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Squabble over The Squad gets squalid

By Greg Strange
web posted July 22, 2019

“Send her back, send her back, send her back!” the crowd thunderously chanted at a recent Trump rally.  They were referring, of course, to Rep. Ilhan Omar, originally from Somalia and one of the main, malcontented mean girls of what has been recently designated as the “Squad.”

One commentator compared the chanting to “two minutes of hate” from George Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four,” the dystopian novel about a nightmarish authoritarian regime.  Seriously?  Leftists, whose numbers terrifyingly continue to swell, have been hating on America every second of every day for the last fifty years or more.  They hate America, they hate the Founding Fathers, they hate every facet of our history, they hate our customs, they hate Judeo-Christian religion, they hate Western civilization, they hate capitalism, they hate self reliance, they hate beauty, they hate truth, they hate sexual and gender normalcy, they hate “whiteness” itself.

I could go on, but you get the point.  Everyone who chanted “Send her back!” at that rally understood that Omar is one of those leftist haters.  The fact that she was allowed to come to this country from a hell-on-earth like Somalia makes it all the worse because it reveals her abject ingratitude.

And by the way, everyone understands that Omar is a citizen of the United States and can’t simply be sent back.  For the benefit of those who have reflexively tried to portray this chant as blatant racism, here’s what it really is.  Patriotic Americans are sick and tired of rabid leftists tearing down everything good about this country and that chant was just another way of saying, “If you don’t like the country, then get the hell out!” (The same has also been said to countless white Hollywood leftists and others.)  The crowd was voicing an emotional sentiment with no actual expectation of official action.  (Although, there is that matter of Omar possibly having married her brother as part of an immigration fraud scam to stay in the country.  Stay tuned.)

So, let’s talk about Ilhan Omar and the rest of the Squad, shall we?

"The Squad"They are four radical, freshmen, Democratic “congresswomen of color” (and don’t you ever forget it!) who are loaded for bear and want to tear down everything that normal Americans cherish.  They’re seething with twisted rage, they hate the Jews, they don’t much like capitalism, they’re partial to socialism and they haven’t an ounce of gratitude or comprehension of why they are so blessed to live in this country.

Here’s the individual particulars on the Squad:  Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York (Democratic Socialist of America); Rep. Ilhan Omar of Mogadishu – er, I mean, Minnesota; Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan (Democratic Socialist of America); and the other one, what’s-her-name, Rep. Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts, whom no one ever heard of a week and a half ago and just wants to make a name for herself by hanging out with the cool chicks.

Interestingly, here’s what Wikipedia has to say about the designation of “squad”:

"The term 'squad' arose from East Coast hip hop culture and describes 'a self-chosen group of people that you want to identify with.'  Its use by Ocasio-Cortez signaled familiarity with millennial slang.  Ocasio-Cortez’s home borough of the Bronx was the origin of a hip hop group called Terror Squad, formed in 1998; musical acts with 'Squad' in their name and lyrics started from the 1990s to the present day."

“Terror Squad,” huh?  How unintentionally appropriate is that?  Because all this squad of enraged women of color has done since they were elected is throw political bombs in every direction.  They have totally poisoned our body politic by injecting their anti-Semitism; they have unashamedly pushed socialism, the most failed and murderous economic system in human history; and they constantly accuse any and everyone who disagrees with their radical agenda of being racist.

The Squad is also making Speaker Pelosi’s job a nightmare, forcing her to walk an exquisitely fine line to keep from being accused of racism every time she tries to rein them in from their latest outrages.  You think herding cats is difficult?  Try herding this squad of hypersensitive women of color in the age of identity politics (which the Democrats created).  The Squad obviously needs to be squelched, but extreme squeamishness ensues from such a tricky proposition.  One wrong move, one careless turn of phrase and . . . boom!  “Racism!”  And there’s your Democrat Party, hoisted by its own petard.

So, let’s see . . .  Ocasio-Cortez – whose speaking voice and syntax sounds like that of a 14-year-old mall rat – wants open borders so all the peoples of all the failed states of Latin America can flood in here with basically no questions asked.  But if anyone does ask questions or tries to stem the illegal tide in any way, they’re compared to Nazis with concentration camps.  Cortez also wants a “green new deal,” which, in order to be imposed, would turn us into the Soviet Union, except worse, because even the Soviet Union didn’t eschew fossil fuels.  We’d be a Soviet Union in what amounts to the horse-and-buggy days.

Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are both of the Islamic faith and are basically two peas in a pod.  Omar was born in the Islamic state of Somalia and Tlaib was born in Detroit to Palestinian immigrants.  Marinated in Jew hatred from conception on, they just cannot get over the existence of Israel.  Like all anti-Semitic Muslims, they resent the incredible achievements of the singular and tiny Jewish state that sits starkly amidst a vast region of ignorance, violence and failure.  Their only explanation for Islamic failure is, presumably, Jewish treachery.  What else could it possibly be?  Spewing anti-Semitic tropes on a regular basis, they seem to be utterly confounded by the idea that there’s anything wrong with that, even as they constantly accuse virtually everyone else of bigotry.

As for what’s-her-name, Ayanna Pressley . . .  I’ve got nothing, she’s nobody.  Well, except for this.  In a recent speech at the nutty Netroots Nation conference, she made this contribution to our country and its social fabric:  “We don’t need any more brown faces that don’t want to be a brown voice.  We don’t need any more black faces that don’t want to be a black voice.”  In other words, any black or brown people who don’t follow that directive will be called out as race traitors.  Now that is identity politics in its purest form!

Look, we know what these women are and our disdain for them has nothing to do with their race or color.  It has everything to do with their sick leftist ideology which destroys everything it touches and creates nothing of value.  If the Democrat Party allows this hateful squad of girls-gone-wild to be normalized, it will only lead to more just like them and the party may very well be sunk.  Or, alternatively, if the party somehow prevails and it becomes one big squalid squad of destructive anger based on identity politics-induced squabbling, then the country will be pushed to the brink, after which anything could happen, none of it good. ESR

Greg Strange can be reached at gpstrange30341@yahoo.com. (c) 2019 Greg Strange.




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