The big bash: Republicans are bad but the Democrats are worse

By Diane Alden
web posted August 7, 2000

The reason I will vote for Republicans this fall is because the alternative is not only worse it is dangerous. Perhaps that is not a principled stand but it the best I can do. Since the country can not survive four years of Al Gore and all the statist--collectivist agenda he would bring down on American heads, there is not much choice. You can vote for Nader or Pat Buchanan or Harry Browne but realistically none of them has a chance.

If Al Gore were elected because of a split vote, the divisiveness of extreme leftist-collectivist Big Brotherism would kill America. This country is so polarized now that it will take a gifted leader or leadership to put it back together again.

There is no doubt in my mind that if Gore gets in and the Democrats take over one or both houses of Congress, the Republic, what is left of it, will be finished. We are not talking partisan, Democrat versus Republican here; we are talking about the fate of the Republic. Unfortunately, the fascist left now controls the once great and good Democratic Party.

Oh life will go on in the United States but there will come a day when we will wake up and we will not be have the country where liberty lives. The Bill of Rights for all intents and purposes will cease to exist. We will no longer be a Republic; we will be a mobocracy with benevolent dictators at the helm and an emasculated and frightened opposition incapable of preventing the worst abuses in the growing trend towards a corporate police state.

If Bush is elected and the Republicans keep both houses of congress perhaps we will have breathing room to develop a long-term answer to the growth of the state and its abuse of power. His election will only give us breathing room and that is all it is going to do.

What is worrisome is the talk from the Bush-Cheney camp that says in a future Bush administration the Republicans will reach across the aisle to the Democrats. A bipartisan group hug will be in order to do the people's business.

However, the people's business requires only one thing -- for government to get out of the way and to reestablish the Bill of Rights and the Constitution as the law of the land. The Republicans don't need to reach across the aisle. They have been there and done that and compromised every single principle they stood for. They fail to realize that the Democrats fight war where there is no compromise. The singular option they offer is total agreement to growing government and restraining or ending liberty.

The only reaching across the aisle Republicans need to do is to yank the rug out from under the statist Democrats and their Republican fellow travelers.

One must ask the question what could possibly make any self-respecting conservative Republican become so totally obsessed with power, image or the shallow approval of the media or the left, that it sells its conservative soul. While the left does not care about conservative concerns nor do they intend to compromise on any issue. They understand that it is an ideological war they are fighting and the only conclusion to it is the obliteration and unconditional surrender of the other side. They are good at it. The last couple of years in Congress along with the Clinton administration, Democrats show they are good at winning political warfare. Their agenda with few exceptions has been passed and funded.

Yet the Republicans still haven't figured out this is a war and they scratch their heads hoping no one will notice and criticize them for not being quick enough with the rubber stamp. The Republicans need to get a grip.

American doesn't need more bipartisanship. It is nothing more than appeasement of a statist philosophy and its advocates. A philosophy that would destroy anyone or anything in order to accomplish its goals.

On the other hand, Republicans have not been true to their stated goals and it is no wonder many conservatives are disheartened. Over the top you say. Well lets look at the facts.

According to the Cato Institute the 106th congress is going to be the biggest spending Congress on domestic social programs since Jimmy Carter. Total federal non-defense spending is going to grow in real terms by $33 billion or 11 percent between 1999 and 2001. Cato maintains that of the more than 200 programs that the Republican pledged to eliminate in 1995 like the National Endowment for the Arts, or the Department of Education these programs and departments now have fatter budgets than ever. Congress has violated its own spending caps every year.

But it isn't only fiscal irresponsibility that the Republicans have been guilty of or compromised on. For instance, the giant surpluses should have been given back to the taxpayers. But instead they are being used by the Clinton administration and the democrats in order to fund more black holes called government programs.

By and large these programs do nothing to help those for whom they are intended. Rather they fund the paper shufflers welfare program firmly ensconced in high paying and big benefits government jobs.

From Head Start to the Department of Energy and the EPA, failure is failure and in the real world it would not be tolerated. Yet failed programs and departments continue and Republicans have done next to nothing about it.

Again, spending and bureaucratic power continues unchecked. Weren't Republicans supposed to foil stupid programs that the democrats try and keep or prevent new ones they would inflict on Americans?

Aren't Republicans supposed to be the guard dogs for the Bill of Rights and Constitution?

Weren't Republicans elected to prevent or curtail corruption in government and prevent police state tactics being used against citizens? However, the Republican Party has done little but speak loudly and carry an ineffective twig, saying, "naughty, naughty, but we aren't at fault, government is only guilty of bad judgement."

