro-American Christian Democrat Party / Christian Social Union, replacing a Social Democrat as head of state of the most important democracy in Europe.

Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, head of government in Germany, whose SDP has been losing elections consistently to the Christian Democrats since Operation Iraqi Freedom, now must deal with German president and a German Bundestrat, that part of the German legislature which represents the interests of state governments, is controlled by the CDP / CSU.

While the president of Germany is not as important as the chancellor of Germany, the consistent victories of the CDP over the SDP inevitably moves Germany closer to America diplomatically and it also moves the German government more toward free market economies.

The president of France is a very important post, and the de facto election of Nicolas Sarkozy, a Hungarian immigrant who thoroughly loathes Chirac, is a major victory both for America and for free market policies. How big?

Consider that Sarkozy says nice things about America and that he is the most popular politician today in France. Consider that he, like Koehler, came from lands liberated from Communism by Ronald Reagan. Koehler, like Sarkozy, also had nice things to say about America when few other politicians in Germany did.

The European parlimentary elections, watched primarily by political junkies, was spun by the Leftist media as a repudiation of all the governing political parties. Not really. The election represented a dramatic movement from Left to Right.

The Left of center governing parties in Germany and in Britain now have delegations to the European Parliament dominated by their conservative opponents. The Italian government, which has stuck firmly by America, did not suffer horrible reverses. The so-called Right-Center coalition governing France, dominated by the rabidly anti-American Chirac, lost very badly to the Left, but that has led directly to Sarkozy moving into a position to be the next President of France.

If America granted titles of nobility like the United Kingdom, then surely we should bestow some barony or duchy on Tony Blair. But the reality is that he leads the Leftist Labour Party, which is opposed by the Conservative Party of Maggie Thatcher and the Liberal Party (a centrist party.) A Conservative Party victory would create a more pro-American British government, because the anti-American Leftists would be completely purged from the government.

It is likely that during the second term of the Bush Presidency, our president will be dealing with conservative leaders of the five major powers of Europe and Canada, as well as with a European Parliament dominated by conservatives.

Quietly, but importantly, the third largest economy in the world, the democracy of Japan, remains a strong ally of the United States and President Bush as well. The sort of constellation which Ronald Reagan used - Thatcher, Kohl, Tanaka - is reappearing for another strong American president to use in defeating the forces of evil in the world.

Actually, the news is better than that, because the reality of free elections in Thuringia and Warsaw, in Budapest and Prague, in Vilnius and Sofia is a much greater victory than which particular party wins a specific election.

Soon the peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan will appreciate that as well, and whether they choose in a particular election a Social Democrat government like Germany or a Socialist government like Spain will matter much less than the fact that these parties can be voted out in the next election and that these nations will have all the sweet squabbling and squeaking that comes with freedom.

Shhhhhh! Don't tell any Leftists, here or in Berlin or in Paris or in Hollywood, but we are winning. The good guys are winning.

Bruce Walker is a senior writer with Enter Stage Right. He is also a frequent contributor to The Pragmatist and The Common Conservative.

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