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Free Congress Foundation

"Washington is full of 'think tanks,' places that produce books and papers about particular policy questions," says the Free Congress Foundation. They then pose the question of what makes their organization different and answer it admirably.

If I were a Republican, I would be a Goldwater Republican, and all that label entails, so when I hear groups describe themselves as "Culturally Conservative" I tend to be leery and give them a wide berth.

That said, I have to admire much of the work of the Free Congress Foundation.

Founded by Paul Weyrich in 1977, FCF founded the cultural conservative movement in the 1980s with the publication of its book Cultural Conservatism: Toward a New National Agenda.

FCF's workload is frankly phenomenal. I have seen the organization speak out on many different and disparate issues, yet there is one belief that ties them all together: freedom. FCF's goal is to promote freedom on all fronts.

Frankly, the amount of material here is amazing. Available in RealVideo are a variety of television programs on the law, current affairs, liberty, originally aired on the America's Voice channel. Active in the fighting for things like privacy, and against anti-encryption efforts, judicial activism, and regulations of various sorts, the site has background material and media alerts of interest to anyone in the conservative movement.

Its anti-choice position does leave me uncomfortable as I found it a dichotomy to believe in freedom and then be opposed to medical procedures. In the interests of common cause between conservatives, however, FCF is a worthy ally for all of the other great things its done in the cause for freedom.

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