Shouldn't Republicans on the Judiciary Committees have stopped the hundreds of agenda driven left wingers from becoming a majority in the court system? Thanks to Republicans like Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah, the real Clinton legacy will be the profoundly left wing and statist judiciary.

No matter who is President for the next eight years or what kind of Congress is elected, the judiciary will be loaded with Clinton appointees. These leftists will continue to erode the rule of law and the Constitution.

Republicans and Impeachment

The Republican majority in the House and Senate could not fulfill impeachment strictures and convict the most corrupt president in our nation's history. Therefore it should come as no surprise that a Republican "moderate" like Chris Shays of Connecticut recently revealed that he had seen evidence during the impeachment that indicated Juanita Brodderick had been brutally raped not once but twice by Bill Clinton. Nevertheless, Shays voted not to impeach.

Chris Shays is considered by the New York Times to be a "reasonable" Republican. Which is left-speak for Republicans who go along with the most of the leftist horrors that Democrats propose. Chris Shays is notorious for giving away lands and proposing environmental solutions which are nothing but giveaways of the territory of other states. He does this without any concern for the 9th and 10th Amendments or the sovereignty of those states. But his Connecticut yuppie constituency, includes the brilliant political and economic philosopher Paul (I never saw a government program I didn't like) Newman. Most likely his constituents know more about the contents of a Ralph Lauren or an L.L. Bean catalogue than the Bill of Rights and its intent.

Former Chief Counsel to the House Judiciary Committee for impeachment, David Schippers indicates in his upcoming book "Sell Out", "Fighting vicious Chicago mobsters was nothing compared to dealing with certain members of Congress!" Schippers took notes and has the names of members of both parties who ignored evidence and betrayed the impeachment process. Schipper's says, "I had no inkling of the extent of Bill Clinton's guilt – until I saw the mountains of yet-unreleased evidence."

It will name Republican names as well as Democrats; men and women who allowed the rule of law and the constitution to be trampled on. What will come to light is just how complicit Republicans are in the irreparable damage done to the rule of law.

Power of the Purse

The Republican congress had every opportunity to defund the overzealous police agencies such as the FBI, but they didn't. Investigations and hearings on alphabet agency corruption led to no net decrease in agency budgets.

These agencies allowed themselves to be used by an administration that nearly destroyed a good and decent federal employee during the Travelgate affair. From Billy Dale to the late Cardinal John O'Connor the premier police agency of the United States has been compromised and it is doubtful that this police agency as well as the others can be trusted to abide by the Constitution and its guarantees. Yet while this was going on where was congressional help to keep them honest? Where was the full-blooded effort to help whistleblowers and maintain proper oversight so that the Clinton administration would not have free rein? This administration which uses the power of the executive to bully or intimidate the FBI and the IRS into abusive actions against American citizens.

Add the recent white wash of the Waco tragedy by former Republican Senator Danforth of Missouri, and we have a confirmation that justice is not a great concern to some Republicans. Nor is there any indication that in the future they will rein in the federal agencies guilty of unconstitutional abuse of power. We may expect government abuse for decades to come.

Since no fault was found in the various agency actions at Waco it is a pretty good bet that another Waco can and will happen again. Danforth made that more likely by finding no fault in government actions in Waco. He merely implied that the government used "bad judgement" as agency actions resulted in the fiery conclusion to the 51-day standoff. In any case in the real world such bad judgement can get you thrown in jail. Apparently there is little hope that federal agencies will ever be held accountable no matter who is in office. The final accounting will belong to history.

Making Bad Laws Results in Worse Policy

They are also partially responsible for such bad laws as the CALEA Act. This gave law enforcement the power to do extensive electronic eavesdropping by telling the various phone companies they must make it easier for government to listen in on private conversations. This tears at the fabric of liberty and negates the meaning of the 4th Amendment. Add that to the list of other invasions of privacy and Republicans who do not want to appear soft on crime will contribute to making criminals of us all.

Now we find the FBI has another eavesdropping system called "Carnivore" which may snoop on everyone's e-mail because of the way it works. There is congressional flurry over this but whether or not anything will be done about it remains to be seen. Where was congressional oversight while all this was going on?

The recent Hatch and Feinstein drug bill will compound the first mistake with CALEA by allowing searches of computers without a warrant. The subject of those searches may not be told about it till later. The Hatch/Feinstein Methamphetamine Anti-Proliferation Act of 1999 will add greater intrusive capability for the federal police agencies as well as deny certain free speech rights even as they continue to look for enemies of the American state. The failed war on drugs is the excuse but the result is heightened and more powerful big brother for everyone. Yes, Orrin Hatch brags about how well he reaches across the aisle to work with Democrats.

