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Chapter Fifty-Seven of The Haunted Heaven: World War III Is Inevitable

By Michael Moriarty
web posted July 9, 2012

Bill Whittle's pep talks are always invigorating. He is our white collar G.I. Joe. William F. Buckley Jr. without the Yaley condescension. Our next door neighbor suffering a sudden attack of prophetic genius.

The above Bill Whittle link is what I awoke to this morning. Please view the entire thing. I had already, in a much less entertaining style and manner, sounded much the same warning as Bill Whittle has … but without the pep talk or the hope that a world war can be avoided at the voting box.

No, I said … and still say … a replay of World War II with atomic weapons is inevitable. Why?

Barack Hussein Obama is not the Neville Chamberlain of appeasement policies. He's not the man who can be simply replaced by Winston Churchill.

President Obama is either Marshall Pétain of collaborationist France or a self-styled Mao Zedong of the White House.

Obama is not leaving the White House peacefully. Civil war … a Second Civil War is now percolating right under our noses.

Should Obama be successfully reelected with the same "fraud" that Bill Whittle has charged the Supreme Court's Obamacare decision with, World War III will start without a Second American Civil War prelude.


A brief but horrifying exchange of atomic weapons and the enemy's possible destruction of Israel.

Then … and most certainly at that moment … the entire North American Second Civil War will begin, quickly engulfing the entire British Commonwealth, Europe and the Orient.

Out of the head of Karl Marx … with the invaluable help of Vladimir Ilytch Lenin … two monsters, Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong, plus their imitators, arose to swallow-up over a third of the Free World's real estate. Now that neo-Soviet Russia has found its Second Joe Stalin in Vladimir Putin, all that's left for the inevitably closing fists of Communism – wrapping up the entire human race in a bloody Red box – is for a reelected President Obama to play Mao Zedong.

Mao Zedong is the role that the violence-and-assassination-prone Obama Nation wants this Hero of the Marxist American Revolution to play.

"The fundamental transformation of the United States of America" … as Obama promised … cannot possibly be completed to the Obama Nation's satisfaction without violence.

"As became apparent in the French Revolution,

 the likes of the spoiled and pampered William F.  Buckley Jr.

and the undeniably bourgeois ramblings of Bill Whittle

must end!"

As a small relief from the obvious course that the Progressively Marxist New World Order must take, a reelected Barack Obama will not make his unavoidable moves toward violence until he has Canada firmly returned to a replay of Pierre Trudeau's grandest ambitions.

The Progressively Marxist White House cannot begin "eliminating" its opposition in America until America's neighbors in both the Canadian North – and a majority of humanity South of the Rio Grande – have at least returned to the spirit of "liberation theology."

What would do that best?

A new,

but Progressively Marxist,

pro-abortion Pope

in the Vatican.

That transformative enterprise has been, I am certain, bubbling in the Marxist laboratories for decades.

Obviously the "fundamental transformation of the United States of America" is proving an easier accomplishment than overthrowing The Holy See of Rome.

God bless Bill Whittle for believing that such a "transformation" of America won't be as easy as the "Progressives" think it will be.

I wish I were as optimistic as Bill Whittle.

Why aren't I optimistic?

A virulently spreading

 flash fire

called American hypocrisy.

It's the disease I had to escape when I left America for Canada over 15 years ago.

Most 1860's Americans in The North thought The South would be a pushover and the American Civil War would last one or two months at the most.

Yeah, right.

Slavery had been entrenched in America

 for 89 years

before the volleys of munitions were fired

into and out of Fort Sumter.

Legalized abortion

 has been an American main staple

 for 39 years.

However, the Republican Party's vow to oppose wholesale abortion in America seems, indeed, to have the seriousness of Abe Lincoln's vow to oppose the spread of slavery into the West of America.

So isn't the situation a bit like this:

The Democrat's increasing control

Over most of my money …

 and freedoms …

 and …

who knows what else.


The Republican's control

Over my reproductive organs

A Democrat's government looks massively big and voraciously greedy for my money?!

A Republican's government looks like a selectively invasive playground for the Republican wealthy?!

Either way, the "villainy" indisputably lies within any  government we come up with. The old saw about American democracy not being perfect but "it's the best we've ever had so far?!" So who are we going to end up with as President of the United States?

The anti-abortion Mitt Romney as hopefully our second Abe Lincoln?

Or Barack Hussein Obama as the pro-abortion equivalent of the pro-slavery Jefferson Davis?

Neither President

 will avoid

an inevitable Civil War.

The longer I'm in Canada and watch my former homeland of the United States fall increasingly apart, the more I rely on The American Fundamentals. None of which are brain surgery.

Everyone of these American Fundamentals are contained in The Golden Rule. Put as a negative command The Golden Rule reads:

"Don't do unto others

what you would not want done unto yourselves.

Don't do unto gestating infants

what you would not have wanted done

to your own gestating infancy!"

In other words: If you murder your own child in the womb, don't be surprised if God delivers to you the same message that you delivered to your own child.

A reply to such a Biblical challenge, warning or threat, of course, is the answer of Bill Maher, Christopher Hitchens and Karl Marx:

"There is no God!

That fiction

is an 'opiate of the people!'"

Okay … let us see in the next few years, perhaps the next few months … whether atheism holds up.

Whether anything happens

 that might appear to be

God's rage

over abortion.

I am certain that such a rage of God will be World War III itself. In the same way the American Civil War was God's rage over slavery.

"Mine eyes have seen the glory

Of the Coming of the Lord!"

Ultimately what provoked World War II was the Hitlerian presumption that Nazi Germany could kill anyone it considered inferior to Germans.

Inevitably what will provoke World War III will undoubtedly be the Progressively Nazi-like and Marxist presumption that all gestating infants are not human beings.

The ultimate truth being,

as in Nazi Germany or Stalin's Russia or Mao Zedong's China,

that if you are neither a Nazi

nor a Stalinist

nor a Maoist

you are not fit to be free

and possibly not fit to live.

Under the individual freedom and responsibility of American Democracy you can be anything you please, from Nazi to Stalinist to Maoist, and you still have a right to democracy.

Unfortunately you even have the right to become President of the United States.

"You gotta problem with that?!"

American democracy never promised Americans a rose garden.

It is just obviously time

 for another


Civil War.

During the Earth's Third Millennium an American Civil War is just not possible without an inevitable World War III.

We all have a problem with that.

Regardless of who's President,

however, there will still be

another American Civil War.

it will ultimately be fought

over abortion

in the same way that the first American Civil War

was fought over slavery.

In the end, God always wins.

To say God doesn't exist

won't change the outcome.

That is why in the end

Bill Whittle will be proven right:

"They have us surrounded … poor bastards!" ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.






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