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The inevitably Marxist zoo XI: "The One" v. "Benny Six"

By Michael Moriarty
web posted July 27, 2009

Barack Obama Pope Benedict XVI"The One" and "Benny Six" are nicknames for President Obama and Pope Benedict XVI. No two souls on the earth are more at odds about one, vital issue than President Obama and the Pope.

Perhaps the President's evasion of the question: "When does life begin", his comment that such a question is "above my pay grade" was a sarcasm deliberately aimed at Pope Benedict. It infers that only a leader who presumes "infallibility" on matters of faith and morals could have the gall to deprive a woman of her "right to choose" about what concerns her own body.

The American Supreme Court obviously made its own, imperious decision about this issue. With presumptions of its own scientific "infallibility" – on a matter of life and death, mind you – the Court declared that a gestating infant within the first six months of gestation … even though it is forming itself within the womb of an American woman … does not possess the very American, "inalienable right to life".

Hmmm … and the Declaration of Independence says that Americans are "all created equal". It does not say, "We are all gestated as possible candidates for abortion".

"Progressive", pseudo-scientific America, however, does claim the power of a breathtakingly high "pay grade" … enough power to legalize what many, including the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church, consider murder.

Through the eyes of devout, particularly Italian Catholics, the abortion industry worldwide looks very much like a "Murder, Inc".

Ironically, President Obama has expressed great admiration for Francis Ford Coppola's classic film series, The Godfather, wherein a kind of Murder Inc. is glorified.

Perhaps the President fashions himself after The Godfather character, Michael Corleone, who defies the entire meaning of Christ when he, as the Godfather of a child being baptized, knows full well that many of his "enemies" are being murdered at that very moment … retroactively aborted … and done away with on his Godfathering orders.

Admittedly, it was Mob War and in War, with a capital "W", more than even all … is fair! There are, even in the Catholic Church, "justifiable wars".

But how do you make an enemy out of someone whom you've never met or seen or known in any way, how can you fairly execute in such deliberate ignorance?

You simply say what Hitler said and the Supreme Court echoed, "They're not human" … uh … yet! So it's not murder.

At a ceremony that gives birth not only to new identities but new Godfathers as well, both Michael Corleone and President Barack Obama, at both Christenings and Inaugurations, assume the royal rights of execution, the ancient right of kings.

However, in what way are the unborn automatically an "enemy of the state"? Particularly unborn citizens of the President's own country.

Somali pirates on the high sea, kidnapping the captain of an American ship?

 The order to kill them I understand.

The unborn … and the American unborn at that, Americans which the President is bound by the obligations of his office to defend?

All civilizations are judged by their willingness to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

A la famiglia Progressiva!!

Oh … abortion is not a civilization's but a family's business?

Then what is the Federal government doing, messing around with family business?

The Progressive family is the Federal government and thinks that there is nothing wrong with abortion. In fact, it is painfully evident that the Progressive Family promulgates the spread and increase of abortions.

What about the American family, have they ever voted on abortion?

No, but the eternally Progressive Supreme Court has.  These justices are, as Voltaire might describe them, "enlightened despots" who know better about everything!

Did they know better about slavery when that same court handed out the Dredd Scott decision that defended slaveholders?

Did the Supreme Court know better about human rights when they also handed down the Buck v. Bell decision defending forced sterilization of what they called the "unfit"?

Americans have tacitly accepted these decisions along with the Roe v Wade legalization of abortion.

Eventually, over one of those issues, that of legalized slavery, a civil war erupted.

Are civil wars America's only major oversight committee when it comes to the repeatedly inhumane decisions by the Supreme Court?

Why do President Obama, Planned Parenthood and the entire Progressive Movement want to push the envelope on this, and, with the proposed health care program, pay for abortions with taxpayers' money?

Will Americans tacitly accept the eventual Supreme Court decision that a Federal healthcare program has the right to deny life-saving remedies to the elderly because the elderly are of no obvious use to the Progressive State and younger Americans are waiting in line for service in an overburdened and understaffed, rashly instituted, nationalized medical system?

This, of course, returns me to the main theme of this editorial, and that is "The One" v. "Benny Six" … or, in terms that the President might again claim are above his pay grade, The State v. God.

President Obama's obviously false humility when it comes to the issue of abortion has served him well. It helped defeat his Senatorial opponent, Alan Keyes in Illinois, and both Hillary Clinton and John McCain in the Presidential race.

As President, however, he now faces another kind of opponent in Pope Benedict XVI whose Church encompasses far more than the American millions that voted unsuccessfully against Obama in the Presidential election.

Pope Benedict represents a profound corner of the world, to which the question of a human being's right to life is not above anyone's pay grade. It certainly wasn't above our Founding Father's pay grade, and Barack Obama is now the President of the United States, challenging not only a Pope but his own country's Declaration of Independence as well.

Next week I will try, as best I can, to not only pass on the Pope's most persuasive objections to abortion but also share with you the increasingly broad popularity the Pope possesses because of his frequently breathtaking eloquence, a deep but clear simplicity of language that reaches not only kings, queens and commissars but also those little "Benny Sixes" in the streets of any great city as well.

While he might agree with President Obama about redistributing wealth, he doesn't accept abortion as the best solution to poverty.

Does taxation gain our souls any charitable credits in heaven because of its "redistribution of wealth"?

Economic questions like that, I must say, are truly above my own pay grade.

Legalized murder, however, is not. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.


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