Then there is good Republican soldier Dan Burton. He holds hearings on campaign finance corruption in the Clinton administration even while threatened with retribution from the Reno Justice Department. Burton told them to bring it on. As much as he may wish otherwise don't hold your breath that anything will come out of the Burton hearings. Just as nothing came out of the Thompson hearings or any other Republican attempts at uncovering and seeking justice in regard to the Clinton administration.

If Bush is elected there may be a quiet clean-up of the various departments including Justice but Clinton and his henchmen will still skate off into the sunset to bash Bush and whatever changes Republicans attempt to accomplish.

Republicans could have done a great deal to help all Americans by getting rid of the IRS. But instead they had endless hearings, which uncovered case after case of IRS brutality and bullying. However, nothing much has changed. They are still being used by the Clinton administration to go after perceived enemies. The Republicans continue to be ineffectual at preventing this persecution. All too often, even with new laws, citizens are forced to spend copious amounts of money on legal defense, not to mention the mental harassment and the loss of respect for the entire tax system.

What ever happened to the Republican promise to dismantle the IRS? The party of Lincoln mouths nonsense about how the American people aren't ready for that. That is baloney and BS. Actually it is leftist Democrats, the power hungry in government, plus the media that aren't ready for it

Clinton has used it against his enemies far more than any other occupant of the White House. From the Western Journalism Center to Paula Jones to Juanita Brodderick, Bill O'Reilly of Fox News, the Heritage Foundation, and it has removed the tax-exempt status of the Christian Coalition. Yet quasi-religious environmental groups and the labor unions continue to give money to leftist political candidates without bringing on IRS investigations. Even while environmental groups accept government grants and handouts to pay for law suits against private property owners and legitimate business. The Republicans could solve this problem by getting rid of the agency and creating a national sales tax or a flat tax.

Oh Give Us Land Lots of Land

The Clinton land grabs taking place in various parts of the country could have been stopped. However, six wimpy and scared Republicans joined their socialist colleagues in the Democratic Party and failed to pass such measures as the Nickles Amendment. This would have halted the land grabbing under the Antiquities Act. With a majority in both houses of congress if Republicans had the will they would have been able to pass laws which would end the abuse of executive orders by any president.

Complaints about the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Forest Service and other "green" agencies abound. In some western states counties have declared that such agents no longer have the right to throw their weight around in their counties or carry firearms. With a few exceptions like Helen Chenoweth, Jim Hansen, Larry Craig, Scot McInnis, Ben Nighthorse Campbell, Don Nickles, and a couple of others, the western state representatives seem more interested in being national "statesmen" than protecting the sovereignty of their states and its citizens. They get very little relief from their Republican colleagues from the east.

When gas prices spiked this summer, the Republicans had a golden opportunity to reduce or temporarily roll back taxes but they didn't. Mumbling and bumbling about how that wasn't such a good idea. The Democrats didn't have to worry about one less tax inflicted on the public they could count on the other party to carry their water for them.

As one draconian law after another has passed and the Republicans can not join common cause to defeat them. For some reason many Republicans don't seem to care about how dangerously close they are to empowering and aiding the creation of a corporate police state.

Additionally, Republicans know that many government agencies need to be dismantled. The Department of Education is a total waste of money. But Republicans have been ineffectual in getting that message out. It isn't all the fault of the left wing media either. Where are the Republican moneybags to generate ad campaigns in order to inform Americans what constitutes truth. Where are the infomercials and documentaries on the limits and duties of government? Are Republicans more afraid of what the elite northeast media will say about them than they are about doing what is right for the country, the constitution, the rule of law and America's children?

The current crop of Republicans seem to have great memory loss when it comes to understanding that Ronald Reagan did not win the Presidency by huge margins because he softened his message to suit moderates or the left. He was elected twice because he had no doubts about the rightness of his beliefs or his message. He knew that these beliefs made America a better place and enhanced the constitution and the rule of law. If the Republican Party has core beliefs it is muted by the way they act. It seems that most of them have subscribed to the message and modus operandi of the northeast republicans and the dunderhead losers in the Rockefeller wing of the party.

Should the Republicans win in November the big question asked in conservative circles is whether or not there will be 8 more years of what appears to be not a dimes worth of difference between the parties. Will we continue down the road to a corporate police state republican style?

This is War

A booming economy may continue and it may appear to be party time for one and all but liberty will be a casualty of the malfeasance of both political parties.

