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web posted July 24, 2006

Re: Valerie Plame's lawsuit is a huge mistake... for Valerie Plame by Jim Kouri (July 17, 2006)

The latest efforts of Valerie Plame and husband Joe Wilson to keep accusations alive in the media during the run-up to November elections carry an ever-strengthening odor of party politics; and increasingly undercut is their bald assertion that politics played no role in securing Wilson's pivotal excursion to Niger or in his "findings" that afterwards were so helpfully disseminated by the anti-Administration media.

Who's really behind this continuing charade? Consider the question from a more "Gaullic" perspective: Which party benefits?

Ron Goodden

What is wrong with a lawsuit to find the truth? We know that Congress will not hold hearing. We know that George Bush will not deal with the leakers as he said he would.

Mr. Fitzgerald said that he was like an umpire who had sand thrown in his face so that he could make a judgment about the case. He did find at least one person lied to him. We will have a trial on that case and we will see what the truth might be after a court review.

Truth hurts and I know that stereotyping people does not get to the truth but is a way to throw mud and pose as a thoughtful person.

So tell Jim Kouri to get a life and stop stereotyping people.

Don Soeken

Re: Israel knows how to fight a war by Carol Devine-Molin (July 17, 2006)

Just a brief comment for Carol Devine-Molin. Your generalizations are over the top. I support Israel's right to respond with the force we are seeing. Hezbollah and Hamas are violent extremists that need to be contained with overwhelming force. That said, if we were not bogged down in Iraq, stuck in the morass of an unjustified and stupid war, maybe we could be more active in Afganistan, N.Korea, and the Middle East. Yes indeed, I support Israel but not W. Am I liberal or conservative?

Joel Zeman



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