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Is Obama really focused on jobs, jobs, jobs? What about "Jobs Council"?

By John W. Lillpop
web posted July 23, 2012

President Barack Obama has often claimed that solving America's unemployment problem is his greatest priority. In fact, he is on record as stating, "I will not rest until everyone can find a job."

Odd, then, that the President's Job Council has not met in six months. President Barack Obama's Jobs Council hasn't met publicly for six months, even as the issue of job creation dominates the 2012 election.

At this point, the hiatus -- which reached the half-year mark last Tuesday -- might be less awkward than an official meeting, given the hornet's nest of issues that could sting Obama and the council members if the private-sector panel gets together.

The last official meeting of the 26-member President's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness took place January 17 in the White House complex. Obama and a slew of other administration officials attended, including his then chief of staff, Bill Daley. So, where is the urgency of Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, if the president's own Jobs Council has not met in six months??

Press Secretary Jay Varney points out that Obama has a very full plate:

REPORTER: On the Jobs Council, obviously they've reported to haven't met formally or publicly for six months. Why is exactly is that?

CARNEY: Look, the president solicits and receives input and advice from members of his Jobs Council and others about economic initiatives all the time. And I would point you to the numerous initiatives put forward by the Jobs Council that this administration under the president's direction has taken action, presidential memorandum of August of last year that selected 14 job creating high-priority infrastructure projects for expedited review. Four of those are already under construction.
In March of this year, just four months ago, an executive order launched interagency effort to cut red tape and improve outcomes for infrastructure projects.

REPORTER: So there's no reason they haven't met publicly?

CARNEY: No, there's no specific reason except that the president's obviously got a lot on his plate. But he continues to solicit and receive advice from numerous folks outside the administration about the economy, about ideas he can act on with Congress or administratively to help the economy grow and help it create jobs."

That's the answer, America. Obama has failed so miserably because he has "a lot on his plate"? Perhaps that should read, Obama is in over his head?

Obama needs to remember that being overwhelmed sort of comes with the job--he is expected to be fully occupied and capable of multitasking. 

Besides, Obama has 38 or so czars  working in the White House and an unknown number of assistants supporting him. Bottom line: Obama has lost track of the agonizing truth that 23 million Americans are under/unemployed.

It is also important to note that Obama has squeezed in 100 fundraisers and lord knows how many rounds of golf.

It all boils down to another broken Obama promise: "I will not rest until everyone can find a job."

Clearly, President Obama is not up to the job. America needs to elect a man who can handle a bigger plate! ESR

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