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A public spectacle

By Daniel M. Ryan
web posted July 10, 2017

When your nondescript scribe bumped into the acronym FUBO, I had wondered if it stood for “F’d Up Beyond Obvious.? Last Wednesday’s doxxing of “HanA**holeSolo? is an incident that can drive one beyond anger. Have you ever seen someone pull something so jarring, your eyes widened and your jaw slid down to half-slack? And then put on a too-wide merry-eyed grin and went out of your way to be extra-friendly to the person – until he was no longer in your presence? Then, snapped away your fixed smile and said something...more authentic?

Last Wednesday night, a fellow by the name of Andrew Kaczynski revealed that he had unearthed the identity of “HanA**holeSolo? and further revealed that the poor middle-aged guy had penned a grovelling apology plus avowal to never trash-post again. Because of that grovel, Mr. Kaczynski said that he and CNN would not reveal the name of this sorry sod. But, significantly, he added: “CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change.?

The Internet exploded, as well it should. This doxxing operation by Mr. Kaczynski and the KFILE team had all the earmarks of an SJW mobbing. Revealingly, the Media Equalizer pointed out that Mr. Kaczynski was the one responsible for publicizing a lame joke by now-former PR director Justine Sacco. The Twitter-mobbing of her was so notorious, it’s one of the case studies in Vox Day’s book SJWs Always Lie. No wonder the folks at the epicentre of the explosion said #CNNBlackmail was the next Gamergate.

Media Equalizer also got their hands on some evidence indicating that Mr. Kacynski is not above using tools more associated with the malware world. Like the SJW that he his, he spluttered at them three times which they dutifully noted in Updates. Techies quickly discovered that the .webm file retweeted by President Trump was not the same as the .gif posted on Reddit by HanA**holeSolo. The Internet’s answer to peer review discovered that the original story had the same shoddiness that earmarks fake news. Although it was rumoured that HanA**holeSolo was only a fifteen-year-old boy, the same peer review scotched that rumour in less than a day.

Several CNN anchors, acting eerily like SJWs themselves, doubled down. No apology, no remorse. Another rumour claimed that CNN higher-ups insisted that the poor fellow’s name be published. This one, unlike the fifteen-year-old-boy rumour, has not been debunked.

By their lights, why should they show remorse? Their Progressive self-flattery sees themselves as agents of light intent on making the world a better place. The likes of us, to the extent to which we have agency at all, are the mere agents of “backlash.? So smug in their bubbles, they have no idea that their grand drama casts themselves as the political aggressors.

They’re also oblivious to the easily-inferred conclusion that doxxing is the blood offspring of opposition research. Hence, some anonymous schlub on Reddit got the same treatment meted out to a candidate for high political office. To put it one way, HanA**holeSolo got the Todd Akintreatment – in full. He got it without first securing a Representative’s seat in Congress, as Mr. Akin had.

It’s as if an unusual-minded prosecutor, having learned that a CEO was sent to jail for twenty-five years after cooking the company’s books, sent a crooked temp to jail for the same quarter-century for padding his time sheets. And of course, someone with that prosecutor’s mentality would infer that your humble scribe is trying to justify time-sheet fraud.

Progressive Inquisition

A decade ago, when the stock market was on the cusp of imploding, Agora Publishing came out with Mobs, Messiahs and Markets by William Bonner and Lila Rajiva. Although this book is tough to take in places, it contains a lot of nuggets that belong in the old steel trap. They thumbnail the conclusions of another book, Talk of the Devil: Encounters With Seven Dictators, whose author discovered that all seven ex-dictators neither apologized for what they did nor showed remorse. They all insisted that their prime aim was to make the world a better place.

One of them was Idi Amin. Given what he did to Uganda, one can certainly wish that his fellow Ugandans at the onset of his coup had mustered more backlash. Even if they were so retrograde as to rebel in the name of traditions, like the one against mass State murder.

Have you bumped into those atheists who write about the centuries-ago Inquisition as if it had happened last week? They have a point, but they with their blessèd hearts are looking in the wrong direction. There was an Inquisition in living memory, but it was not started by anyone with any discernible religion. No: it was started by a psychotherapist who bedded and then wedded his former patient; she first showed up at his office when she was twenty. And then, he wrote a book about how he Saved her. Saved her from the after-effects of abuse by Satanists when she was a child.

You’d think that she would have brought up her abuse at the first session, or at least hinted that she had been very wronged. She did neither. This, Dr. Couch proclaimed in his book Michelle Remembers, was because she had repressed her memories of it.

That book was published in 1980, the close of a decade which had more than its share of flim-flam. Dr. Couch was at the tail end of a gaggle of self-proclaimed psychics, all of which took the talk-show circuit by storm; many of them wrote bestsellers themselves. The first one of note was Uri Gellar, who claimed powers of telekenesis. He was followed by others of his sort, along with faith healers and “psychic surgeons.? The last claimed to pluck out tumours with their bare hands with no cutting. Since they thrived long before DNA tests hit the scene, they had some nice runs.

Had the world been different, Michelle’s special therapist would have been another star of the ‘70s carnival of buncombe. Her psychotherapist-turned-hubby would have hit the talk show circuits, raked in the royalties, attracted the uncharmèd attention of skeptics, and then faded away while crying in obscurity all the way to the bank. Geller et. al., in spite of themselves, called forth the modern skeptic movement. Had there not been one D.C-mundane but crucial addition, Michelle Remembers would have been remembered by psychotherapists in the same way that Prosper-René Blondlot’s N-Rays are remembered by nuclear physicists.

But that was not to be, thanks to the mundane but lethal combo of government money and government muscle. A year before Michelle Remembers hit the shelves, Congress passed the Mondale Act: it directed a cornucopia of new money into the hands of child-service social workers. These legions were far from the stereotypical lazy bureaucrats: the tinder of money fired up their zeal.

From the talk-show whirl, Dr. Couch had supplied them with a perfect bat-one-thousand weapon.

As excruciatingly documented by Dorothy Rabinowitz in No Crueller Tyrannies, they charged out to make the world a better place.

They weren’t the only ones, either. As the ‘70s turned into the ‘80s, ambitious prosecutors smelled opportunity, climbed on the bandwagon and elbowed their way to its head. You’ll recognize the name of one of them: Janet Reno.

As you’d expect, Ms. Reno and her fellow prosecutors did not apologize and didn't show remorse. As the ‘80s turned into the ‘90s, some of the initial instigators did recent; Michelle was one of them. But they were few. As for those social workers and prosecutors, zero. They rested serene in their convictions that they were making the world a better place.

With regard to the aptly-hashtagged #CNNBlackmail, one can only hope that the Internet backlash hits Gamergate-mass and even more. We seem to be past an older America, one where a fellow both psychologically and financially secure would take up trash-posting himself. Gamely, patiently, waiting for the silky Email or phone call to come...

“You’re going to dox me, are you? Why don’t I make a few phone calls about this??

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Daniel M. Ryan, as Nxtblg, is shepherding the independently-run Open Audi Initiative Prediction Market Shadowing Project. He has stubbornly assumed all the responsibility and blame for the workings and outcome of the project.




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