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Sauce for the goose

By Justin Darr
web posted July 5, 2004

Liberals feel they should be allowed to say or do anything they want, no matter how distorted and deceitful, without ever being held accountable for their words and actions. The John Kerry campaign has sunk to a new low with their demand that President George W. Bush apologize to them because the fringe group MoveOn portrayed Bush as Adolph Hitler. Yes, that is correct, Bush should apologize to Kerry because some of Kerry's lunatic supporters compared Bush to Hitler. Are Kerry's staffers purposely trying to make him look foolish, or are they just clinically insane? I know, the above announcement must have been made during a doctor's recommended psychotropic medication holiday. Well, the party is over, my Pinko friends. From this point forward, all you say or do will be held against you in the court of public opinion.

This latest red faced, nostril flaring, spittle spraying, conniption fit from the Left was made in response to the Bush campaign starting to use the very words and deeds of Kerry and his supporters against him. When Kerry said, "I voted for the Iraqi funding bill before I voted against it," it showed up in a Bush ad. After Kerry has spent the last year talking about the "Great Depression" we are in, and Bush having the worse job record since Herbert Hoover, Bush called him a pessimist in light of current data showing the economy is full recovery for over nine months. If some Vegan group runs an ad saying vote for Kerry because he looks like a big, gray carrot; it too will turn up in a Bush ad. So what is the problem? Would you not think the Kerry Camp would actually appreciate President Bush helping to "get their message out" free of charge? Well, they are not. The last thing Kerry's handlers want the American people to see are the depths of fanaticism and anti-Americanism that are the core of his Leftist ideology.

President Bush's tactic of using the Left's goofiness against it should be used far beyond the Presidential race. Would it not be justice to go to the next PETA rally and hand out anti-partial birth abortion comic books to their children in the same way they handed out anti-meat comics to kids going to the movies? This time, however, instead of showing the kids drawings of their mothers holding bloody knives over puppies, "Leftist Mom" would be holding an ice pick, a pair of forceps, and a vacuum cleaner. We could even, just for fun, toss in a little ditty saying "Mom won't let you eat meat because meat makes you strong… And if you are big and strong, how would mom hold you down to suck the brains out of your head? Better be a good boy, or your mom might decide that you violate her civil rights and have you killed!"

Michael Moore has made a career out of smearing the reputations of conservatives through distorting facts and taking quotes out of context, then threatening to sue anyone who does the same to him. Since I do not want hauled in front of some liberal activist judge itching to make the news, I will not talk about Moore. However, I see no problem in giving our Leftist leaders the "Moore Treatment":

John Kerry stated on September 16, 2001 at the site of the former World Trade Center said, "I think there has been an exaggeration", and that the Bush Administration is "really misleading all of America" in regard to the terrorist threat.

Yes, John Kerry said these words, but not in New York on September 16, 2001, or in regard to the 9/11 attacks. What the heck, it supports my agenda so it must be alright. Let us try another:

In response to the rumor that John Kerry is not an anti-American Communist
sympathizer, Howard Dean said, "…there are people who believe it… I don't believe it… but it would be nice to know."

How about this creation from six separate sources attributed to Al Gore:"I" "want" "George Bush" "to be" "elected" "President".

Wee! This is fun! And all this time I thought it must be miserable being a Liberal. Just think, all we have to do is get enough folks to repeat these misstatements a sufficient amount of times and eventually some people will actually start to believe them.

How long are Americans going to permit this double standard to exist? John Kerry and the liberal establishment are demonstrating that they will let nothing, including the truth, stand in the way of their gaining political power. Are we going to continue to let the Left spew out one outrageous statement after another unchallenged? Or, are we going to stand up and hold liberals accountable for the deceit and hatred they sow?

This is Justin Darr's first contribution to Enter Stage Right. © 2004

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