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Dems and terrorists have high hopes for '08

By Henry Lamb
web posted July 9, 2007

Democrats from Boston to LA are salivating over the prospects of regaining the White House, and retaining control of Congress in 2008.   Radical Islamic terrorists - from the secret cells in the U.S., to the secret camps on the Pakistani border - are salivating over the prospects of the Democrats regaining control of the White House, and retaining control of Congress in 2008.

Democrats have declared that Iraq will be abandoned to whichever radical Islamic terrorist group has the most fire power and the least respect for human life.  None of the Democratic candidates have even addressed the consequences of their declared surrender.  Neither has the Democratic leadership in Congress.  

Forget about an Iraqi Constitution, and resource sharing, and representative government, in which America has invested billions of dollars and thousands of lives.  Welcome instead, to another pre-war Afghanistan, where terrorists tell residents what to wear, what to think, and where to direct their next suicide bomb attack.  Welcome instead, an unchallenged Iran, where nuclear material continues to evolve into the weapon of choice for the terrorists in training in Iraq.   Welcome instead, an unchallenged Syria, where radical Islamic terrorists continue to build their armies against Israel.  Welcome instead, an emboldened and strengthened radical Islamic leadership in Gaza that has consistently vowed to drive Israel into the sea.

Democrats consider the war against terror to be - as Democratic candidate John Edwards says - a "bumper-sticker" slogan the administration uses to frighten people into accepting its policies.

The radical Islamic terrorists are even more eager than Howard Dean, to see a Clinton-Obama White House, and a Reid-Pelosi Congress.

Democrats, and the anti-war army that pushes them, seem to suffer from the illusion that once the U.S. withdraws from Iraq, and leave Muslims alone, they will return to their peaceful ways and leave Americans and other Westerners alone.  In fact, Democrats are betting on it.  Moreover, they are betting our future, and our children's future on it.

This ostrich-like view of the world ignores history, and the declared war on the United States in particular, and on non-Muslims in general.

For most of the last century, a small, determined group of radical Muslims have been working to create a Muslim-dominated world.  They have not been quiet about their goals, which have been laughed off by the likes of John Edwards, and his cronies.  In the last generation, however, these radical Muslims have elevated terrorism into an art form that has made the mighty cower.

On October 23, 1983,  Islamic terrorists crashed a truck into Marine Barracks in Lebanon, and destroyed a four-story building, 220 marines, and 21 other people.  Why were Americans in Lebanon in the first place?  They were there to try to keep the peace; to prevent the radical Islamists from taking over the government by force.  Sadly, America decided that freedom for another country was not worth investing American lives.  

America delivered the same message every time the terrorists challenged. With each attack, the terrorists got bolder and stronger, and finally, they really got our attention on September 11, 2001.   For a moment or two, America bristled, and displayed the character that won our independence, and freedom for Europe and freedom from Japanese Imperialism in the Second World War.  But it didn't last long.

Anti-war types were organizing before the first soldier left for Afghanistan.  Aided by a grossly Democratic media, the no-war-at-any-cost crowd were being spotlighted, while every casualty and cost of pursuing the terrorists was amplified.  They have succeeded in convincing a majority of Americans that the terrorists would not be terrorists - if the U.S. would simply leave them alone.

Osama knows that if Obama or Hillary, or both, are in the White House, he and his followers will be free to pursue their jihad, as quietly, or as explosively, as may be required, without fear that America will interfere.   It is a good strategy.

The jihad will likely continue first, in the Middle East and Europe, gaining ground and strength before confronting America again.   The Democrats will crow about how their foreign policy has "saved" the U.S. from further attacks - while the rest of the world slides deeper under radical Islamic rule. 

In time, when Iran has perfected its nuclear capabilities, and the radical Islamic terrorists have constructed their world-wide network, and a single nuclear device has been exploded in the U.S., the no-war-at-any-cost crowd - the Democrats in control of the White House and the Congress -  will be happy to welcome burkas for women, and prayer mats for men - and hell for the non-compliant. ESR

Henry Lamb is the executive vice president of the Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO), and chairman of Sovereignty International.


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