Happy Canada Day!! -- Happy Fourth of July!!

First off I'd like to wish Canadians a happy Canada Day. Though sometimes I get exasperated with some of the things that go on this country, I truly love it. We are a great country that will only get better. To my American friends, happy Fourth of July! Your country was the first in the history of the world that was founded on the principle of the equality of humanity, individual freedom and rugged individualism. The world owes you a lot...

We're still going through some growing pains, it being rather difficult to put this thing together myself, but it is going to get better with every issue! I hope you keep coming back for my brand of modern conservatism, one that stresses laissez-faire capitalism, individualism, and a pursuit of real freedom. My brand of conservatism is unfettered by religion or tradition so sometimes I may say something you'll disagree with.

In that case, email me! The email pointer is on the front page. Even better, submit a piece to Enter Stage Right. I cannot pay you since this is an effort done on my spare time, but look at it as spreading the message of conservatism to those who still do not understand. Your articles can be about anything! What you're doing to change your little corner of the world...news of interest to other conservatives...anything! You can send those submissions via the email address as well.

In this month's issue: We look the green conservative, rent control, the Canadian Federal government and the GST, and a great piece from Steve Sailer, among other stories.

Enjoy our latest issue and send some email!

Gord Gekko

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