Jesse Jackson and PUSH reject abstinence education in Chicago

By Charles A. Morse
web posted August 7, 2000

The Rev. Jesse L. Jackson's Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, has come out against a sexual abstinence program offered in Chicago schools resulting in the program being banned. Jackson's PUSH, was joined in this effort by Planned Parenthood and other like-minded groups. The Pure Love Alliance, which had presented the program in 61 Chicago schools, is connected to the Unification Church. While the strange and suspect Moonie church should be looked upon with careful scrutiny, and even though no proselytizing occurred, a rational argument could probably be made to ban a program conducted by them. The PUSH rational for supporting the ban however, was essentially anti-abstinence education not anti-Moonie.

According to the Washington Post (7/21), PUSH has criticized the program as "targeting black communities with a message of fear and shame". Conventional wisdom dictates that Jesse Jackson, a Christian minister, should take a clear stand in favor of the teaching of sexual abstinence and the use of fear and shame as a force for good. A degree of fear and shame can help a young person develop a moral code resulting in a more productive and responsible life. Perhaps in Jackson's world, shame is a repressive force and teen sex shouldn't be feared. Morality has been stood on its head by this stand and the consequences are clear, particularly in the African-American community where Jackson wields influence. Lets briefly look at the philosophy of sex education which has, over time, replaced abstinence advocacy.

The sex education program was introduced in America by the Sex Information and Education Council (SIECUS), 1965, established after a UNESCO sponsored sex education conference held in Hamburg, Germany. The modus operandi of SIECUS has been to normalize and encourage a libertine approach to sexual behaviors and then seek government support and funding for educational programs to deal with the resulting pathologies.

An example of the SIECUS philosophy is a "scholarly" report, written by Paul Ramey, 1979, which urged Americans to re-consider their attitude toward incest. The report criticized the "incest taboo" and differentiated between "positive" or "consensual" incest and "abusive" incest.

Dr. Mary Calderone, first executive director of SIECUS, at a 1985 conference of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sex (SSSS), stated "What do we know about situations in which young children and older people, stronger people, have had a sexual relationship of one kind or another that has been pleasant, and the child feels good about it because its warm and seductive and tender?…if the child really enjoys this, it may be the only time the child ever gets a loving touch".

The SIECUS pro-incest and pro-pedophilia campaign seems to have been launched around the same time that child abuse and sexual harassment in schools entered the public consciousness as an "epidemic" problem. Suddenly SIECUS, which had substantially contributed to these problems with their "educational" materials in schools, rode in like knights on white horses to offer a solution. This would be more legislation which would erode privacy, and grant power to government over our personal lives, and more, lots more, money to the sex educators and their ever expanding orbit of agencies.

Jackson and PUSH skillfully employed the innuendo of racism with the charge of "targeting Black communities" thus implying that something sinister was going on by teaching African-American youth about abstinence. It has become standard practice for the left to demonize their opponents with this very serious smear while not applying the same vigorous standards on their ideological friends. The Anti Defamation League operates the same way as they will be quick to attack an opponent of the left as an anti-Semite while ignoring equal "anti-Semitic" attitudes, by their own definition of the term, when expressed by a left-wing friend like Hillary Clinton. Genuine racism and anti-Semitism suffers as a result of this politicized, watered-down definition.

The only racism relating to the banning of abstinence education in Chicago schools would be that of Jesse Jackson himself and PUSH in their approach to their own people. If the African-American community has been targeted by anyone, it's by the sex education establishment and their fellow travelers who have deliberately worked toward lowering the moral mores of this community. The breakdown of the family, the decline of moral standards and all the resulting pathologies have been devastating to the traditional and previously conservative African-American community.

The racist agenda of the left and African-American apparachicks like Jesse Jackson have been largely responsible for this destructive propaganda called sex ed. African-Americans have been used as cannon fodder for the left's warped idea of "social transformation". Sex Ed pioneer Philip Rieff was correct when he stated in his book "The Triumph of the Therapeutic-Uses of Faith after Freud" that "Sex education becomes the main weapon in an ideological war against the family. It's aim was to divest the family of its moral authority". The sex ed advocates certainly have had their victories with relation to the African-American family. The African-American community deserves leaders who will stand up and teach that sexual abstinence is a virtue, that shame will result in teen sex, and that the consequences of teen sex may be fearful.

Chuck Morse is a syndicated talk show host on the American Freedom Network and a contributing writer to Enter Stage Right and Ether Zone.

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