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The Devil's favorite poet of destruction: Barack Hussein Obama

By Michael Moriarty
web posted July 4, 2016

Obama Gives Okay for BALD EAGLES to be SLAUGHTERED for next 30 Years


Could the President's hatred,
The depth of his loathing
Everything American
Be more precisely described
Than it is in this photo?
All that's missing to end the metaphor
And complete the diabolical poet's vision
Are similarly dead, white Americans.

I hate to admit this, but it is going to take a second William Shakespeare to fully record the mythic villainy being vomited upon us by the soul of Barack Hussein Obama and the coming Holocausts of his and the United Nations' New World Order.

Life's newest and most divine "Scribbler" and his genius will need the same temporal distance between himself and Barack Hussein Obama that The Bard had between himself and Richard III.

A little over one hundred years.

Barack Obama and Queen Elizabeth II
Barack Hussein Obama and Queen Elizabeth


Richard III
Richard III and The Defeated Queen Margaret

In the photo just above, the bloom is, as they say, off the Rose.

The Queen, our present-day Queen Elizabeth, is now smelling not the Rose but the Rat.

The grandest Rat that the world of rulers has ever encountered since Hitler, Stalin and Mao Zedong.

Mao is, actually, one of Obama's favorite idols!

Mao's Great Leap Forward alone destroyed 45 million Chinese in four years!

That kind of "depopulation", as you will see, is right up the alleys of our American, New World Order geniuses like Ted Turner and Bill Gates.

Oh… one more role-model for such men, however, is missing.

Emperor Nero.

While America is Burning?!



Here is a glimpse of Obama's fellow American geniuses who are, in fact, fellow Nero's. Bill Gates, Ted Turner and Barack Hussein Obama think "long-term"! We "little people" don't.

However, we "little people" are aware, as President Kennedy was, that space travel and pioneering on other planets, in the same way the human race "pioneered" America, would begin to create a potentially infinite number of other planets upon which human beings will be able to live.

One other planet alone as a pioneering destination would be capable of entirely, and without one death involved, "de-populating" the Earth.

Such exploration could do so without, as Gates might suggest, "vaccinating" billions of human beings.

That, however, is not the direction of, shall we say, the Gates and Turner visionary apprehensions.

It is interesting that simultaneously with these "scientific" declarations about the human "overpopulation on Earth", that space travel has been reduced to a shocking minimum!




There is infernal, bottomless evil, horrifyingly cold-blooded and venomously ruthless plans for the future of all Mankind!

Then, however, there is what beats them all in terms of surgically engineered Holocausts:

The United Nations'
New World Order!!!!!!

And guess who is secretly scheduled to end up as the Secretary General of the United Nations?

Barack Hussein Obama!

This Nero himself will not merely set America ablaze with destruction.

The whole human race will be his to "de-populate".

Who or what is to blame for the increasingly terrorizing reality of this modern-day Nero, Barack Hussein Obama?

The United States of America
Is to blame
For the very existence
A President Barack Hussein
Inevitably Nero-esque

The Third Millennium's
Obama Nation!!

It's so much more fun and definitely more poetic to body-count American Eagles than it is to stack up the corpses of the Progressively executed eyesores of overpopulation.

This of course, will not be death by vaccine. However, it is ultimately one form of the Gates/Turner/Obama Prescription for The New World Order!

No wonder ISIS has appeared so suddenly. It is a necessary part of The New World Order Game Plan. It worked for Hitler… for awhile. Why can't it work for the Nero's of the world, those labeled as Creators of The New World Order?!

Ivy League graduates like Barack Hussein Obama.

I know that club very well. I graduated Dartmouth, class of '63! Four years with the Jesuits, class of '59!

What did that teach me? We are in End Times. Two Cain's of the World became a Pope and a President of the United States.

They made friends with the spawn of Ishmael, father of Islam.

That has made Armageddon inevitable.

Evil's penultimate achievement! The Abomination!! The Obama Nation!!!

However, Christ has been returning to Earth for Thousands of Years!!!!

Christ is now in the heart of every sincere Judeo-Christian. That is why Christ has been ubiquitous on Earth for millenniums. Christ is secretly Everywhere.

Kill Him here?! He is instantly there!!

Christ's days of forgiveness
 are over.
And He has returned
Within True Christians,
He never left!

Lucifer, with his eternal presumptions, his existence in secret societies such as "The Illuminati" and Yale's "Skull and Bones", a school to the entire Bush Presidential family, these spawn of Evil, they now assume, with the conquests of The Obama Nation, that "Victory is Ours!"

Hitler, Stalin and Mao thought so too.

The Evil of those five and their massive worldly power? Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Obama and Islam-loving Pope Francis?

All had and still have only one gift: the "fundamental transformation" of destruction.

The plagues of Terror, Anarchy and Death.

We, as Judeo-Christians? Each of us has a distinctive gift to offer as Judeo-Christian soldiers.

Mine is The Faith of Patience. "Despair not!"

The millions of "True Christ's" round the Earth? Many of whom don't even know yet that they are "True Christ's"?

Christ's of the Second Coming! Millions of them!

Faced with such an army? The Poets of Destruction like Barack Obama and Pope Francis, the anti-Christ? Even with their Fourth Reich of Islamic terrorists and the depravity of the United Nations?!

They cannot destroy the Truth contained in the Holy Bible.

They, like Marx and Mohammed, will try to eradicate the True Christ's from the Earth.

They and their minions, like the Liberation Theologian, Pope Francis I and President Barack Hussein Obama, will try.

They are trying.

They will continue to try.

They will fail.


Christ is now everywhere!

And, at the same time, more secret and more hidden than any of the secret societies that have built the lethal conspiracies of this Obama Nation.

The killing of John F. Kennedy?

That was another Crucifixion of a True, Eloquent and Enormously Courageous Christ!

There are New World Order enemies of Judeo-Christianity that will, indeed, awaken to the True Christ within them and turn on their former New World Order, false friends.

In short, the New World Order and its most powerful friends such as Obama, the Pope, the Bushes, the Clinton's, Henry Kissinger, the United Nations and the entire, worldwide entourage that have made this Pinnacle of Human Tyranny, The Progressive New World Order, a monstrous reality?!

They are the Devil's favorites!

Because of that very fact, they are doomed to inevitable defeat, shame, eternal condemnation and a place in History that will surpass even the hells of Hitler, Stalin and Mao Zedong.

We, in the meantime, we "Little Christ's"?

They can't defeat us.

We are now far more myriad and ubiquitous than Evil.

And we are, collectively, a far greater and eternal poem than the Devil could or will ever come up with. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com. He can be found on Twitter at https://twitter.com/@MGMoriarty.




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