Cyber-techno commentator Jon Katz of made an astute comment recently. He said, "Democracy and freedom aren't about prosperity. You can be poor and quite free. Democracy is about the legitimacy of the individual, whose voice and vote should count for more than any other single interest or group."

Newsmax's Chris Ruddy also told it like it is. "Democrats understand politics is war."

The Democrats would have absolutely no hesitation to get their agenda passed by any and all tactics including and up to lying to the American people. They have done it time and time again. Pick an issue and the left demagogues it. From Representative John Lewis of Georgia loudly proclaiming that Republicans were coming after the poor because of welfare reform. To the democrats scaring old people saying that the Republicans were going to take away their social security. Democrats understand this isn't a game, that the stakes aren't merely who sits in the White House. What is at stake is the nature of government and the society we will live in through the 21st century.

If the Democrats have their way the United States will give up its sovereignty to such bodies as the UN and as long as the economy is good no one will care. That is not merely my opinion. Clinton foreign policy guru Strobe Talbot has repeated this more than once, that the days of the nation state including the United States are over. So in a Democratic administration count on ever more allegiance to supra government bodies such as the UN.

Under a Gore administration the military will decline more than it already has. Permanently relegated to misdirected experiments in social engineering it will degenerate in ranks and its ability to fight America's battles. The purpose of the military is to kill people and break things, not to juggle sexual issues to the detriment of readiness.

At some point, for in the name of "the children" and in defiance of the Bill of Rights, guns will be outlawed and eventually confiscated as they have been in Australia. Again the outcome of the gun issue has been discussed and promoted and predicted by every leftist in and out of government. The ultimate result will be the end of gun ownership in the US except under the most arbitrary and oppressive conditions which will make the "right to keep and bear arms" moot.

If the leftist Democrats have their way hate crimes will include thought crimes as well. This will include the mutant child of the left, political correctness, which will suffocate creativity and deny the natural law.

Religious organizations and individuals will find themselves breaking the law because of their beliefs. Men and women of the cloth will have to keep their religious opinions to themselves or be subject to government investigation and possible criminal penalties. What isn't overt persecution will be subtle and offer those with strong beliefs no alternative but to break the law. The government lumps pro-lifers into the murdering abortion clinic bomber group and that is a fact. Otherwise why would they keep files and conduct investigations on even the most benign of pro-life groups. The FBI has admitted it does this.

Think the government will leave the religious alone? Under the Democrats and the Clinton administration it didn't stop the feds from keeping a dossier on Cardinal O'Connor nor intruding into the private lives of many religionists including Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson.

The Democrats have often stated their belief that the Bill of Rights is not relevant to our times. If they have their way their court appointments will make that document as meaningless as plans on how to construct an 8-track-tape-deck.

Soccer moms -- get used to it. The environmental movement owns Al Gore and the Democrats. Not only will you be faced with higher gas prices you will eventually be driving vehicles which have been pre-approved by the federal government. That borders on socialism but perhaps that is what soccer moms and the women who vote for Democrats desire. You may also look forward to paying higher costs for your trips to the National Parks. When you are older you will not be able to use any lakes in wilderness areas which would require a motorized boat. It has happened in northern Minnesota and elsewhere. Prices for all goods including, oil, natural gas, timber, and other natural resources are going to go up because we have run producers out of business with environmental regulations run amok.

Everyone wants clean air and clean water. However, the government and the environmental movement want it so pure and pristine that life as we know it in America today will go the way of the dodo bird.

Additionally, rural America might just as well head for the hills or move to town because a vote for a Democrat is a vote for the destruction of private property and the end to the rural way of life. That is unless it involves conglomerate corporate farms, which funnel money into the DNC.

Republicans better put on the armor of strength and steadfastness. Their cause should be nothing more or less than a return to constitutional government. They are the party of less government, fewer taxes and more liberty. They would do well to remember what it is they are about and be proud of it. Republicans used to stand for some wonderful ideals. So did the Democrats, the party of civil rights have become the party of civil wrongs? The tragedy of our times is that the late great Democratic Party forgot and helped destroy the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. They bought into the notion that growing government is better than growing individual liberty.

Perhaps the Republicans will be granted one more chance. If they blow it this time they will become the minority party forever. More importantly their spineless equivocating and trying to be bipartisan and outdo each other in left wing moderation will cost us what is left of our liberty. Republicans don't need to reach across the aisle to left wingers with a statist agenda. They need to start kicking some left wing butt -- or move out of the way and let someone else do it.

Diane Alden is a senior writer with Enter Stage Right.

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